I've "analyzed" and quickly summarized 50 shitcoins

I've categorized by "Medium/Small Cap Good Ideas," "Large Cap Good Ideas," and "Shit." This is what a few hours of DYOR gets you. I've read the summaries of all of these coins, as well as the white papers and team profiles of most of them. Usually I don't even bother further researching a coin if its premise is trash. Enjoy.

Small/Mid Cap good picks + Summary
>NIMFA - CryptoLoans / Margin Trading
>MAN - AI-enabled Blockhain / Smart Contracts
>KEY - Digital Identity Verification (vs. CVC?)
>EVE - Supply Chain Verification
>OPUS - Decentralized Music Platform
>BNTY - Bounty Hunting Platform
>CAT (BlockCAT) - Pre-made Selectable Smart Contracts
>COSS - In-House Exchanging & Merchant
>JNT - Crypto Securities
>LUX - Segwit and Blockchain Validity

Large-Cap good picks + Summary
>LRC - Counter-Party Risk Negator
>LINK - Securities / Derivative Optimization
>NAS - Blockchain Search Engine
>QSP - Smart Contract Auditing
>GNT - Super Computer Streaming
>ENG - Bloomberg-like Project
>IOTA - Tangle: Non-Linear Ledger *WP 5-stars
>PRL - Replace Ads w/ Mining. (IOTA)
>CVC - Digital Identity Verification
>POWR - Exchange Energy Sources
>BLZ - Data Storage & Management
>AMB - Food & Medicine Quality Verification
>WTC - Decentralized RFID
>XRP - Connects Banks
>BAT - Properly Compensates Advertisers
>RLC - Blockchain-Based Cloud Computing
>SKY - De-Corporatized New Internet
>BNB - Competitive Binance Rates
>KIN - Social Media Currency

List of shit coins coming

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Shitty coins. These coins have shit premises, are boring and unimpressive, and/or don't solve a big problem.
>ODN - Messaging / Money Transfers
>XVG - Secure, Anonymous, Private Transfers
>XMR - Secure, Private Transfers
>ZCL - Private Transfers
>DGB - Secure, Fast Transfers
>CPC - Instant P2P Transfers
>QWARK - Easy Transfers
>AST - P2P Transers
>OMG - P2P Transfers
>NANO - Feeless, Fast Transers
>XML - Low Cost Transfers
>REQ - Request Transfers and shit on the big 4
>HPB - Dev Tools
>TAU - Dev Tools
>EOS - Dev Tools
>NULS - Dev Tools
>LISK - Dev Tools (Accessible)
>OST - Dev Tools (""""Easy"""")
>TEL - “Mobile companies will do what we say”
>ICX - Hyperconnecting Communities for what? Why?
>TRX - Manage Your Digital Assets
>VEN - Trust-Free and Scalable “Ecosystem”
>ARK - Fast and Scalable “Ecosystem”
>ADA - More “Advanced” Smart Contracts
>BCPT - Records Credit / Debtor Ledgers
>ETC - Muh Principles
>NEO - Chinese ETH

Just look at the number of coins that provide dev tools or "private, secure, feeless" transfer services. So many copycats that will go nowhere, and it's impossible to tell which would even gain traction (if they would).

LUX restored its POS today and increased Masternode and POS rewards too to make up for the issues they were having. Seg Wit and Smart contracts and new exchange coming within the next 4 weeks.

Thoughts on ARDR? Surprised it’s talked about so little.

On first glance, it looks like another vague "scalable platform" that doesn't even identify a problem to solve.

Good list for the most part, really good, except for Monero being a shitcoin.

It's weird though. Something like RLC is awesome but never moves. It's around the same price it was last May. I guess it's the type of thing that will take time to be adopted.

You might want to factor execution into it too though

you have IOTA as a good pick, I'll agree the premise is interesting IF IT IN ANY WAY WAS PROVEN FUNCTIONAL

Their team took a good idea then basically shit on it with a lot of very arrogant/impractical/downright stupid moves like coding it in TRINARY, using their own cryptographic proofs (vs one's that are peer-reviewed/proven), and refusing to make it open source (most likely so people can't see how bad they're fucking it up)

Definitely disagree with XMR being shit, there's a real demand and purpose for private coins. Honestly bitcoin seems a little stupid without being private.

I might relent on Monero, since it's already proven its self by becoming so huge. But Monero's size basically invalidates every other coin trying to be THE private coin.

Yeah but the format of the WP gave me a fucking hard-on as a finance geek

Think you meant TKY (TheKEY) instead of KEY. Das a really good shitcoin

Do you smelllllllllll what the user is cooking ?!?

Impressive turds !

