ITT: Sound projects murdered by the devs' autism

ITT: Sound projects murdered by the devs' autism

What did I miss? Will it explain why my bags are down over 30%?

Dev team decided to abandon Telegram in favor of something called RocketChat

Considering the entire crypto-space uses telegram, yeah, this is a bad idea.

The project still looks solid though. They are going to need a bigger exchange and a partnership or two before this takes off.

Technologically the project is top but the last two marketing decisions (listing on ShitBTC and LiterallyWhoFalcon, completely abandoning Telegram in favor of an app nobody will download or use) have been so completely disastrous I'm doubting the team's competence now.

so basically the project is still good but a bunch of people sold for superficial reasons?

thanks just bought 100k

The superficial reason is the team completely sucks at marketing. You know, the one thing which makes or breaks a coin in the crypto space

Yeah shitbtc is horrible, I will agree. It's still too early to have any serious doubt on the project though. If they weren't active on github I would be concerned.

The smart money is definitely laughing at all the weak hands right now. All the people selling because of telegram are going to FOMO back in once the big news starts dropping.


Yeah, that's true

Literally the most autistic team in crypto and that's saying something. Fuck this team.

Team has like 15 WHALES who bought BTC in 2011 and they're still on that JJ Jenkins shit with marketing.

What did we expect from a conspiratard lead dev? He's literally an autistic child, i'm convinced he actually has autism. And the marketing team sucks balls...

Could be zero any time hurt durr I'm a fucking retarded inbred faggot


Maybe you can inquire about the project in the official Telegram cha-WHOOPS

Exit scam inc

I'm too deep in to bail. Gonna have to ride this one out

Why do they keep putting pictures with the Wal-Mart logo dead center? It's dishonest, it makes people think they have a partnership when that's not the case at all.

people are bailing because they switched from telegram to rocketchat?
doesn't sound like the devs are actually the autistic ones in this equation.

>link no marketing
>rank 81
Please don't say "crypto space" its very gay sir

Wtf they've already built a community. WHY?

Because the devs want more in-depth discussion. That's the level of autism were dealing with

Yeah that's a bit of a question mark. Ambrosus ftw!

What, you mean they don't actually want to talk about when lambos, when binance and when moon?
How autistic of them.

Do they not already have a discord? Why not just create a second channel like VEN? I'm pissed.

Their TG isn't even that active. The slightest bit of moderation would have allowed them to avoid all of that. There was just one joking "when moon" post today and it happened when an Admin was active.

Their official announcement chanel is still in TG. Is just the lambo channel that moved

No. But they could just make 3 channels:

Read-only announcements
Price chat (when moon/lambo goes in here)
Dev chat

Literally that simple

Like it or not that's why 90% of people are in TG channels or in crypto to begin with.

If you thought you could go into big money business and keep things on a hobbyist basement coder level rather than primarily talk about money then you've severely fucked up.

Anyone interested in a Veeky Forums telegram?

This is the biz telegram

>Dev team decided to abandon Telegram in favor of something called RocketChat

The state of crypto. People drop coins because of the chat system used to inform "investors".

Keep doing that, I keep buying TRAC. I don't need quality tokens to moon in two weeks, that's why I am still holding the ZRX I bought at ICO. Idiots dropped them during the shitcoin ice-age in fall.


they are not abandoning it

They merely are pushing for rocket chat so they can have more substantial disussion since telegram is a fucking pajeet porn posting cancer

also, absolute state of crypto - retards dropping coin because of this...

Generally a shitcoin anyway but the devs autism has killed it.

Cause there are a thousand pajeets imitating devs in telegram an attempt to scam people.

This is great, I was looking to pick up more