Here's the new watch I bought this evening, faggots. If you only know low end watch brands, let me dumb it down for you...

Here's the new watch I bought this evening, faggots. If you only know low end watch brands, let me dumb it down for you. This is called a Rolex Presidential.

I never wear cheap watches like workingclass faggots who act rich. Trash tier brands like Casio and Timex. Money isn't a problem, but that's not something you can understand. Your overworked palms are too dirty to even be near expensive things.

To you middle class peasants who barely scrape by on bad credit, have fun dying early. I'll retire around the same time you're buried. This watch easily costs more than the shitty cars you drive, if you even own one.

AMA. If you are extra kind, perhaps I'll give you some life tips to be rich as I am. Just maybe you can luckily work for me some day, if you get up the ranks? Maybe serve me a glass of four figure priced wine?

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Op is a hook nose

watches go on the left wrist, junior.

I don't give a fuck about your stupid watches, nigger.

Rolex is not proof of being rich, from the look of the arm it's on my guess is it's more than 20% of your net worth


Fuck off nigger

>jelly over larp
> little dick poltard

Davido pls go

you cannot buy a brain

you aren't black

That guys' watch is on the wrong hand..

I have white skin, I don't need bling to show my value.

>Big K tatoo

looks like the niggers are getting their stellar really fast.

>tfw this guy just had to post a picture one day and ruin the whole thing

nigga got fake rolexxx

my decorative band of metal is better than your decorative band of metal

Couldn't expect a nigger to put something on properly, could we?


thats a monstrosity user but good brand choice

Why do you buy the same watch every evening? Or you lying?

Had it for a few years now, but I like it.

damn now i want to post my watch to piss off nerds but I can't be bothered to put it on take a pic then upload

buys a 20k watch when your phone tells you the time.

>buys it so he can let people know how rich he is
>nigger tier

>A fucking Rolex


Post yours then.



oh yeah, OP here is a real deal!

The priblem is that nbdy gives a shit

nice watch tho

Lose weight

Only faggets and niggers care about accessorizing.


>1 post by this ID

>what autistic virgins actually believe

>Wearing watches in 2018 worth more than 100usd.
>this economy

Seriously this screams cozy lifestyle

OP is practically begging for Lenin's resurrection with this retarded attitude. Marxists are gaining their numbers in the USA by the day and you're woefully unaware

Read some history and be more scrupulous dude

Rolex is for niggers, buy yourself an actual high end watch.

lol @ poorfags LMAO ;)

Does it hurt knowing your parents and grandparents were slaves ?
Do you sometime feel like selling rolex and making a real difference like helping a brothers out ?

So howd you afford what did a price of Vibranium fall on your head? Good luck not getting shot for it by some nig just like you.

>niglett wearing rollie on right hand
>four figure price one
Nice b8 m8

*four figure price wine

>cant even tell the time when its dark

>Rolex Presidential.
Cool, more power to you if you like it. But most people don't give 2 shits about watches and you won't impress them.

> has a rolex
> talks about people being poor and wearing low-end watches

Also thats the wrong hand you dumb nigger

Wow 50 gs for a watch. Very impressive. Too bad you're a nigger, like my great grandfather used to say : I'd rather be a white bum than a rich nigger

you found that image on google dumbfuck, I just reverse searched it. What a sad life you must live. Hopefully you're not a nigger too

This pleb watch fits well with your pleb tatoos.

That's one of the less entertaining copy pastas, me familia.

ok. This is mine, you wish you were as rich as me you stupid poorfag LMAO

what is this....what was the intention of this thread

dude.. where are your knuckles?

OP, if you care to answer: Why people wear expensive watches, for the better feeling, or it increases their confidence, or to impress buddies?


Rate my watch, picked this up at a pawn shop last week for $500

all of the above, as a status symbol and to impress people and feel accomplished. same reason people buy needlessly expensive cars, or new tech gadgets (phones) when their previous model is perfectly functional.

holy fuck you are fat. my god

This guy is going to lose the use of his hand...

I'll pay you 50 ETH to jerk me off when you are wearing ONLY the watch.

That's a picture of the rapper Davido's new watch.

Hey, you tried. And failed, spectacularly. Go back to /b/, tard.

Dude, it's time for salads.

Put the fucking fork down, fatty.

you guys think you're fancy with your shiny watches. Got myself this apple watch - technologically superior to a watch that merely shows the time.

I mean, how fat do you have to be that your palms get fat?

Calm your fucking tits with a day date.
Only allowed to call people peasants if you have a yacht master II

Apple Watch, feeds your daily info to the govt and advertisement firms congrats