GF of 2 years just dumped me

GF of 2 years just dumped me.

Give me a coin that'll make her regret her decision in a year


LINK unironically

You would be a fool to mention your crypto gains to anyone.

She got blacked bro, why would she regret giving up your tiny cock? I bet she sucks a mean purplish eggplant dong.

Unironically all in on zcl


Diversify, don't go all in. Try a spread of maybe 5 coins like TRX, UFR, XVG, BCC, LINK. Good luck OP.


Pickle Ricks


If she sticks it to you hard, stick it to her Ardor

Revenge won't bring you any happiness. Don't worry user, we still love you.

The best revenge is a life well lived. In a year I want to live a better life than now.

I thought you normies had left already

Anyway you should have been more positive towards her opinions of open relationships, faggot

Actually this OP.
Link is a tool like ethereum. It is the pickaxe for all data that lies on the internet to be captured and values in a smart contract.

>this is your sign OP.




The only coin that will moon is you mate.

She's a dumb piece of shit and had something else on the side. Classic, look man.. if you had women begging you on the side- most likely you would step out from your shit.

Take ucoin (you) to the gym and start lifting weights. Don't get too buff because then you look overinflated and nobody wants you.

Work yourself up to a nice even price and hodl that shit until it appreciates into something Fucking sssssiiii iiiccccjjjjj

only because I feel sorry for you and know the feeling.

buy LINK -- knowing that she dated a retard will haunt her forever

This is a bro. Improve yourself, bitch. Can't buy those bench press reps and the iron won't cheat on you.


Do exactly what the brotherhodl suggests!

back to r/cuckold with you, faggot

ignore all the nigger shills, can we get a /story/ please