Dating Asian women

is dating asian women a better investment than dating white women?

Which of the two has better returns specifically /business/ and /financially/ speaking?

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Despite what racists will tell you. Theres fucking none. I mean, there could be rich white girl providers and there could be rich asian girl providers. There could be asian girls that spend a lot of your money on make up, cars, and vacations and there could be a white girl who spends your money on make up, cars, and vacations. There are asian girls who do investing and manage the house finances. And there are white girls who do investing and do the house finances. There are asian girls that will make you pay on first date and there are white girls wholl make you pay on the first date.

this is the truth. just wanted to get it before a bunch of racists who had experience with maybe 5 or 10 girls of each race spread lies.

wait im confused why would a racist fuck a girl of another race?

unless it was rape, in which case hot if you're the girl i guess.

in a fun fetish way not a serious rape like on the street i should clarify.

>bawww racists
>race isn't real
>there aren't any racial differences in personality traits

lmao you people are hilarious

>muh racism

you do realise mixed race children suffer all kinds of health/psychological problems?

>dating someone from a foreign insect hive mind-like culture and expecting you to get on amicably with no issues whatsoever

Westernised asians = god tier
Gook asians = shit tier

Western white women = shit tier
Eastern white women = god tier, not East Slavs (Russians, Belarussians or Ukrainians) because they suffer from insect hive mind like existence like Asians do, however Polish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian, Czech, Slovak, ex-Yugoslavian bitches = GOD TIER

Stop talking puny white man.

! this is important

I dated one for 9 years, they're fucking obsessed with status, clothes, money and other trivial shit. in reality they're like every other girl. there isn't a unicorn in this pile with the exception of a few outliers, but everything else has that. you will be a strange oddity within their family and be spoke about in hushed tones because you're not "their" race. it's fucking annoying. I got sick of the materialistic shit and nagging. tread carefully anons, it isn't greener on that side, unicorns don't exist. stay true to your crypto and career, not these thots that toss you out.

I just cannot imagine any white "men" going along with this shit on college campuses

Polish are known throughout Europe as whores. You don't know what you're talking about. Surprise.

you'd be surprised. gen z might be based but gen y was full of bearded castrated male feminist creeps harvey weinstein style

my german friend said despite appearing based, polish people are quote "like jews"

and another german laughed and agreed.

whats up with that?

I agree, this is obviously true to anyone who’s lived a bit.

but culture makes a huge difference right? like they cant be exactly equal thats horseshit.

If you aren't on par with their mental capacity, she'll get fed up with you pretty quickly. This is the source of "crazy bitches" meme.

Imagine dealing with a high income oaf and having to treat him nice despite him being on a intellectual level of a cabbage relative to you. Don't confuse them being nice to you with genuine attraction.

>just wanted to get it before a bunch of racists who had experience with maybe 5 or 10 girls of each race spread lies.
>I just wanted to give my uneducated opinion before people with actual experience tell their story

just go MGTOW and hire asian escorts in your 20's, 30's and early 40's, if you get rich when you are in your 40's move to thailand and get a young whore to look after you for cheap until you die, otherwise keep going MGTOW.


i still dont understand why someone a western country would move to a third world shithole

Find a girl who loves you!

To be an object of upward social hierarchy mobility for whores. It's similar to when one dates much younger women or ones from relatively smaller cities.

Polish people are better than Germans though so who cares.



at least she gets to use my big cock though right?

this is good advice for Veeky Forums!! thank you!

If Uncouth 'Yellow fever' retards want an Asian girl cuz they want to play out their colonial fantasies or cuz of stereotypes, they would be handing the win to the Asiatic race.
Firstly, their offspring will not be accepted by either community.
Their offspring will look ambiguous, most of the time or completely Asian.
So ultimately these selfish selfish people will just dilute their own bloodline. filling our countries with maladjusted mutts and less and less actual people

Then What about the Asian Bachelor?
Well, there are more than enough young Asian Pussy to go around in Asia.
They already got the pick of the crop.
If they are too socially-inept or simply too incompetent to get any, then they don't get to contribute to the genepool

White supremacists all have Asian wives

Are they not racist against asians?


