Buy zclassic now at the dip got insider info from a group this thing will pump to at least 600

Buy zclassic now at the dip got insider info from a group this thing will pump to at least 600

p-please be right user

i have a family

lmao I wish your group wasn't a bunch of pajeets, for both our sakes

Easy 3x incoming no pajeet loo shit

Haha yea sure rajesh

74 ZCL here. Holding 40 through the fork, dumping the rest when the FOMO hits - if it hits at all.

Im not Rajesh I'm bob

>Show bob and vagene

Your bags must be heavy i sold at 230$

Selling all 125 ZCL when it hits 5mm Sats




I'm sitting comfortably with my 350 zcl


When bittrex support announcement?

Bob vagene?

I hope you're right user Im selling soon as it pumps

Fucking keke

I'm holding 600 of these fuckers, I really hope you're right op. I'm losing my patience.

Yeah they told me too! To the moon xD xD

Don’t be retarded, there will be lots of BTC holders who will dump it as soon as it gains any value at first. It will start low due to this and likely rise up around monero or beyond in the next year.

$1k eoy unironically. Has bitcoin brand and a cool logo, its all what it takes nowadays.

My exact toughts. I would go further and add a cool looking website. Yes tron, I'm looking at you

i've never said this before but...

get in or stay poor faggots

i am not from india and i poop in a toilet and all two hundred dollars i have is in zcl right now, obviously it's going to go up for the fork just time it right

is any exchange supporting this meme of a coin?

i have none, think its still worth picking up zclassic?

Its still going down wait for it to bottom out

what do you think the bottom should be? 130ish?

Too late. Reith already dumped and is working on his next scam fork.

bittrex support could be announced any day now and you don't want to miss that moon waiting for it to come down another few bucks

~130 - 140 if bitcoin holds safe probably one more trough before it picks up again for the final fomo