Transfer Ethereum to exchange

>Transfer Ethereum to exchange
>7 confirmations out of 30
>Transfer Nano to exchange
>Literally instant

Tell me again why Nano is not going to take over this entire game?

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Ppl are scared because bitgrail was hacked

They forgot about mt gox, the dao, parity , etc for bitcoin and Ethereum and think bitgrail will be end of Nano Lol

Blockstream probably hacked bitgrail

cant cash out

Can nano do anything other than transfer coins between accounts? Serious question, not FUDing

>Tell me again why Nano is not going to take over this entire game?
coins that can only brag about speed will never survive.

what can i buy with nano?

Anything you want , it’s a P2P currency

double spending

Send nano, 2x the account now in wallet, what do?

>coins that can only brag about speed will never survive.

Big trail has nothing to do with the tech

Nice quads

free $$ sounds good to me

>No adoption
currently you can only use it to trade for other shitcoins. Show me a single merchant or payment service that uses XRB.
also this. If you're a brainlet like the guy who ran Bitgrail you'll fuck up the node config and double everyones coins because the devs don't realize how retarded crypto users are.
True but if someone running an exchange can fuck up the node configuration to create double deposits, maybe the nodes need to be a little more retard-proof. You can't fuck up running a bitcoin or LTC node.

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Because and PoS (piece of shit) literallywho coin can get fast transactions down and make even a few other nifty little features too, but no one cares about that because right now the name of the game is setting up a secure and sturdy infrastructures for crypto to work under
Nano hasn't had to deal with the abuse and WILLFUL ATTACKS against the network like BTC or even ETH has, so being a bitxorn buh bedder has no meaning


>thinking in binary

Actually exchange-to-exchange is 4 minutes for NANO, tested it

And Ethereum isn't slow because of the network. It's the exchange choosing to make it 30 confirmations (Binance I'm assuming).

Lousy FUD. By the way XLM and XRP are faster transfers to exchanges.

Nobody thinks in binary except for a specific cognitive feature of depressed individuals. Factually, though, human minds are lateral interpreters with orders of variance with regards to their resemblance to linear cognitive pathways.

oh hey thats pretty cool

No the point is to be fast, feeless, decentralized, scalable currency. The solution to this is the “block lattice” structure but that also limits it’s uses for things like “smart contracts”. Ideal future involves Nano for small fast transactions and a Link based interface with one of the smart contract coins (if smart contracts start being used for things at all).

You might have experienced 4 minutes but that is only because of exchanges pending transactions.

This is the difference. Nano is not a traditional block chain and the speed should not be effected by scaling in the same way.

Nano doesn't have double spend issues. The nodes dont work the same way because its not a standard blockchain.

If you try to get your node to work the lazy way like one, it could possibly try to resend a transaction that didn't work. If you have the node do that without checking your balance, the exchange could then deposit twice from the exchanges hot wallet when it gets in sync.

This has nothing to do with the millions coming out of bitgrail hot wallet on Oct 19 with no identical amounts coming out

The guy at nanex, a single individual, got the nodes working right because he followed protocol. There isn't any bug in the currency. There are possible bugs in exchanges ui if you're a dumbass. This can't possibly happen again as everyone understands this now.

btw assblaster predicted this.

he said raiblocks is a fast moving token and that's it.

well, the network has no load user. ETH right now has real world load and the ECF to tackle it with, by the time anything catches up it will probably be too late

It's actually the other way around. It gets sent instantly but they don't scan it that often, I guess to save bandwidth.

Nano is the fastest there is absolutely no way to deny this. You experienced an exchange waiting to update balance or send tx.


Not everybody on Veeky Forums is a maga lover

That's how bitgrail used to work. On binance there is a few minutes pending process.

nano/xrb is like one of those chicks who "hates drama" but their entire life is just one big long drama session

you know a "fast moving token" is a multi hundred billion dollar idea right? bitcoin is a slow moving token and that's it.

Not every token should be a smart contract enabled beast with a million moving parts. too big of an attack surface. there is room for smart tokens and dumb tokens in this market and if anything the future world number 1 will be a dumb token.

the most valuable aspect of crypto is that it is money. the money aspect dominates the smart contract aspect. obviously they have a symbiotic relationship and both are important. with regards to nano, being the most scalable and fastest value transfer solution "and nothing else" is HUGE.


XRB is the ideal coin for business utilization, both as an alternative to paypal and traditional payment processors (fast & free while remaining decentralized). This means that businesses that are not allowed to process payments directly or only with high risk payment processors (think grey area such as porn, nootropics, alternative political organizations, kratom, CBD, etc.) all of which are HUGE multi-billion to trillion dollar industries now have a solution to a very serious problem. Grey area industries are only going to increase as regulatory organizations try to clamp down on what can be sold by who. Look no further than "Operation Choke Point" to see how the government intends to regulate less than favorable business models. (

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>someone makes intelligent post
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the absolute state of Veeky Forums

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Except the further you look into it the further you find the polished turd that is the Reddit NANO community:

- the website owner is a hardcore Redditor
- you have to EMAIL him your order info requesting to pay with NANO. To which he has to EMAIL you back his wallet address and amount to send.

This goes for all NANO merchants btw

you've failed to realize that high risk industries are high risk because consumers don't trust them and do a lot of chargebacks. consumers won't ever use crypto to pay for goods and services, high risk or not. ever. it's absolutely awful for them. no chargeback protection, no points incentives, have to take extra care to secure funds, have to eat fees to turn your fiat into it in addition to dealing with exchanges. nano in particular is even worse than the other options because there's no privacy.

crypto will never be used in day to day life. and the other piece of companies are poor ass white-label dropshipping seo shitbags. they're spamming every sub with their nonsense. that's not adoption.

