Wage slavery meaning

What's the actual point of wageslaving? Why are normies so obsessed with it? I think it's sad that the majority of a person's life they are awake is spent wagecucking. Why do people become wage cucks in the first place? Most people need to slave so they can pay off debts right? Like student loans, car, home ect. Why would someone get into debt over these things? And why do normies want to move out so young? Is moving out, buying a car and home really worth years of slavery to them? I'm a NEET and I'll never have to work in my life because I have zero expenses are debts, my mother is wealthy and will never kick me out, plus I have plenty of spending money for fun and hobbies, I even have a nice car my mom bought for me so I can and do whatever I want. I'd never move out, I have a nice 300 square foot bedroom, and nice bathroom all to myself, and a nice pool. Yet most normies want to move out at 18-22 to some crap apartment they have to slave away to even live in. Wagies of biz, explain.

Why do people work? Why can't everyone just not work and play all day? They're so stupid. Everything should be free and no one should work! /s

Not everyone is privileged enough to be born to wealthy parents. So they are forced to wage cuck.

I don't have to wage cuck anymore because
1. I wage cucked for a few years while living at home. Built up over $100k in savings from that. Quit my job and started trading crypto out of my parents' basement with the capital I saved.
2. I inherited some money from family as well.

It is fucking hilarious how no-coiner wage cucks defend rich people who never have to work a day in their life because they were born into wealth. Yet they HATE HATE HATE crypto NEETs. Fucking HATE us. They bow down to their bourgeoisie (((masters))) but they scape goat petty bourgeoisie crypto NEETs like us? How does that make sense?

Working is an honest and respectable way to earn income. The problem with it is that you get cucked in so many ways. Interest on any loans, taxes, etc..
In addition, you have stability with a set income, you can budget your future for a significant number of years and have a confident, happy perspective of your future.

Oh I can answer my one question, sorry for my brainlet moment. They hate us because we can't give them a job. We are just self-employed. They kiss their boss' ass and make excuses for rich people while envying our leisure and wealth because they want a job/want to keep their jobs.

Slaving away for a giant company is "honest and respectable"? Does it really matter how you got the money? As long as you're not killing people and selling drugs for money making money as a programmer for a big company is no more respectful than a NEET making a lot of money on crypto.

Where/how do you cash out to pay the bills?

Its so simple OP, people wageslave because mankind has created its own form of slavery we are all lambs to the slaughter; we are literally human batteries in a matrix to feed the machines (the elite).

When you have so much wealth which is more than necessary it just becomes a measure of power.

People are brainwashed and shamed into laden themselves with debt (mortgages/ car loans) to feed the one human weakness we all have is ego. Our hubris is the tool the elite use to enslave us whether it is believing in the "one true" religion, barracking for "our" football team or having the bigger and better houses and cars to keep up with the "jones'".

Nothing truly matters, its all a game to the elite. You see it now globalisation, importing shitskin thirdworlders and female "equal" rights to drive down wages to grow the working/middle class so they can fuck us even harder.

>making money as a programmer for a big company is no more respectful
>no more respectful than a NEET making a lot of money on crypto

WTF you talking about you brainlet? One is working for another man, the other is working for himself. Learn the difference.

Self employment and/or running a business is the only way you uncuck yourself. The days of working for one single company for the rest of your life is over.

Work is necessary for society to function. But right now in capitalism the incentives don't really reward productive labour. Some antifa cuck on r/buttcoin literally told me that I'm a parasite unlike the single mothers I complain about because raising children is more of a benefit to society than buying and selling a digital asset. Single moms knocked up by Tyrone raise criminal niggers and steal from taxpayers at gunpoint while not contributing any taxes themselves. They are a net negative to society. And their children are a net negative to society. Abortion would be addition by subtraction. Republicans need to stop with this Pro-Life shit. The Democrat vs Republican thing is a total puppet show. Democrats are a bunch of cucks who want to import the entire third world to the first world and make everything second world. And they want to give money to single moms who get knocked up by Chad and Tyrone instead of Steve and Carlton. Capitalism is pretty absurd. But the welfare state too is out of control. It's just that angry white men are not the ones who benefit from the welfare state. The welfare state all goes to women and refugees.

