MFW everyone around me is polyamorous and expects me to be amazed

Anybody else live in Portland?

In other words, all of the people around you are empty inside.

Wrong board. Just like you, no one cares.

poly fucking what cunt fuck off

Fuck Portland and fuck your shit thread OP

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This board isn't your blog.

Why would you choose to live in Portland in current year?
Move out of that place and go live in like Bend and enjoy Oregon without all the sjw shit.

Why are there so many degenerates in Portland?


Oregonians love Bend and I'll never understand why.

Good thing if you like asian pussy. Last time I creampied so many slants I was on a vacation in thailand and had to pay for it.

America's getting balkanized. Next comes secession.

Best city ever for Online dating.

I used to live in Portland.

Just moved to the deep South. TBQH I miss it in some ways, but I'm also glad to be gone.

What part of town are you in, OP? INB4 you're a PSU student who has never left campus besides a couple trips to bars in chinatown.

polyamory sucks, polygamy is the shit, polygamy with converted lesbians is the super premium shit

Niggers get on my level

I hate the PSU students and the way they shout BRO every third word when they get drunk at Rontoms.

Tell us how you converted them. Larp harder.

confession: I am a 6'4 chad who played a sport for PSU and would semi-frequently get drunk at Ronton's and shout BROOOO to my bros as an expression of affection, incredulity, or exasperation.

You must have gotten laid like crazy here.

I tried a poly relationship one time

It made me really mad after like a week so I demanded we be monogamous but she was still a gigantic whore so it didn’t work out

So sick of the vaginal jew


How many people did she fuck that week and how often did you listen from under the bed?

he probably fucks crackers too

actually I never did.

Most of it was girls I met at school or via OKCupid/Tinder/Bumble.

Settled down now with a ltr.

Why did you move to Portland, user?

She said she never slept with anyone else but just wanted us to be fuck-buddies because she said she thought we were imcompatible to be in a relationship

I agreed to this but really just wanted to marry and impregnate her, so when we started dating she was right about being incompatible

Last time I checked she got fat so idk

They got priced out of LA and SF. Portland was cheap as fuck, for years, same with Seattle. Now it's just all soyboys, hipsters, and fat "poly" chicks. (I've yet to meet a "poly" woman under 300 lbs.)

They can't afford to move anywhere else, so they're stuck in Portland. For now.

Why are you guys refering to your portland college as PSU when my college is PSU and i go to penn state?

I thought Portland was expensive

I thought it would be a better place to live than Silicon Valley or Seattle while earning more or less the same salary. And I was right, even with the SJWs and the homeless problem and the young meth addicts who turned Chinatown and . At least the people are outdoorsy, the girls don't think they're princesses (the angry feminist meme is just a meme) and I can discuss science fiction with pretty much anyone.

It's a great city to live in... for America.

What does this have to do with crypto, /pol/?

Phoenix or Denver

That sucks, user. Glad you cut your losses instead of hodling.

They're getting priced out here too. Portland as a city for arty types is over. Everyone moving in works for tech companies. I'm enjoying things, but hipsters will kill the cultural drive that makes this place great just like they did in SF.

I'd actually agree.

I think it's easily one of the most livable cities in America, and having spent time in DC, Chicago, and the Silicon Valley, I'd probably pick it over any other US city besides Washington DC.

It's cheaper than DC and arguably more livable, but DC is more my scene.

Go eat at Nong's Kaomangi if you haven't already. It's pretty damn close to Ronton's (iirc on the same block?) and the vibe is a lot better. Order the number 2 and get an affogato for dessert.

I might be moving to Washington. Should I move to Vancouver maybe? You live right next to it.

Not everything in life is ChainLink, user.

As someone frequently travelled, I'd rather live in my large town than live in a big city. The way you guys are describing it makes the living experience sound awful. Cities like LA and NYC are fun for a week but actually settling down there would be a nightmare.

Why D.C?

t. lived in NoVa for the last 20 years

It's basically a Portland suburb at this point. Portland's more conservative cousin we never talk about. You'll have easy access to everything Portland has to offer while being mostly isolated from daily interactions with crazy homeless people.