The neckboards on this beard can't get somebody to love their lardy bodies

This isn't hard. Germans are scum.

i think attractive asian women are very materialistic and manipulative. i have a few female asian friends who are IG models/ import models that are mentally unstable. im talking about daddy issues, vanity, fake, etc... a lot of baggage. they really love expensive things such as louis vitton everything, expensive music festivals such as coachella/EDC, and expensive restaurants. unless you have the income to support that lifestyle i would not recommend. they spend a lot of money and will always be on their phone at social events rather than socializing with people. again, this is for the really hot asian girls, but find a down to earth above average girl from a normal family and you wont have this issue. cant speak about white girls since i can never get them to like me

this literally doesnt make sense. if you are racist it generally means you wont get even have friends not your own race letalone a wife.

>its racist to date other races
wtf lol

Show a single comparable factor where polish people are better then germans

>Are they not racist against asians?
they dislike asian men. nerdy white guys pretty much all think asian women are their property, and men of other races are competitors. in the beta white males mind, even asian men shouldn't be allowed to be with their own races women.

imagine a white sexpat going into asia and getting a self-hating asian trophy wife, all the while he's making racist "jokes" about asian males. then this loser gets children, who'll be mentally fucked up because their father is literally trash, genetically and mentally. the sons go on to be mentally ill betas like elliot rodger, and the daughters grow up to be white-worshipping sluts who, while being half-asian themselves, completely hate asian and other half asian men, continuing the cycle of her parents.

just another reason why white men should stick to their own race, like true white supremacists are doing. the ones who get asian wives aren't even really white supremacists, they're just hedonists with sour grape syndrome, settling for a asian girl with white fever instead of getting with the white girls that he jerks off to on TV.

>cant speak about white girls since i can never get them to like me
funny you posted this while i was typing out the paragraphs above. this is exactly my point.

you are wrong though. fake white supremacists (majority of /pol/) think its okay when white men race mix with other races women. they only get angry when "their" precious white women get with black/asian guys. its the epitome of white male conquest. just see this comic, this is the mindset of 99% of white guys with asian women.

one takes the arab dick one doesn't how hard is this to understand

>fake white supremacists (majority of /pol/) think its okay when white men race mix with other races women.

have you ever considered that they arent really racists then and theres actually nothing wrong with them and that you're just being an idiot?

actual racists dont date outside their race.

by the way your reply to the other guy here is fantasy. it sounds like you're a delusional r/hapas or r/asianmasculinty oddball.

real asian men dont think like you guys do.

for some reason WMAF kids tend to be more mentally unstable such as Elliot and self-hating their heritage. the most succesful people are AMWF or BMWF like Obama. these people have alpha type role models for dads which builds a strong and healthy relationship for their children. asian guys such as bruce lee, jeremy lin, john cho, glenn from walking dead, harry shum jr. alpha males regardless of race

though i dont doubt you in part this seems silly to say as there are hardly any wfam couples and hardly any wfbm couples have successful kids. usually theyre shit.

i will add as a disclaimer that my sister is married to an asian guy. but its only half a disclaimer as the kids she made are cunts.

Racial differences are real, cultural differences are real, why would you assume that it isn't?

One will give you white children one will not. It’s that simple.

The kids in this pic really crack me up.

b-b-but hitler said asians were ok..

He did though, he called Japanese and Chinese "honorary aryans" and considered them to be equals to germans

im not even sure if hitler was racist desu senpai. he was kind to black people he just wanted a homeland and to stop being fucked over by the jews.

all went to shit didnt it? the good guys lost.

being white doesnt mean shit. come to any major city in california and you will be a minority. mixed kids are where its at. lots of casts are looking for artists and models of mixed heritage. look at bruno mars, keanu reeves ne-yo all huge celebs with net worth of over 200 mil and are part asian

>for some reason
that reason being you're a blue-pilled faggot who confuses jews for whites (rodgers' father is one, same with the rich facial abuse chick)
ashkenazi jews have three times the propensity for mental illness and a culture of submission towards women, throw in an imported gold-digger chinese wife and is it a wonder their kids grow fucked up?

I think everyone was racist at that time, including Hitler.
He did however appear to be over the top anti-semitic.

i think he means longer long term. saving the white race from extinction.

non racist here you can look it up, white people have a higher percentage of geniuses born.

we also have more peaceful and productive cultures, which are at the moment resulting in our extinction.

humans will never get off this planet if white people die off. the reason? the easy resources have already been mined. a new civilization can't get to this point again from scratch if civilization completely disappears.

this seems set to happen, we have a parasite and its about to kill the host.