Wagie here. I live in a 1BR apartment and am a developer in the trendy part of a major city making $100k a year (more with bonus). I can work from home a few days a week too so it's pretty comfy. No debt because I paid it all off years ago. I'm waiting for the housing bubble to pop again in a couple of years before getting into real estate. I really don't know how to spend my money so I usually spend it on food and cryptos, I'm a pretty skilled home chef and have managed to grow $20k into over $250k, so I worry about money less now. I still drive a shitty car from 2000 that will be worth much less than the next major repair.

I have no idea why everyone else wastes their money on stupid shit like new/leased cars or shitty overpriced houses in a suburb 45 minutes away from the city. Probably to build "families." I'm the youngest person at my job by about 10 years, so it's kind of hard to relate with my peers. They're all god damn boomers and gen x'ers. Buncha gays.

Working is for getting a salary, and invest, so that you can do your own business in the future. But wagecucks think that it’s the end of everything and spend all their money on consumables and loan repayments.

humans are meant to face challenge and adversity, and to explore and discover things. For tens of thousands of years this is what men did, there was no "certainty" in life, there was never a time where people could live as you are, where they're born into comfort, grow up with safety and comfort, and can become elderly without ever having challenged themselves or faced serious problems.

What you and so many millions of modern men are doing now is suppressing that biological instinct to be fierce and combative and adventurous in exchange for comfort and indulgence. You don't even do it consciously, you're happy being comfortable, so you don't feel like you're "missing out" on anything in life.

It's sort of like those really pathetic men who are celibate for so many years that they just write off women completely, "well I've been masturbating in my basement for the last 8 years, who needs women! heh" and think thats cool and normal. Or people who are depressed for so long that they forget what happiness is, and then fool themselves into believing that just because they don't want to neck themselves or drown in the bathtub, that they must be stable, when in reality they just became "comfortable" with their depression - similar to stockholm syndrome of the mind.

All of that said, normie life isn't much better and wagecucking also sucks. I think the sweet spot is entrepreneurship so that you can lock others into wagecucking for you.

Are all of you that miserable at your jobs?

I loved working for various startups in SF. Great coworkers, great projects, amazing energy. Always had tons of perks too like unlimited vacation, remote work flexibility, full dental/health/eye insurance, lots of free food.

>amazing energy

I'm working to pay off my student loan, yet in the state i live, when i pass they will reduce the actual loan down to 60% and the loan itself is pretty good 0.5% interest, no up front payment and i do not have to start paying until year 10.

I already have an apartment with a 2.05% interest rate which is steadily going up in value, if i can pay it down in about 5 years time i'd be able to use the apartment as safety for my next loan with my gf whilst renting it out, every 150 bucks i can rent it out for equals to about 15k to the loan cap and with her and mine salary we can buy a large 3 room apartment in the city center with views.

I study and work full time, my job is paying for all school necessities like books, excursions, side courses etc.

When i finish my master, i will already live dead center in the capitol, have around 8-10 years of working experience and have the added bonus of knowing that I've achieved something for myself for my gf and my family, that pretty much sums it up i reckon.

Average life in 2018

>go to uni and study a worthless meme degree setting you up with debt before you even begin work
>do free internships or menial entry level jobs to signal fealty to your wageslave master
>your submission is rewarded with meaningless position that gives you the illusion your life actually means something, play office politics with roasties and normies daily and compare yourself to them
>shackle yourself up with a massive unsustainable mortgage on a house you bought from a boomer who flipped it for 800% profit
>finance a shiny German car where you do not actually own the title and pay massive interest which only covers the depreciation, repeat every 3 years for the next model which has minor changes to keep up with your peers
>rack yourself up with mountains of credit card debt financing travelling abroad to countries to get a glimpse of what life is like without wageslaving and offering you a slice of comfort, before returning back to your lord like a good little serf
>have your consciousness bombarded daily with streams of advertising prompting you to buy the latest Chinese manufactured gadget with in-built obsolescence to feed your ego and impress your peers. Finance these too.
>pay into a shitty pension where the benefits are stripped away progressively over time due to having to fund the boomers in their comfy retirement
>get a wife who is also a wageslave meaning you have no time to give to your children - who are instead raised by grandparents or a Slav / Mexican nanny and grow to resent you
>wife divorces you after the wageslaving life becomes unbearable and you are both burnt out - she takes half the stuff you amassed from years of relentless slaving so she can relax a bit with her new toy boy who hits her pussy harder than your limp burnt out dick ever could, she takes the kids too
>your children hit teens and hate you for splitting up the family (ex-wife fed them this) Daughter now has daddy issues so ends up single + half black baby