Same here, but you gotta recognize when you're out of your element looking at tech

IOTA is basically the laughingstock of the actual blockchain tech community

I thought IOTA the concept was great but every article from a tech perspective is a giant, red "STAY THE FUCK AWAY" flag

Selfkey is what I was talking about. TKY involving government ID information seems pointless. Couldn't people just use their gov't IDs in that case?

I'll take your word on it m80. None of what I wrote is tradeable, for what it's worth. Just an exercise for me to get to understand coins not named BTC ETH and LTC.

Communism had a great whitepaper too

Where is BAY?!

We're talking about China tho. Frickin Commies will eat this up. Partnerships involving their govt are already in place

Haven't DMOR on all of these but the descriptions/recommendations for the ones I do know are good. Looks quality. Thanks user.

>Pic related, the lead developer doing the philosopher pose in a high school cafeteria
Stopped reading, anything you say is fucking fiction OP. sage this retarded thread, the influx of absolute brainlets is unreal

Yeah def, best of luck

My recommendation is check out NEBL, it's not the flashiest platform coin but execution wise they hit every roadmap goal ahead of schedule and keep adding new and simple features that actually work and work well.

Conceptually it's close to STRATIS but the focus is to be super user friendly with BaaS solutions


That's their latest update, from a 6 month old project with almost everything ETH/NEO has tech wise

not even mentioning ɹiɐɟʎɐd
>okay friend

Good point user. But wouldn't the government want full control of it then? I doubt they'd want Eurofags and Amerifats eating up the tokens

I'm just going based on the merits of the idea right now. Next read through I'll be looking at team. Though I'm not vapid enough to discount an entire currency just because of one profile photo.

nigger its a high schoolers project, the price dumped because the CEO went on his senior trip

you faggots barely read into shit with your attention deficit peabrain and jump to conclusions so motherfucking quick that you'll list something as "good" because the market cap is nothing. hint: its that way because its an absolute shitty scamcoin, you fucking moron

Yeah, we don't need a million privacy coins that are barely better than Monero in tiny ways... xmr is practically perfect from a privacy standpoint and improving on that feature is mostly a waste of time.

Unless you could solve xmr's biggest flaw... scalability. A Monero on the tangle (Tangero) would basically be the end-all currency for the darkweb.

It wouldn’t be Veeky Forums if we didn’t have straight up lying and projecting idiots like you

>SKY - De-Corporatized New Internet

I trust OP. Buying all the coins he's shilled.

Should I get BLZ or NAS....trying to decide how to diversify

monero is slow as shit and the wallet is a fucking mess. no one wants to wait 4 days for a wallet to sync before buying droogs

it would actually make more sense to let the eurofags and amerifags fund their govt projects, no?

Where the fuck is chainlink?

lol OP is clueless lol fucking pajeet

OP is poor

ur so right lol. tky is actually a good coin too. binance started listing nep5 tokens so this will probably get on there in coming weeks and we all know what that means. not to mention the insane partnerships n patents they got. Chinas got like a billion people if they start using this it's going 100x easily

>LINK - Securities / Derivative Optimization

Tunnel Vision is a plague.

How can anyone with an IQ above single digits come to this conclusion? It’s a retarded currency that serves absolutely no purpose (people receiving tipping/payments via app would much prefer bluechip cryptos) on a failing app, where traffic has literally fallen over 70% in the last 2 years (in an market where social media apps come and go like fads, this should have been seen a mile away). This coin has absolutely nowhere to go user. Curious to hear why you think otherwise, though.

Monero can be improved in many areas, I agree. But so many "monero-killers" only concentrate on slightly improved privacy.

>XMR on shit list
Stopped right there, rewound and forgot about this whole thread.

Check out PRIX. Best shitcoin there is

This guy gets it.

NAS ez $

it's because of extreme price manipulation
and product first development on part of the devs
they're hiring a community manager and marketing ambassador this month,
shit's about to pop off.

ITC is a fork of IOTA. The chinks are going to make it work much better

GNT is not good. Been holding for years, has gone nowhere.

Looking at buying QSP. It seems to have decent support at 2500sat. Anons what do you think about buying in now?

I'm also a LINK, ETH, RLC fag. Banking on smart contracts.

Hey wait.. list makes sense till i see Neo as a shit coin. Your kidding right? And where is QASH?

EOS might be a shitcoin now but just wait until mainnet in june

Opinion on BAR and ADB

You have no idea what you're talking about. Get the fuck out of here with your tagline analyses.

Recommends EVE and OPUS. Lmao the state of Veeky Forums right now.

i'd bet 10000 bitbeans "OP" is a pump and dump group and his "small/mid cap good picks" are absolute shitcoins they've accumulated

just took a look at $man. anything that involves snifing holes is good in my book