First came the flag. Now comes the pennant :^)

First came the flag. Now comes the pennant :^)

Bulls can't catch a break huh. Rip

So I buy now?

TAfags are always fucking wrong, just bought more muh pennant muh shoulders muh double top

Explain for a brainlet my Bot is playing long on it's stacks atm.
>nervous feels


Sure user, buy now. kek

how low can it go >:)

We are already recovering, brainlet

Something for your ass OP....

I saw that too but it literally just broke out


This is also testing the trend line from 6k. Expect some serious support.

your stupidity makes me sick


10850 already
FOMO in now or lose gains brainlets


lol it's rallying faggot see you on the way up

Hope you bought the dip

10900 brainlets

no thanks. this is gonna get up to 11k again and then plummet to 10200. see ya there.

We'll see. I don't know where you thing the money will come from.

TA only works if everybody else in the market is using the same indicator(s) to predict price movement.

Now the chances of two of you ta fags doing the same move are pretty high.
The chances your stupid meme lines manage to line up with another persons are so incredibly slim.

Here's one for you TA fag to show you how stupid and pathetic your lines are.

Take 6-8 of the major exchanges and draw the same meme lines on the price of btc, hopefully and I mean HOPEFULLY You take the fucking time to do this and teach yourself something rather then drawing fucking lines, and you will understand why t a does not work.

Oh, one exchange only had a dip to 11000 but the next exchange had a dip to 10950 and the next had a dip to 10550 while another exchange never went below 11050.

Where's your Fucking entry now you dumb shit? Your using literally one sliver of information to determine where the price is gojnf? Ohhhhhhhhhhh lawwwwwd

It will recover, but not yet.
It's literally repeating what it did, just in a smaller scale.
One more drop

forgot to include pic

>Imagine being this dumb

i tend to ignore anyone that caps one word (or more) for emphasis in a rant. it's completely unnecessary.

Why bother working when making money is this easy?


It’s bears who have been continuously btfo. This is the third dip in two weeks where you fucks are saying it’s going to 6k. Get rekt faggots. 12k in three days.

Where do you plan on closing that?



the exact same thing is happening that just happened an hour or so ago. this time it will break the channel.

Already broke it I think

i thought so as well, but this will be with more conviction and cause the deeper drop

Yeah, manipulation at its finest.
As soon as we recover $100 there is a dump.

You know how it is - you want to let the price drop but each time some faggot buys it first.

You're always on your toes. It's so insufferable...

You don't think that could be because of a trend reversal and the sentiment change that comes with it? Lucky for you it's rising a bit because it was so oversold before. But I know you'll mistake that for a recovery.

whales currently setting up their short term shorts. neat.

How do you feel about this fellow bear?

Ascending wedge from 6k trendline, probably strong resistance on the 20k downward trend (red line)

Looks like that's exactly what's happening

Best go to sleep bulls. You don't want to watch this.