Is your father in your life?

I'm tired of all these wage cucks telling me to go get a real job and stop with this crypto shit. Nigga I made like $110-120k off crypto. Way more money than I ever made from wage cucking. For a fraction of the labour hours.

Working to make your (((employer))) rich is cucked beyond belief

Working to make yourself rich is the way to go.

My dad and normie wage cucks on r/buttcoin are telling me that I should go back to school and get a STEM degree. And for what? To be some IT cubicle cuck working for some IT firm and feeling unfulfilled, over-worked, over-stressed by nagging bosses, nagging customers, politicking co-workers. Feeling exploited? My dad thinks I should go back to school to study finance and become a day trader in the financial district. You think I would fit in with those obnoxious kikes? Fucking Jews. Crypto trading has some parallels with traditional day trading but crypto is fundamentally anti-banks, anti-government. Lots of fucking kikes involved in crypto. But kikes do not own bitcoin. Bitcoin is decentralized. That's why even white power groups and ISIS are allowed to own BTC even though they are anti-semites.

Nope, I love my job, it's pretty interesting and rewarding.

because your mom or maybe your mom's mom or your dad or your dad's dad or your dad's mom or at least someone in your family cucked themselves to provide for the family that you're in.

really you've just been spending your mom's money.

You can view it as wageslave, you can view it as honest day's work, both are true.
Society as a whole can't function without "wageslaves"
Those are the workers that produce goods and services which is the bedrock of an economy.
The problem with wageslaving is that the people who end up as wageslaves are people who are not educated economically, i.e they either don't understand or CHOOSE to not understand what and how they should live and spend etc.
Base principal is to live below your means, but a shitton of "wagecucks" go balls deep in debt and get trapped in a compounding-interest-nightmare and willingly become slaves to the system and the banks. They're either peer pressured, greedy, materialistic, or don't know better, in any case it's not anyone's job to fix that for them. They made a choice to not get educated for a high-paying job, so they suffer the consequences; they chose to get deep in debt and they pay for that too

And on the other hand, finding a job that makes you happy and sparks your interest is one of the most fulfilling things you can do. If you're smart about it, you can live a pretty decent life cuz you're not in a shithole country, but most people are willingly staying dumb as a rock

No, he died. My mom is old too.

they hate us because crypto NEETs are like lottery winners. We make more money than wagecucks by doing basically nothing all day, playing vidya and shitposting. Well, me at least

You sound like you read this book.
Not a bad thing.


sometimes I feel like I want to pursue "muh career" and fall into the rat race

at the same time, I feel like if I looked at it in a different perspective I could dedicate myself to it and be happy.

Some shit just needs to be done, I like what I do now, but I don't work 80 hours a week. I guess I'm still deciding if I want a "career" or to dick off in free time

leisure activities are great and all but sometimes I wonder if I would feel unproductive

or I don't know if I'm gonna have a family n want to spend time with them making that my passion.

at this point I'm just chilling and putting money into crypto.

