Someone just released the PoWH3D contract on Mainnet whilst it's still in testing. If it's half of what they say it is, time to pile in early before they release for real, boys.


Contract hashtable is this:
"22609373": "calculateEthereumReceived(uint256)",
"70a08231": "balanceOf(address)",
"a6f2ae3a": "buy()",
"8620410b": "buyPrice()",
"10d0ffdd": "calculateTokensReceived(uint256)",
"313ce567": "decimals()",
"0065318b": "dividendsOf(address)",
"e9fad8ee": "exit()",
"3151ecfc": "myDividends()",
"949e8acd": "myTokens()",
"06fdde03": "name()",
"fdb5a03e": "reinvest()",
"e4849b32": "sell(uint256)",
"95d89b41": "symbol()",
"6b2f4632": "totalEthereumBalance()",
"18160ddd": "totalSupply()",
"3ccfd60b": "withdraw()"

Front-end not up yet, so get in using the buy and exit functions.

Let's do this, Veeky Forums

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Way more legit than that ethpyramid shit. Keepin it original with PoWH

lol there's only 0.08 Eth in there from contract creator.

if this is half of what they promised, you're literally an idiot for not throwing money in. i'm going to move some alts around and dump in

PonziBot is a fkn idiot LMAO

idc if he's an idiot, if this is a chance to make money i'm fucking doing it. half an Ether wheeee

Is this legit? If so I'm pumping


you fucking wait until i'm in thx

Why can't we see the code? most other contracts at least let us view it, seems a bit dodgy for now.

Nope here comes McWhalerton

because this is just a mainnet release of what they've put on testnet - iff theyre confident enough to put it there I don't see why we shouldnt earn a few shekels in the process

don't get scammed by niggers, contract is hidden

ponzibot just confirmed on discord holy fuck what happened


Use the website guys; PowH3d is on testnet right now. Release is next weekend.

Someone's rehosting the ethpyramid contract on you.


Look at it tho, it's not

I posted this link in their discord and got banned, ponzibot is salt he got bamboozled. Real contract confirmed.


lol how can it be the ethpyramid contract if the funding hex addresses are different?

ethpyramid fund is 0xb60d4288, this one is 0xa6f2ae3a

look at the diff between the contract bytecode: first one is the testnet for powh3d, the second one is this: diffchecker.com/GwxmXbz2

stay poor, faggots, i don't care

looking at the creation code, looks identical

waiting for you to drop .5 eth, then i'll start putting some in

Can't anyone just copy the bytecode and upload it themselves to a new smart contract?

I put in 0.45, my alt poorfolio wasn't as good as i thought :(

.45 in by someone ARE WE DOING THIS

indeed, identical

someone copy their front end and throw it up somewhere, we're taking the early train boys


if you look at the contract hashtable some of the functions are different though i'm not sure that using the epy template would work

It will never be the same as the OG PoWH.
So whatever...

still, lets see if the third time wasnt a complete fuckup - i'm sitting on my half Ether /comfy/

if this shit gets hacked again then i'm fucking done with Ponzi

Fuck I'll have to trust coinbase and buy more eth since fuckin gemini hasn't verified me

from discord


Just crept past 1 eth
you guys know how this shit works at low levels

get the fuck in

Its a fake contract, enjoy losing your money.



It's as fake as the testnet version here: powhcoin.com/proto.html

it's the same fucking thing just on mainnet

Hi. I definitely did not say that. You can even tell from the writing style. I don’t use the word “just”.

Try harder next time, please.

ponzi give it up, you fucked up your third try lmfao

get fucking JUSTED

its fucking hilarious isnt it

this shit needs to be on the front page forever

everyone loved powh so much, so here's a version at true, true ground floor for you

i'm dying laughing here

>loses 500k to shadow
>loses 2 mil to 'russian hackers'
>loses 3rd try to copy paste

get in ethpy where the devs know what the fuck they're doing, L M F A O

goals: 1) fix graph (btw it loads on mobile without metamask) and add to main frontend (website)
2) make something that works like the miller46.github.io/powh for this contract. (which will allow users to view contract info and their account info from mobile even without metamask plugin)
3) find someone who knows discord room scrypting and have them create an #invites room where people can type the !invites command and see how many users they have gotten to join this discord. this will be useful for when we are ready for marketing phase, so we can offer prizes to top recruiters who help bring new users to this
4) get some minor site updates made the main frontend (getjustcoin.com)
5) talk with another webdesigner and get him started on a second front end (website) with different branding, that accesses this same contract (there will be a few different ones to appeal to different types of people, plus users should feel more secure if they know there are multiple front ends to interact with)
6) hopefully start talking with some people about translations of each if the sites other languages.
7) build content for the frontends teaching how to interact/use/buy/sell/reinvest even from mobile devices

Roadmap for this "project". Not much left to do...

learn how to stop getting fucked up by single letters.

