Why is everyone so sure that LINK is The One?

Why is everyone so sure that LINK is The One?
>inb4 newfag

It's literally only on Veeky Forums. Ignore this shit.

Its a meme faggot. No one actually buys that shit.

It's a meme for various vaporwave and pajeet-scam inside joke related reasons

it's because based Trump and Putin have blessed us with future fortunes

it's just a joke to get newfags to buy link. dont buy it lol

Because crypto volume is so low it's being memed to success, like trump.

Fucking newfag

It’s a complicated meme, safe bet is to just stay away

its not

buy mobius

Does link fucking work, do people want to use it, help a poorfag out.

Yeah lol... so if I hypothetically purchased say .8 BTC worth then you would say ive fucked up? Hypothetically.


for fuck sakes no its fucking vaporware

yeah see here's the thing, these obvious fudders really gets the noggin joggin. Why would people spend time fudding something that they aren't invested in.

Because it's being shilled.

Wow you retard! Shoulda done your own research!!

yes what the fuck are you doing DONT listen to biz

look im trolling saying buy mobius but dude, LINK is fucking joke. buy a real project like REQ or COSS or something

Just kidding my conscience got to me. It’s a god tier hold

its a good investment because you can dial in the price with good timing. buy 100, and lock in the decimals at .005 on your wallet (about 2 mins after buying) and it should appreciate in value about 15% higher than the going market price.

Because sergey is the ultimate plaid wearing sugar daddy

You caught me, i'm 4D Shilling right now.

yeah the jig is up. LINK is going to fucking blow our socks off you better go all in right now OP ;^)

what an amazing coin definitely go all in

This unironically. We all know it’s a shitcoin with no future but we hype it up like it’s the new BTC

Link is a meme is a meme. Im 50% in Link.

Wow, not keen on making money in crypto then

are you for real nigger?
>why would people spend time fudding?
I don't know, maybe because every fucking time I come to biz I see 5 threads about this fucking shitcoin on the first page and we are tired of your cancer.

and to answer you, OP: You'll have to excuse linkies. They are idiots. We purposely shilled them a shitcoin, as a joke.

sergay has a vision for what the blockchain will look like when smartcontracts really thake off

link will be crusicla to that, so we're all just hedging that it'll do what seygay thinks it will

if it comes off, it's massive. if it doesn't, well we tried

>spending time and effort shilling a coin
>get annoyed that it's now all over the catalog
>spend more time and effort fudding it

You nolinkers in disguise really excite the cerebrum

The rest of us were shitposting, But I think this faggot is actually FOMOing right now.

Major fuck up desu, newfag. Better to buy something else, maybe ETH

NEO is the one. not stinky linky


Could you FOMO LINK right now? It's still pretty cheap, especially compared to where it is predicted to end up

Only if remain a complete no linker.

No one except biz thinks that, every seen anyone talk about link outside biz? Didn't think so. It mostly started with some discord shilling and now people are left bagholding, the chainlink memes were orchestrated by the group from the start so it could gain traction.

>especially compared to where it is predicted to end up
>meymey magic based trading

>No one except biz thinks that, every seen anyone talk about link outside biz?

reddit's pretty excited about the swift partnership

but then reddit is where the cultrued invester goes

Came here to post this. bump

Fuck, I fell for the meme :(

- massive use case
>even normies are learning that "smart contracts" could even put lawyers out of business, see pic

- legit af team
>allergic to hype

- years of extremely top-end industry exposure
>Swift, World Economic Forum, Gartner, Capgemini, Sony, AXA, BNP Paribas, Santander, ... have all explicitly named the project and/or even used it in some capacity

And last but not least:

- hasn't mooned yet

>even normies are learning that "smart contracts" could even put lawyers out of business, see pic
Forgot pic.

This is obvious bait but if anyone reading this thread is actually not sure, fucking look at what it's solving, read the whitepaper, understand the whitepaper, and you'll realise why we are so bullish on it. Don't get FUD'd out of the next 100x

Yeah, I basically learned back in november that I was going to lose my job in 5 years to link so I invested in it. Any fortune 50 company is going to be running a node, pretty much a no brain chain gang mang

>marketing campaign launches
>sergey speaks at more conferences
Can't wait for you non believed faggots to fomo in at $5

It’s a joke, everyone buys mobius in reality. We just shill LINK to newfags like you for fun

>All the people on the verge of buying my bags in this thread

Go shill your shitcoin in the designated thread, retard.

I sold for REQ

you fucking pussy faggot ive seen spam the likes of which you have never imagined. desu spammed for pages and pages across boards for months, forced memes spammed endlessly, and you dare to complain about our LINKs?

I hope Sergey is right wing because he's been based as FUCK in every other aspect so far. It's amazing to be on the ground floor of LINK, Sergey didn't need to allow us to invest in this new media paradigm, it would still be successful without such an early ICO and Sergey would top the fucking Forbes list by being able to retain more LINK through to mainnet. Because Sergey is as wise and generous as he is brilliant I think he realized that the economic benefit the masses would realize from being able to participate as venture capitalists was the right thing to do for the world. ~5 years and he will be considered one of the greatest tech visionaries of the 21st century, I wouldn't doubt it if the LINK mainnet outlived Sergey and maybe a few generations of his descendents. Men like Sergey are going to build new mediums that will exist as cornerstones of tech well past our time.

Let me ask you a real question. Do I buy a capo for my guitar

LINK will truly be our last 500x

Because discord pajeets like you are shitting up the board with spam. Protip: good coins don’t need to be shilled. Gonna laugh when this shit crashes.

People told me the same when i bought it at 17 cents though.


i fucked up

Because meme's on an imageboard lol

scam fags

This. Fuck link

LINK is the next Chosen One, especially for those who have not made it yet. It may be a one-of-a-kind, in terms of it revolutionary potential, yet still being so underrated and under-the-radar, compared to what the average crypto trader has heard of
It completes the fabled holy trinity:
BTC: decentralized network for peer-to-peer cash
ETH: decentralized programmable money, enabling smart-contracts, but limited to tokenization
LINK: literally linking the legacy world to the technology of the future, to allow blockchain tech to fulfil its potential for all the major industries that are waiting to jump on board

>t. following smart-contract tech since 2016, listening to banking executives and fintech entrepreneurs scrambling to get in on this goldrush before losing out to competitors

LINK could fail, but so could have ETH, and BTC. You do the risk-reward analysis, and decide if it's worth betting on it

Don't let them shills get to you. Mobius IS the only real contender in the space.

Space because it’s going to moon kind sir! All of us to the moon sirs