I spent a few months unemployed wauting for security clearance before my first job, it was fucking awful honestly. You feel like shit because you run out of will to do anything in the first weeks.

yeah this. even if I make it in crypto I'm keeping my job. just don't know if I want to go higher because inevitably that's going to lead to 45hr weeks minimum where as now I have been getting away with 40hour weeks comfy.

granted, in these jobs the extra hours will be more rewarding and interesting, however still not sure if I give a fuck enough about working on interesting projects than playing vidya or lifting

That's why we need to write an alternative story

>Go to uni during the time in your life where getting some experiences is not a bad idea, you're still young so uni keeps you from fucking up your life too badly at this point
>do free internship because you like the career you're pursuing and at this point money is not an issue YET
>Get out of school and find job
>Quickly realize every wagecuck meme is true to some extent
>Start doing sidehusstles at the thing you're passionate about.
>Make some money on ebay, make some money doing wedding photography or somethin else.
>Slowly reduce the workhours at your job
>Do even more side-husstle
>Realise you can live comfy for not that much
>Make plans to buy home with couple other mates who are redpilled
>Buy house together, keep it clean, have fun, encourage eachother to be ambitious.
>Everyone finds his own way, some do more wagecucking than other's but that's okay.
>Someone wants to move out
>rents out the room for passive income
>Start building company with the guys who are left
>Quit wagecuck job completely
>Spend your days with your mates working together for a better future every day.
Fast forward
>Your mates are now your family
>Visit mate uncle Thomas' mansion with your 2 kids
>Your kids play in the yard with the kids from all the mates who assembled here for the summer.
>BBQ, laugh with the kids, go hiking, swap wives
>Everything is possible at great mate uncle Thomas mansion and you'll be back every year with the kids.

Something like this is what i will do.

you dumb fuck, not everyone has parents willing to support them. And also after a certain age (mid to late 20s) living with your parents becomes hell

Kinda doing this. Wagecucked for 6 years in a big firm but moving to a startup in 2 weeks which has 40% yoy growth right now.

Consists of a bunch of banterlads in their late 20s early 30s instead of a bunch of 50 year old HR roasties.

His parents pay the bills and all other living expenses of course. NEETs have zero concept of expenses.

That's what they keep saying on r/buttcoin. "You won the lottery". "So what? You're still an asshole. White trash people who won the lottery don't get pussy like self-made successful people who work hard." Normies are literally slaves to the pussy. They literally think that EVERYTHING in life revolves around pussy (that's also one thing I hate about /r9k/ desu, which used to be my home board until I got into crypto). This is why they are slaves to Mr. Shekelstein.

Once you realize that they all want Chad and all that matters is your self-preservation, I stopped giving a shit about living for other people. And took advantage of the fact that my dad wasn't gonna kick me out. And what do you know? I got a good haul from this crypto thing.

I haven't had sex in a year, my last time was with a prostitute who was literally disgusted with me, and not long after I went MGTOW Monk Mode, I started to get good at crypto trading. It's like giving up pussy allowed me to focus on something more productive and then I achieved my dream of escaping wage cuck slavery. I've made enough so that I don't have to work for years. I hope to one day make "fuck you money" off crypto so that I NEVER have to work again.

It's not slavery.
What is slavery is the central bank which destroys the value of the money you get working.


It's cars. At least in Australia. Normies are fucking obsessed with cars. They integrate their favourite car/ car they own as a foundational component of their identity. They tank their finances for vehicles and bullshit.

I don't really understand it. I know some tradesmen who work 6 days, physical, draining work, but instead of using the money to buy their freedom they spend it on vehicles--boats, jetskis, massive fucking utes with trailers & surfboards--only to have barely any time to enjoy them.

Middle class competitive thinking is a disease. At least lucky rich cunts get to enjoy the products they buy. Dudes around me tank their finances so they can commute to their cuck job in a big shiny ute.

I think working is good for your health. 20-25 hours of labour a week, in a non-toxic non-cuck position, is ideal. It's just baffling how a person could condemn themself to a lifetime of wagecuckoldry just to impress some dumb lads & roasties.

Same here in UK. You see 18 year old faggots that work as a shelf stacker driving brand new fucking BMW 1 Series which eats up 60% of their monthly wageslave salary, and they are only paying the first 3 years of depreciation before a balloon payment which 99% don't pay and give the car back and start a new cycle.

Yeah I have a practical small dick Japanese sedan. I don't need anything more than that. It gets me from Point A to Point B quickly. And you'll get a ticket for going more than 20% over the speed limit on city streets so there's no need for a sports car.