Check for crypto meetups if you come. I might start one soon.

THe fact that you made this tumblr post on Veeky Forums of all places shows you are a bigger attention whore than they are. At least they aren’t posting on about you for attention on a fucking bitcoin obsessed “finance” image board.

proximity to the power/national security infrastructure/"Federal Teat"

It's the nerve center of the greatest empire on earth and thus all of the opportunities associated with that

How do you know someone is "polyamorous"?

They'll tell you.

Portland's a large town, not a city. The problem is that it has a disproportionate amount of homeless people due to the city trying to be nice and feeling guilty about anything and everything. The result is smaller towns like the ones you like paying homeless people bus tickets to move here.

D.C. Is full of nigs and aids. I'll leave this trash to you.

Enjoy getting cucked by your tax rate as I move to Texas.

Attentionwhore virtue signaling thread where you mock people you pretend to be friends with in an attempt to get cool creds anonymously on a Bulgarian wine tasting cruise.

OP you are pathetic.

It is, now. Now go back and actually read what I posted, and stop wasting everyone's time with dumb fucking questions.

I live in the deep south rn bruh.

I'd agree that the natives in DC aren't too friendly or healthy, but they are not a reason I listed for it being a good city to be a young and ambitious man in.

The restaurants here are pretty amazing, and pretty good for the quality of the food. Small wonder people here don't give a fuck about McD.

I don't buy that, when we have sanctuary cities like SF practically begging for homeless to go there.

I unironically want to know this too.


Please explain more? I'm genuinely interested.

liberalism and white guilt

Wtf is polamorous. Don’t make me wiki that shit.

Boatloads of government jobs whether working on the Hill covering up a rep's fuckups or at the Pentagon as a sekrit analyst or for the Department of Agriculture as a literal bean counter

Boatloads of private sector jobs that interact with government to obtain gibs ie "Suckling at the Federal Teat"

When the government spends money, on anything, the first place that money goes is to pay for things and for people in the DC metro area.

Right now and for the last 50 years THE major engine of our national economy, and arguably the world, has been the US Government printing and spending literal trucks full of cash.

it means you get to live a convenient selfish millennial lifestyle with no obligations to anyone elses feelings.

with most browsers you can right click the word and "look up"

>Business & Finance

Think of poly as decentralized oracles, or a very diversified portfolio.

There. If fits the board now.

I wonder if these poly chicks know how much they are wasting the most valuable years of their lives.

eh there will be thirsty gentleman waiting when they are ready to settle down

>Living in Portland Just'd when you move in.
Any user wanna hook me up with the Just'd bolck?

Me no understand your memespeak.

I read that as Argonian desu

I live close to Portland and have to go there occasionally. Fuck everyone there, except you op.

Link $1000 eoy brother

My family is here so I stuck around after coming back after college/grad school. It's a libtard, white-guilt shithole w/ no real nightlife, but the mix of good restaurants and proximity to nature is pretty hard to beat in the US.

No nightlife? Try the Silverado, user.

I do

compared to larger cities, no.

Fuck off we’re full

Cool. Meet me at Skidmore Fountain at midnight, I'll be the meth addict in the hoodie, the one with the wild eyes. Get on my face and scream the traditional Biz greeting STINKY LINKIE at the top of your lungs until I respond. See you in 30 minutes.

plenty of molly-poly chicks that are skinny as fuck. I know one that moved to portland. tweaker-chic ain't the hottest look either though.

Nothing says "i have low self esteem and am constantly seeking validation" better than "im poly"

As an abisexual androgyne, i'm not impressed.

dubs of truth

or he's only venting on an anonymous bizness forum so he can process his emotions without getting in any actual attention.

That's true. I was able to get a job right out of college in the area. Tons of opportunities.

Also federal tech sector is much less SJW than regular private sector. Probably due to its close relationship with the military. Always was surprised how many cuckservatives are in the area.

You off topic cunt.

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