Can you please explain



It means a lot of people got btfo.

someone longed BTC on leverage and got liquidated, which means he lost all his money. This is a forced sell by the exchange of the user for 10 Million dollars. The user doesn't have the liquidity to keep the long going and the exchange doesn't want to lose its lend btc.

Sorry if the expl. is a bit choppy

Got it. Why the fuck is the market crashing? Anyone know that??

someone got majorly JUSTed


So if all these people are being forced to sell, could that be causing this crazy acceleration in the dip?

Look at the volume the past 3 months, its heavily declining. smart money is out. This is just aftermath

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No someone takes the opposite side for every trade long or short.

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"smart money", lmao. Those adorable autists who made up that one, and still cling to it desperately. It's almost as funny as the "All the Wall Street bonus money that's coming any time now!" meme, or the "20k in a week" losers. Only at Veeky Forums.

Just remember that Veeky Forums was shilling btc @ 100 USD (technically Veeky Forums has always been shilling btc) so even if it all dies right now, you're in no position to laugh at Veeky Forums, lots of people here have become dead rich.

the last 3 months are higher volume than ever you dumb fucking nigger lmao.

what are you talking about? BTC volume 3 months ago was between 10B and 20B right now its between 6B and 11B

The overall volume for the entire market has also steadily declined. Are you blind?

I'll laugh at Veeky Forums as much as I want to, cuntface.

yes smart money, you actually ever held a stock? Or even read beyond your little world of mememagic? Last laugh laughs best. And since I've taken all your money already I'm just waiting for you to post a pink wojack so I can light my victorious cigar and have a good last laugh. At you.

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Did you think we were memeing when we said eth would hit 1k?

Or let me guess, you believed the 'you can't cash out' meme, cute.

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EU regulators FUD, failure to break upper trendline, not enough new money entering the market, perception that lots of cryptos are scams or unsecure thanks to BitConnect, Nano, and others


Silentwolf sub?

I own more stocks than your entire life is worth, NEET. I'm older than you, and have been around more, made more money, and invested a lot of it. Don't let your youth and arrogance make the big fucking mistake of thinking you know more than anyone else. I can tell just by what you posted, you don't know shit about shit.

SO desperate to believe the memes, lol.

>I own more stocks than your entire life is worth, NEET. I'm older than you, and have been around more, made more money, and invested a lot of it.

I hope you're LARPing, because if all of that is true, and you're on Veeky Forums arguing with teenagers, then that's really, really sad.

That's because that was the highest ever lmfao, its still higher than it fucking ever was before that right now you fucking retard.

Damn dude, you really feel like you need to proof something huh? On an anonymous imageboard.

Well goodluck going to 20k, see how that works out. I'm sure it will come close again in a few years from now.

I'm not arguing. I'm laughing at you. Learn the difference.

BTC could hit 20k 5 years from now and that would still be better returns for people buying in today than the SP500 has, historically.

It's higher than it was in November 2017, which was pretty much the highest ever before that.

this is not true, after hitting 6k volume was very strong, stronger then through most of december actually

So is this shit just gambling?

Holy shit you get rekt margin trading. 100% when some dude goes into a thread baiting and trying to start shit and larping about millions its because they got completely L I Q U I D A T E D.

It's really weird as well because it's like this reptilian part of the brain triggers from all the stress hormones, and you just feel the need to belittle people. Man just take a nap or something you'll feel better about the losses kek.