I would much rather be frugal and save my money to buy my freedom rather than spend it on bullshit.

I'm the type of person that feels guilty about spending money on fast food even. lol. But in the grand scheme of things, it's far fucking cheaper than buying a Lambo or a BMW. And the fast food, while expensive compared to a home-cooked meal, provides satiety and is pleasing to the pallet. A Lambo is just to impress gold digging roasties who only love Chad anyway. What the fuck do you need a Lambo for? Only for a cop to pull you over and give you a ticket for speeding. Driving a lambo in the winter sucks too.

Attorney wage slave here. The "rich lawyer" stereotype is largely a myth. There are about a hundred wealthy attorneys in my europoor shithole and most of them have made their money through shady means.

Waging my life away is painful as fuck and I wish to start a business of my own, but how do you do that without a starting capital? Tbh I hate my profession and would like to get out of it asap.

How fucked am I if I quit my slave job and get into crypto now, considering that I have some knowledge of economics and finance?

back to red-dit, faggot

Lol, every NEET has the same personality. They think they're humble but they're not. They think they're frugal but they're not. They think they're better than the , but they're not. They exploit other people unscrupulously (their family or the few friends they might have) in the same way as the bosses exploit their employees. They think they have a unique perspective, but they don't. They're just staying in their comfort zones their whole lives (or until their parents pass away). They're just fucking avoiding reality.

Depends on the business. A personal brand like business doesn't even need start capital. If you're not planning to go into mass-production what do you need capital for? Think of something smart you brainlet.

wageslaving is harsh but I see it as an investment. The idea is to wagecuck myself as hard as possible for ~8-9 years so I can learn heaps before I turn 30.

With the experience gained from 9 years of wagecuckery I can then start moving up the ladder confidently or start my own venture

This. I have a fucking Clio, a train pass and that's it. In fact I realised lately that my gf and I didn't even spend half our salary every month with our lifestyle.

Lmao dude. Don't you want to live a little?

I get where you're coming from: wagecucks give a bad rep to working. Most people think the best they can get in life is slaving away at some bullshit desk job, so they can have enough money to spend on pointless distractions like going out in search of casual hookups and music festivals.

But you do realize it's untenable to live in your mom's house for the rest of you life, right? You have to secure a future for yourself, and that means interacting with clown world and carving some position in it that allows you to do something you find fulfilling, and hopefully, sufficiently remunerative. I mean, as much as reality sucks, you can't avoid it forever.

opposite problem - have capital but no ideas for a business.

help me anons help

There will be no golden egg after 8-9 years. Its an arbitrary value you placed in the future to avoid having to deal with it now.
It's called imposter syndrome, you are afraid to come of as someone who hasn't deserved his place yet.

Start finding opportunities now. if you haven't moved up in 8 years you will not suddenly feel confident to do it then. You will think:
>just a couple more years then Im ready
>Oke just one more year
> Maybe i need another 6 months before I can do it.

Don't fall for this trap user. Start now.

I already have, actually. I abandoned my passion for drawing when I decided to go to law school.

So I'm going for a graphic/conceptual design business. It will be kinda hard until I get the hang of it and win over a few clients. Building a portfolio out of nothing might take a few years however. In the meantime I'll freelance my ass as an conceptual artist or illustrator and use my legal knowledge to (hopefully) NOT get fucked.

Building a portfolio out of nothing? user you must surely be delusional. All professional respected artist have been building their portfolio throughout their lives.
Everyone i've heard who is waiting for his portfolio to be good enough one day has never ever made it.

You are right about still working those hours. even if we make it i still recommend people work a casual or part time job for that routine and social interaction.

That's easy - literally buy other people's ideas. Invest into new prospective ventures by creative people and negotiate a percent of future profits as a consideration. You need to be careful with the businesses you pick though.

You do realize that society would pretty much collapse if people weren't doing wagecuck jobs, right? Normies don't want to work at Walmart or flip burgers. But they have to, because it's the only way to have enough money to live for most of them.

