Opened a 50x leverage short at 11750

>Opened a 50x leverage short at 11750

Won't close until sub 8k. Feels good having recouped losses after being JUST'd all month. Already up 300%.

>Won't close until sub 8k.
Oh boy...

bro, close your position now. please. then open a new position at 11120 at 5x leverage.

You should really close now.


You know it'll return to 11k eventually, right? So close out now and open a new position at 5x leverage. When you think it has hit its lowest, then open up a long. You'll make so much more money than if you lose it now.

could someone please explain/link to me what this "X leverage short" terminology is referring to, I'm a brainlet

link is a decentralized oracle solution, putting the "trustless" in network based data retrieval. With ChainLink, you can trust your data is correct, or you get your money back.

Your liq is at 12k right? I wanna know when you get REKT

it's been explained over 10 times in the past 3 weeks, lurk more????
More leverage more risk, you borrow money to sell/buy


I'll keep you posted


read the whitepaper

>BTC still following trend line resistance perfectly
>Buyer volume non-existant
>Market still bearish

100% going back to sub 8k to test buy support

Man keep an eye for a breakout. Set a stop limit so you don't get fucked. Please don't sleep on this overnight. I'm bearish too but you have some awesome gains right now. Might be better to just close it and open another when we have confirmation. Right now it's up in the air.

Alright brainlet just think of leverage as a multiplyer, ups the volatility and you can go negative now thanks to ((them)). If you dont know what a short is kys.

>Won't close until sub 8k


the bogs are going to just you so fucking hard

There's literally no support until 8k. A decent sized selloff will bring us back to 8k in no time. Risk/reward indicates that shorting is very profitable.

A long would have to reach 15500 (from 11750) to have the same profits as a short reaching 8000, but 8k is magnitudes likelier.

So you just got JUST'd a month ago, and now you're a trading expert huh?


I got JUST'd sitting in ICX/XRB. How is that relevant to BTC's future movement being heavily telegraphed?

It's another Jewish trick. Don't fall for it user

I will make another thread just for you when you lose everything.

How do burgers do leverage?

Bitmex with VPN

Ok gotcha

I'm so comfy now in BTC. These threads always end in tears.
>Shorting on margin in a market that is completely manipulated to fuck over people that do this.

Wtf is this? Land of the free can't into ICOs and can't into leverage?

Breddy much. You can shoot high schoolers and our weed concentrates selection is apparently barnone. Oh and no hookers, but we have Walmart and taco bell

close it at 10300 retard

You can't go into negative you brainlet retard

>Shorting on margin in a market that is completely manipulated

That's actually why he should short, this is an obvious shakedown. I'd not hold it though for too long....

You’re not wrong to go short
> Overbought and losing momentum on stochastic
> Hit resistance at 50 and 100 dma
> Lost upward momentum as soon as it hit long term bearish trendline.

First Support is at most 9000 or 8500

if i had 10 btc and went 10x long, would it be impossible to get liquidated?