Well, Veeky Forums ?

Well, Veeky Forums ?

I'm a woman and made x10 this year alone.

As if Veeky Forums would know anything about what alpha males do, lol.

So much for the 'virgin hodler vs chad trader' comics

Only x10

> this year alone
x10 in 2018?
Did you ride any specific altcoin pumps?
Or was this pure skill trading (scalping, buying dips, using indicators with leverage, etc.)?

Or do you mean in the last 12 months?

Yes, x10 since January 1.

>As if
>calls Veeky Forums Veeky Forums
>plebbit spacing
wew get out and never come back

Higher testosterone is associated with lower risk aversion. So if taking larger risks makes you a worse investor, then yes.

PRL and Cindicator

>I'm a woman and
You know the rules

i bet the high t males are more effective social climbers as well, leading to a disproportionate amount of underqualified high t males

I guess im a soy boy wide boy

Nice larp

show us dem tiddies bitch

>basing alpha traits on wideness of face
obvious horseshit. they should measure brow ridge and jawline definition. some phenotypes just have long heads.

why do you need money as a woman? the only thing money is useful for is buying sex with whores

>top and bottom decile

thanks, just bought 100k soy

Being better investors won't change the fact that you will die virgins and NEETs.

roasties are fucking evil dude. I've been in a few long term relationships back when I was poor and had nothing to lose, and now I want absolutely nothing to do with women. the moment they find out you have a pile of cash, they try to lock you in and accuse you of rape/domestic abuse if you don't comply. and they don't need any evidence for you to go to jail for that. the only winning move is not playing at all. make money and get escorts if you really can't handle no sex. the moment you get into a relationship with wealth though, your life is over.

you all fell for the most obvious bait of all time

hmm so thats why biz does so well with shitcoins

take note
the leftist media is now targeting Veeky Forums

fwhr is a pretty good indicator of t levels

a wide face is indicative of high test? what kind of broscience is this?

t. squareheadlet


Pretty sure blacks have high testosterone.