If tron can get a 1 billion market cap then why isn't this 2 already?

if tron can get a 1 billion market cap then why isn't this 2 already?

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Because normies think their 6 cent investment will be 11k like bitcoin

why do they have two tokens

What are you talking about?

Bitconnect is a $135 million asset. Yet there are loads and loads of legitimate projects like ELIX that are under $15 million in market cap, and BCC still gets higher volume than them.

Explain that.

Why aren't most of the legit projects at the top of the list??? Because crypto is full of dumb fucks. There's no rationale.

I hope that 95% of coins crash and burn, so that crypto can start to be taken seriously for once.

low IQ here, what makes this a scam? If they do bring securities onto the blockchain wouldn't it have a legit use case?

Patience. Polymath is an ada tier 20 billion dollar project. Let the pajeets have their fun, larger holders know what's coming.

t. Top 250 wallet

stk20 and poly token

what does this shitcoin even do

A few questions. What is the role of POLY tokens? Could they not be replaced by the native token of the ICO? Or is it so that there is a standard medium for exchange where each lawyer/developer/etc. can be given something that they deem valuable.

Also, this whole project is pretty much a KYC provider for ERC20 token offerings?

cause it doesnt do shit. Putting securities is a legal issue not muh st-20 token issue. Several other companies already ahead in the game, swarm and blackmoon. Pretending like you are the next ethereum without any legal work in a legal field is a joke.

It's a utility token for a platform that will actually be utilized. Tokenization of securities will require the polymath token to conduct transactions through the ST-20 network which in itself is a subset of the ethereum network as a whole.

Poly will be the #1 eth token in due time

why would anyone register as a security?

Legal issues and regulations are fixed by shaking the right hands and making the right people adopt your network. That's what most of those uncirculated tokens are for (incentives) and if you look at the polycon lineup, there are some very big hitters attending across crypto/legacy markets. Partnerships are kind of a meme, but for a project like this, they become much more important. Blackmoon and Swarm are ants in comparison, just follow the smart money if you want proof.

Some markets/companies benefit from the 24/7 high action and liquidity brought forth by tokenization. Others might think that tokenization offers an easier access of investment for their core consumers. Others might see tokenization as the next logical step in their companies revenue model.

It's still really early to tell and there will be a lot of failures along the way. However some will succeed and polymath will be the host to several multi-billion dollar projects, and hopefully become the premier platform to tokenize the multi-trillion dollar securities industry.

lol yea not by you know hiring the best law firms like the "ants" did. Hockey fraud and this reddit.com/r/ethtrader/comments/7sqjvp/possible_scam_warning_polymath_network_not_what_it/

lolzy def gonna pull shit off after running with your money and hosting polycon

>Old reddit post that's already been debunked.

I know the polymath team and kinda think trevor is a pretty meh ceo, he's more of a hype man and a talented speaker if anything. However, the guys surrounding him are some of the best in the industry and they are more likely to deliver than blackmoon (which had a pathetic booth at tnabc) or whatever the hell swarm is.


debunked how? his past experience is pathetic.