ITT people who live with thier parents who wage cucked all thier lives to own a house and spend pocket money and made $1000 imaginary gains for a week before it drops down and they lose all thier gains and go back to shit posting ICOs


Who the fuck said we need Walmart and McDonalds?

>. And the fast food, while expensive compared to a home-cooked meal, provides satiety and is pleasing to the pallet.
Sergey, is that you?

Well, I'm not a professional artist. Yet.

I can't really build an artist's portfolio out of my legal work now, can I? I do keep a lot of the illustrations I've made and the freelancing should prove beneficial.

Veeky Forumsfags who repeat the "you have to go all in RIGHT FUCKING NOW or you'll never gonna make it" should be gassed. Apparently you have no concept of time and the amount thereof required for something to work out.

How do you think your mom got all that stuff for you? wage cucking or cock sucking

I have $170k USD in savings and I feel guilty about spending money on fast food. I really don't understand how people can spend all their money every month and have nothing left over.

Where? Everyone I know is a retarded wage-cuck.

>Be me
>Generally talentless, did well at school but feel for the uni meme
>Dropped out, got an apprenticeship as a carpenter recently
>Shit was awful
>Now unemployed, seeing all this shit about how people make mad money and I'm too much of a retard to understand it

how the fuck do you guys learn this stuff. I hate the idea of wagekeking but I don't really have any marketable skills or exceptional intelligence. What do I even do now? My only options feel like joining a shitty company and keking for the next 20 years or doing warehouse work, building up a load of money and living month to month not giving a fuck.

Wanna do business together? I get the ideas, you provide start-up cash.

I've already lost money on Veeky Forums so I may as well double down

[email protected]

I await a fleecing.

I'll definitely mail you later, dude. Gotta wageslave a bit of my life right now, but count me interested.

because poor people are fucking retards who should NOT be allowed to reproduce. my parents included.

>DUDE we have a 500k mortgage, cant take care of ourselves, dont possess a modecomcy of wisdom, jobs hanging on by a thread - lets have 3 kids lmao!

financial literacy is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing to have in life and society has been constructed in a way that not only starves them of the basic wisdom but PURPOSELY feeds its citizens disinformation to keep them in the rat race.

Im not too sure about 'human history', but modern society in particular in its entirety is a social-economic conglomerate ponzi scheme and the poor(average people) are the cogs that keep the machine going

average people keep pumping out kids and the nihilistic, soulless cycle continues forever

Maybe you don't need it but a lot of people want it.

literally this.

Because the Jews have conditioned us to want to spend all our money. People get their paycheck and their first thought is to buy a new toy or useless gadget, when they could make a smart investment with it and get closer to an early retirement and a life of relaxation. It’s not uncommon for someone to make six figures, yet be in debt and have no savings in the bank. Then after years of wagecucking and constant spending, they think it’s the only way to live and can’t imagine any other way. This is why your average normie won’t ever care about crypto or any other asset, they don’t see any point in money other than to be spent.

You do know this is a meme right?
>I'm 'The Idea guy'

Never said you have to go all in. Ever thought about working on that 'artist' portfolio in the weekends maybe?
I study business economics and I do 3D work on the side, my portfolio has been ever evolving and I've never had a moment where I thought i was unable to do artist work because my portfolio wasn't 'right' yet lol. Just find the workt hat fits your skill level, small design work for your mom who will then recommend you to your uncles' start-up who will then recommend you to their customers, who will by then think you're a legit professional.
Fake it till you make it nigger, waiting is not gonna help.

You realise this crypto market is insane and the gains could end literally at any moment.

This is not sustainable income my dude

Your dad is making a lot of sense tbqh

My dude, one day you will lose everything in a popping bubble and you are going to be a poorfag without skills. What will happen that day ?

If you're serious, localbitcoins

Once you have decent rep you're g2g

You realize we have about an year or two left until the government kikes go full "shut it down" mode and initiate effective steps to regulate crypto, right? Crypto definitely has a future, but not the kind you're hoping for.

>perks too like unlimited vacation
You know they did plenty of studies debunking that bullshit right? As in, the jobs where "unlimited vacation" was offered no one was able to actually take any vacation time.

