Alpha launch - no announcement

>alpha launch - no announcement
>entire website redesign - no announcement
>nodes now live
>constant progress under the radar
>no marketing
>no social media
>collabortion with SWIFT

I think AB was right when he said the banks don't want us owning any.

We're gonna be fucken' rich my fellow stinky linkies

Hello sirs I have a good amount of Linkies? EOY 1.5% from my .00000023

AssBlaster is just a longform larp
he's probably some 15 year old in some suburb in Iowa who got bored one day and wanted to fuck with us

>>entire website redesign - no announcement

wr the fuck? i still see that old shitty site

AB is obviously intelligent and knows something of what he's speaking of--though he still could be a LARP nonetheless

time to pump again

no it's not
Bitcoin is going down so everything else has to die with it
your dumb magical lines mean even less now cause nobody takes alts seriously cause it's not MUH BITCOIN GET RICH QUICK SCHEME!

AB has provided lots of evidence of his position and dealings. Where have you fags been?

kek, lurk the fuck more newfag. autists here found out who he is.

LARP or not, AB mainly talks about what's happening behind the scenes and what to watch for. What's in it for him, even if his intentions are malicious?

AB hasnt provided evidence of anything other than being full of shit.
The company he works for holding 100m tokens... How can any of you faggots believe that shit.

I was the autist that originally found him on the Slack

How many different people have you found to be AB so far? Like four? You bagholders have the memory of goldfish.

>What's in it for him
Why do people attention whore on an anonymous image board? Good question. Why else trip and reply to every single post in his threads.

ok, so what price should we expect

1) end of march
2) EOY?

>End of March
70 cents
70 cents
this coin is fucking garbge like the rest of this market

lol, i hope youre wrong, i'm all in with link and xmr. literally holding nothing else

1 linky

Are you retarded? 0 Evidence of his wallet or the 100m he claimed his company has. That doesn't even begin to start the larp.

Easy way for a whale to pump and dump to brainlets like you

why hold anything other than things you can find on Coinbase?
Fucking Bitcoin Cash is better than every single coin that isn't on Coinbase

normie found

I'm comfy with my LINK
never had a more comfy hodl than this

>why hold anything other than things you can find on Coinbase?
i honestly dont know what youre point is?

ok tell me
what fucking coin is going to balloon to big numbers and out pace BTC, ETH, LTC, or BCH? Even when LINK launches nobody's gonna care

Retard alert

xmr coud easily be the coin of the flippeing and out strip them all, which is why i hold that and link

link is in a class of its own viz alt coins. i agree with you most others are just shit, but not link

nobody's gonna buy the illegal activities coin

Kek wills $1000 eoy


pfft yeah
>oh look he got a bunch of numbers in a line! my frog deity is sure to make me rich now
dumb fucking memes

Uh, hello? Drug dealers, pedos, and hitmen will always use it. Don't you want the to use the coin that they use? What could go wrong? :^)


Holy shit the fucking FUD in here is disgusting,
tell me anons, do you know what an oracle is? do your know why it's important for smart contracts? Do you understand how important smart contracts will be?

I'm trying to help you faggots, yet all I receive in return is ill informed replies....

>I'm trying to help you faggots

Don't. This is the absolute most shilled coin ever on Veeky Forums. If people haven't gotten in on it by now, no one can say they weren't warned.

Just enjoy the pink Wojak show in a year or two.

I'm beginning to feel that we don't even have to wait a year for the wojacks. The team obviously wants to start being more vocal and with the upcoming market person on board I think we might see close to 10$ per link this Autumn. That's when the wojacks will start I reckon

we've also got a legit cup and handle with massively low volume

if that's not a classic buy signal, then no-linkers deserve to stay poor...

Ark solved the oracle problem last week. Check their blog on V2 updates.

Does it have a truly decentralized network of nodes?

spicy meme

While Sergey’s anti-hype approach could be interpreted as (((them))) not wanting us in on the project, it also fits with his philosophy on startups which you can read on his Quora page.

I’m inclined to agree with him. Hyping up something with no substance will lead to stupid p&ds and no one will take them seriously. They really do need to start doing a little bit of marketing now, just to seem more professional. there is a happy medium. Can’t wait for the marketing manager to come out

> Other than being full of shit.

How come he predicts the future a few weeks in advance? Sounds like the only 1 full of shit is you.

If a new top 100 wallet appears soon it will be hard not to believe AB

The fact that Sergey openly shilled chainlink at the conference and that chainlink itself now has a Twitter is evident that they are moving towards marketing the product now

FUD against Link is the same as it was with Ethereum.
Sergey has a phisiology degree statistics show people with phisiology
degrees are the smartest and have highest IQ out of all smart people (it's true,
go look it up).
Think about it, you didn't buy ETH when it was below $1 but you have a
chance to buy Link. Original white paper says Link can't be above $1 but it briefly was
above $1 and BTC white paper also says it shouldn't be like this and yet it has
high fees and it does not make sense and people still use it so it doesn't matter.
Can you imagine what will happen when first Link Oracle dapps
will be created? Price will reach $1k and soon it might even surpass BTC because
Link has real world use cases. Sergay is clearly an artistic sarvant, it is clear to me.
He has an eating disorder but it's caused by how much he cares about this project.
This is science it is backed by statistic. He wouldn't have to eat much if he
wasn't stressed from all this work. Keep posting fud about shadow fork but the
truth is Link is now developed in hidden private github repository because it can't be
public because Mobius pajeets would steal the code and they would say Sergei stealed the code form them
and it would be a lie but people wouldn't know and Sergai being modest and humble would not
have the resources and strength to fight them in court because it is clear he is very
stressed from all this work. Partnerhips are talked about in behind very closed doors
because partners want to accumulate their bags for cheap prices. Fud against Link is
based on nothing and can be easily dismissed by evidence such as what I provided.
You can keep buying shitcoins such as EOS XLM NEO but it is very clear to me that all of them will be worth $0.
People knew Vitalik was caught molesting childern while high on ketamine and he had an eating disorder
and look, here he is and ETH is expensive and made the believers rich.
In the right moment Sergei will pump Link to the extreme

>chainlink itself now has a Twitter

They registered it in 2013.


Wait, the marketing manager is gay? SELL SELL SELL AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

This kind of pasta is really taking on the airs of a recruitment brochure for some cult

>nodes now live
Is the coin POS now?

why do you care so much? you think biz is capable of manipulating the price at all? scared of them fudding your coin to 0 cents? don't be a fucking retard, just let them miss out.

It is a piece of shit, so yes.

oh hermes, that was a zinger!

Ladies and gents, here we have a wild retard in his natural habitat