#1 and #2 was 'f'
#3 was 'c" and 'v'

so wait a second.. having code for an actual working contract is a reason for investors to pile into a coin?

why the fuck am i trading and not coding contracts?

it says loads that even after i dumped in my .45, there's not been that much movement since

the trust, where is it

Quick! Buy more ETH from CoinBase to put in this Charlie Foxtrot so you can get double, triple, quadruple charged for what you're going to get Just'd out of. BUY BUY BUY!!!!

the contracts are the same

run a diffcheck yourself


nobody's investing because it's an unfinished copy of the contract with an exit scam in it left for someone to get ambassador status for the PowH3D release when they find it.

bullshit, it's real and you know it. look at this fucking screenshot. is this the gut reaction of someone in on the joke?


make your own decisions people because i'm going in, a front end will come later


that 'bug for ambassador' line is pure bs, and I'll eat my dick if it's true

dude i know that i'm the one who posted the diffcheck

and y'all fucking KNOW that Ponzi is going to put like 20 of his own Ether into what'll be the SAME CONTRACT when he releases it with his 'official' front-end.

!remindme whenever he drops it

someone copy his front end and put it somewhere, let's fucking do this

So let's fucking GO


0xa6f2ae3a in additional data

well, it seems to be more legit than tron.

>I-its programmed with an exit scam!
Then why didn't ponzibot just say so? why did he deny it was the same contract even though anyone with 5 seconds and google can see they're the same.

>people are still putting money in these after the 8th buggy contract

Ethpyramid doesn't have any bugs

I'm just here because Ponzi is a massive faggot and fudded ethpyr to hell, then he got fucking JUSTED for the THIRD TIME

mantso said it was programmed with scams for ambassadors to find, not ponzi.

dont need a front end

send eth to 0x1d50e70cfC16c8f060EF5f1C5B3467329A20B362 and put buy () into the additional data field

nice try pajeet

the real contract address is here



Yeah that's a wallet you faggot, fuck off


If that's true then this contract is just as susceptible to any "bugs" he's put in.

it's such an easy fake - "no g-g-g-uys don't use that one it's got b-b-ugs in it"

> is literally what they intend to release
> are having a fucking heart attack

do you have a copy of the contract source?

i dont even know who the fuck released THIS, i just saw it go up on etherscan, checked the opcodes and kek'd myself stupid

no way they'll release the contract source until its live, and i'm willing to bet that the opcode will be the same

.45 eth that i chucked in ain't a big deal, but shit's at ground floor

Hmmmmmmmmm, sounds like you guys are jumping the gun

cant figure out how to clone the site. not as simple as changing address like ethpyramid LOL

fortune favours the bold, and i fucking bet that this is exactly what they'll release [maybe with a pointless line or two switched so the opcode isn't identical so they can go hurrr look]


I am but I'm going to bed.


Use wget.

Aaaaaaaand it's empty, great work guys


looks like the people who put in a bit more just cashed out typical pyramid story

Doesn't bode well for the real thing. I'll be sticking with the projects that actually work.


Nice try PonziBot you literal nigger

it's not ponzibot, someone just copied the testnet code and put it on mainnet

not even joking, he's banning people posting his reaction on his discord


All the way, longest standing one so far and no bugs.

this a fake clone of the test POWH3D and has exit function to drain it all, be warned.

It's already drained you retard

No it's not you fucking idiot, the code is EXACTLY THE SAME.

This is the real fucking deal. I'm not getting in this dumpster fire because PonziBot is a dumb faggot, but other people can because this one is REAL.


Ethpyramid.io is down at the moment, Japanese language being added.

Look at the above screenshots and tell me I'm lying.



Yeah it is the same. The same exitscam exists in the current testnet in case some nigger steals the bytecode. Just yourself, my man.

Ponzi fucked up. This is real. If the drain is real it's also in the real version.

PonziBot is a scamming cunt confirmed.

>Powh Devs drain it once
>People are going in for round two of putting eth into it

Yeah. I'm sticking with Ethpyramid. That shit's a fucking ethereum bank compared to this complete fuck-up. God damn, THREE CHANCES and Ponzi fucks up every single one.

Is my statement false you mongoloid?

Why is there only $30 in? Not sure if groundfloor or if people aren't buying in for a reason.

> The contract is the same it must be good without exit function, RETARD.

But the code is exactly the same.

Are you saying PonziBot was going to deploy a contract to the MainNet with an exit scam already in it? That's fucked up.

Do you think he's that stupid not to get on chance to drain early clones? Delusional retards.

No, Ponzi was releasing the exitscam on testnet because ethpyfaggots are pathetic FUDers and one of you faggots stealing it and deploying it on mainnet was an obvious thing to happen.

>Exit scam in code
>N-n-no it's ethpyramid that's bad guys!!

lmao, you are delusional for trusting a literal scammer


>the dev team announces they've put bugs in the code for testers to find and get ambassador status
>you copy that code