Graphic designers are probably some of the biggest wage slave cucks there are. And definitely get a lot less respect than scumbag lawyers.

Do not contact this faggot, lol

"The idea guy"

Just look at all these pussy neets here. Worthless cunts that think highly of themselfs.

Just look the threads when your shitcoin goes down the drain amd tell me again how you are not emotionally and mentally attached to it.

Seriously just fucking kill yourself at that point.

>still living with his 'wealthy' mom
>probably still virgin or paid for sex
>never have to work because his mom is 'wealthy'

Some people didn't have a nice start in their lifes like you did. What did you accomplish? Did you create a successful bussines? Do you have anything you are proud of? Does your mom ties your laces in your shooes as well?

Work for many people is fun and fulfilling.
Giving one's life a purpose is rewarding.

Real talk, brother

People allow rich people to get away with it because they've been told (by rich people) that most rich people 'work hard' and 'deserve it.' And some do. But most richies only put in as much as the average joe (and are in the same boat, just on a different level) and some do fuck all. Because we're all human. But those in power put richie on a pedistal and normies hate it when someone like them can move to their level without sacrificing everything to make the normie feel better about being mediocre. Because that's why poorfags consume. It numbs them of the pain of actually living, because living is suffering and triumphing despite the cost.

Hurrrrrrrrr plebbit

Better eat breakfast quick or mr noseberg will be upset you're 5 min late

This ngl

>do free internship because you like the career you're pursuing and at this point money is not an issue YET

Getting an internship is a meme because the competition is absolutely insane. I've asked 100s of places to work for free and they never gave me a chance because 1) not a chad and 2) not a woman

>Get out of school and find job

need job for experience. need experience for job. same as above

>Start doing sidehusstles at the thing you're passionate about.

kek. this is only possible if you are living with your parents or have enough savings to take risks. Who is going to pay $800 in rent every month to Mr ShekelBerg if you're busy "following your passion"?

>need job for experience. need experience for job. same as above
That's a bullshit excuse honestly. I got hired two weeks after finishing eng school.

>need job for experience. need experience for job. same as above

biggest cope in the book. every person i've heard say this is always a loser. i got a comfy internship with a massive company when i was 19, straight out of high school, by talking my way into it and being assertive.

its not just a boomer meme, if your not assertive and cant build charisma, you may as will kill yourself because you stand no chance in life

>I've asked 100s of places to work for free and they never gave me a chance because 1) not a chad

oh sorry user, i didnt read this part

You have a defeatist mindset. Im sorry for you user.

>Focussing on the outcome instead of his own efforts and values.

>Society as a whole can't function without "wageslaves"

systems are continually becoming more efficient and downward moving. at some point, nobody will have to 'work'

y not?

>everything in his life is provided by mommy
>why do people work?

This won't happen before long, you'll be dead alone by that point.


People consider "neet" (imo if you invest and make cash you aint a real one) below them but the classic rich person far above out of their league. So they don't compete with the rich in their mind but they do have to do better than the useless neet. When the neet suddenly outperforms them then it's them clearly losing cause in their mind they could never be the rich one but they should be able to beat the neet. Thus when the neat beats them envy occurs and they think it's pure injustice.

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>living at home with mom
yeah you guys made it

lmao who needs doctors and farmers like just heal yourself and grow your own plants lmao like buy a few cows

>and why do normies want to move out so young? Is moving out, buying a car and home really worth years of slavery to them?

SJWs and leftists actually have actually been super critical of this in a lot of academic circles and shit. like really why DO people feel the imperative to move out (or why do their parents kick them out)? it's because it comes from a cultural narrative that loves pushing capitalism on everyone, when realistically you could afford to earn a lot less (or even nothing at all) if you all lived together indefinitely. I think if there was less cultural stigma about it, a ton of people would forgo having children in favour of staying home and not working and living with their parents

except the vast majority of wagecucks aren't doing the work of doctors or farmers, they're bureaucratic paper pushers or waitresses - people doing jobs that could and should be entirely automated