I work in a high risk industry and tricked my payment processor into thinking I am not high risk.

I never get chargebacks. Some other vendors in my industry do, but chargebacks are 99 times out of 100 due to junkies and scammers, not from dissatisfied customers.

NANO isn't here to replace Monero either, it is here to replace paypal and the banks who serve as payment processors.

Guns, grey area supplements, pornography, alternative political platforms, crowdfunding, international stores, these will be the first to adopt.

Then we will see coffee shops, restaurants, fast food, etc.

NANO is the coin of the grey, and soon, the normie market.

Check out

Merchant integration is already happening.

Does Nano even have trading pairs on fiat exchanges at all? I can't cash out Nano anywhere. Have to trade Nano for BTC or ETH first. This is going to limit Nano's dominance. The exchanges mostly only fuck with BTC and ETH trading pairs. Kucoin has NEO pairs and some BCH pairs. There is one exchange CoinEX that specializes in BCH pairs but BCH is getting cucked. Just LOL @ me for thinking this shit could flippen BTC. The market don't work like that. Vast majority of people aren't using this shit as digital cash. They are just speculating on this shit. And public perception of BCash is negative because Roger Ver is a triggered bitch and Jihan Wu/BitMain are not well liked.

>Then we will see coffee shops, restaurants, fast food, etc.
How much XRB for a cup of coffee? 1? 0.5? 0.01?

How do you dumb fucking redditors not understand that deflationary cryptocurrency will never ever replace fiat for day-to-day transactions?

consumers don't want crypto. re-read my post. nano offers no upside. it's all downside.

now yea there is potential if a huge company that can force consumers to do what it wants comes along. but they aren't going to use fucking nano they'll just fork it (if they like it) and everybody will jump ship.


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>price wildly fluctuates all the time
>let's use this as currency
yeah good luck with that

nano will stabilize around 50 cents when investors realize the next 2 years of updates are about wallet improvements and bitgrail lawsuits.

> I work in a high risk industry and tricked my payment processor into thinking I am not high risk.

if you still read this can you explain how? shell company -> stripe -> they can't ever really know?

It isn't hard to write a script that checks the current USD for XRB value and convert the fee when swiped with the QR code reader with any smart phone.

I see no reason why people would not want to hold onto and trade a currency that goes up over time. I actually expect XRB to reach a stable point somewhat, similar to XMR, due to the use potential of either for their respective markets. In fact, I can see more businesses opening up due to this coin if it becomes widely accepted, making it easier to bridge the gap between consumer and producer. It is a different paradigm than fiat, but I am not afraid to go off of the Federal Reserve's tit. I think it will work even better than what we have now. I can even see this coin being used as a currency for online games, MMORPGs and what not. It can be applied easily to anything. It is literally the best currency to ever exist.

I would honestly be upfront with any payment processor because once you get b& you are usually b& for life. My entire family got the hammer from paypal.

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Yes that's exactly what I said lol

>hold onto and trade a currency
pick one retard

You have to EMAIL him your order info requesting to pay with NANO. To which he has to EMAIL you back his wallet address and amount to send.
>This goes for all NANO merchants btw

Lmao, the FUD is getting stupid. Try to at least think of some FUD that can't be verified.

>I-i-i-its just FUD!!!
Try to come up with an actual argument brainlet

there's no arguing that the coin is useless. no one can do it. i fud on their subreddit all day and not a single person ever responds. it just gets downvoted.

consumers won't use it for all the reasons i've mentioned above.

any major merchant like amazon or steam will copy the code and roll their own because--shocker, incoming--it's open source. the devs are just cubicle dorks so they'll never market or sell it to anyone smaller. justin sun could copy the codebase, for example, and nano would dump to 0.

cross-border payments for 3rd world countries where feeless matters might be the only real use case. they can maybe offload the pow cost to a local gas station or something for truly free sends.

the whole raiblocks community jumped ship on the rebrand i guess because the sub is dead and no one shills it. just endless bomber jokes.

oh and yea that whole twitter post pumped real hard. already it's bleeding out. but hang in there boys, the devs will announce a wallet improvement in the next 12 months if you're lucky.

NANO is #24 coinmarketcap right now. It has been bleeding as bad as everything else, but has done fine in this market as long as you didn't buy at the peak. NANO is going to top 10 this year.

yeah right above verge wow what an accomplishment

>you know a "fast moving token" is a multi hundred billion dollar idea right?
And there are plenty of other coins doing it. And there will continue to be other coins doing it. And none of them will ever be adopted. You're putting your money on a horse that's running in a race that may not be finished for years while newer, faster horses keep being added to the race.

you are a hard case. nano was #15 at it's peak. now it's #24. that's bleeding as bad as everything else? this entire market is full of shit. 99% of this absolute dog shit won't be used for anything. it's just price movements based on hype. but if there was a ranking of "hype to come" nano wouldn't be top 1,000. think about that.

No one wants to use crypto as a currency you fucking brainlets, but go ahead and waste your money

>Tell me again why Nano is not going to take over this entire game?
Because currency coins need to be the USD of crypto to succeed, and that spot is already occupied and backed by billionaires.
It's tragic really, but crypto isn't decentralized anymore. The major players control the field just like banks control your fiat.

Absolutely phenomenal.


>Transfer Nano from Kucoin to Binance
>Takes 16 hours

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