How has Veeky Forums not noticed that Venezuela has launched its own cryptocurrency, The Petro...

How has Veeky Forums not noticed that Venezuela has launched its own cryptocurrency, The Petro. Get in here faggots and invest


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I've missed plenty of gainz on the infinite spectrum of coins that exist. Fuck this commie shit, 0/10 will not buy.

holy fuck, the misery in that man's eyes

Hey faggot the coin just launched today so it does exist so FUCKING BUY

>eyyyyy eseeeeeee

Support a murderous, communist Even IF I trusted those fucks to honor it, nope.

>Investing into commies
Yeah no, it's a given they will exit scam as soon as possible

On what sites has this coin been released or is it too early ?

If you buy that as a burger you will literally get party vanned.

considering your computer came from a shithole like China, why are your surprised?

uhhhhh, where... please?

As you should.

>backed by oil sitting thousands of feet underground without any plans to extract
>government controls 100% of the supply

You are buying oil futures, not crypto.

3rd shithole makes a crypto currency .....i think we all know where this is headed

Naturally. I just didn't want anyone thinking it that it wasn't absolutely illegal to buy that as a burger.

burger here. buying to help maduro. sending all my extra money. can't wait for the official dprk coin

have fun missing on gains faggot


Send eth to this address literally


Petro (PTR)
Smart Contract Address
Ethereum ERC20 Token (First Development Phase)
Token Supply
100,000,000 PETROS (PTR) Max Supply.


Contribution address

1PTR 26$ or something like that, just bought 2, also trading on Etherdelta.

Venezuela owns a shit load of hash power they use to mine bitcoin. This would be nothing more than a pump and dump.

Buy here or send to the contribution address.

Then register here:

Just add the contract.

Also Zeus.Exchange or something like that confirmed too.

I wouldn't buy this shit if it made me a billionaire. Fuck those murderers!

>5 transactions

Stop trying to steal my ETH user

idk how he's already gotten like $400. some people...

>the president of Venezuela looks like someone you'd see at a Home Depot parking lot


governments cannot launc their own cryptos. people dont like them. they want decentralized bitcoin, gold 2.0.

Explain to me how this isn't just a forward sale of Venezuela's oil packed into a mechanism that makes it easy to use for bribes.

It's kinda hilarious. It's like this thing was designed to be dirty money.

Because they won't actually back any of it up. They are just going to steal the money the instant it doesn't work out how they want it or just instantly after they get it.

>buying a currency backed by oil that hasn't even been extracted yet, on soil governed by a corrupt dictatorship heading straight to a famine and hyperinflation spiral

Any person who believes he's going to cash out on this shit is fucking retarded.