>though i dont doubt you in part this seems silly to say as there are hardly any wfam couples and hardly any wfbm couples have successful kids. usually theyre shit.

its still early, asians are one of the latest immigrants to come to America.. if you come to socal there are many asian guys with white girls in orange county. it's only the beginning and in 10 years once asian men become mainstream in media it will be more 'acceptable ' and most of these guys are the first to graduate college yet are primed to make over 6 figures. i have many friends who already make 6 figures straight out of college...

lmao, this is the dumbest meme from r/hapas. amwf kids are as pathetic as Elliot in real life.

Fuck you and fuck California. Dirty kike

Just get a bf where you're the girl in the relationship.

asian women will stab you while you sleep because you left the toilet seat up.

they are psychotic savages. avoid.

they think they will be rewarded with sex if they go along with it

white race wont go extinct..there's always europe. there are just as many geniuses born in China and Japan... Japan has all the high tech and the lowest crime rates in the world... USA cant even have vending machines around major cities nor can they implement vending machines to take orders or high tech toilets that spray water. asians make up 4% of the us population yet most of them make 6 figures... i think its safe to say that most white people fear the threat of more succesful minorities. also, in 50 years mexicans and asians combined will match the population of whites. the first settlers were british whites but they wont be the last

well, while its good if we're on equal footing i wouldn't fool yourself into thinking its good if you get to have an advantage based on success.

also i wouldn't expect too much. it may turn out that people dont like to mix, with white men and asian women being the exceptions due to looks?

>in 50 years
Yet you talk as if it’s already happened. We’ll see what happens kike. Nothing is set in stone.

Weakling unworthy of an asian qt detected

you are right i hope china and japan can do well if we cant and save humanity. or that we can both do well together. i spoke to japanese salarymen who are more interested in helping white people survive than white people are lol. the love is mutual between smart white people and smart east asians.

europe though, man you need to read the news, they cant even call their own countries white countries anymore and theyre flooded with immigrants from africa and other countries.

europe wont be around long. you can call it a victory, i wouldn't.

it didnt happen but it will happen, many research cases already done.

>Non-Hispanic whites will remain the largest racial or ethnic group in the overall population but will become less than a majority, the projections show. Currently 62% of the population, they will make up 46% of it in 2065. Hispanics will be 24% of the population (18% now), Asians will be 14% (6% now) and blacks will be 13% (12% now).

The U.S. electorate already is more diverse than ever, and the projected demographic changes would produce a rising share of non-white potential voters. One important factor is the rising age of the second generation – people born in the U.S. to at least one immigrant parent. Currently, a large share is not yet eligible to vote. This group’s median age is 19, meaning half are younger and half are older. But by 2065, their median age will be 36, according to the new projections.

The projected rise of Asians as the nation’s largest immigrant group has its own implications, among them potentially increased education levels. Among immigrants who arrived within the past five years, Asians already outnumber Hispanics, in part because of a sharp recent drop in immigration from Mexico. This slowed Hispanic immigration also will have a longer-term impact: In 2065, Asians will outnumber Hispanics among all immigrants – 38% to 31%. (Today those shares are 26% and 47%.)


>not man enough to handle a strong warrior wife who would even stab you for toilet seat

why live?

yeah i believe if usa and east asians can work together, so much can be done to improve infrastructure.. both have the brains and capitals. just gotta settle their differences and work together. yeah its pretty unfortunate, my sister's bf went to Sweden recently and said all the uber drives are from Muslim countries. a lot of refugees from the middle east.. will be sad that they won't be as many blonde hair blue eyed people bc thats what they were known for

>mulattos are successful because muh obama

Holy shit dude you are retarded

You mean the westernized Asians that act like Jewish princesses?

You're a retard

Obama's black dad:

>Barack Hussein Obama Sr. (/ˈbærək huːˈseJn oʊˈbɑːmə/;[7][8] 18 June 1936[2] – 24 November 1982) was a Kenyan senior governmental economist and the father of Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States. He is a central figure of his son's memoir, Dreams from My Father (1995). Obama married in 1954 and had two children with his first wife, Kezia. He was selected for a special program to attend college in the United States and studied at the University of Hawaii. There, Obama met Stanley Ann Dunham, whom he married in 1961, and with whom he had a son, Barack II. She divorced him three years later.[9] The elder Obama later went to Harvard University for graduate school, where he earned an M.A. in economics, and returned to Kenya in 1964. He saw his son Barack once more, when the boy was about ten.

again alpha male regardless of race. went to Harvard university and was a government economist... sorry that your sorry of a dad wasn't as successful. sounds like you are in denial.

No way that will work when you have morons like , calling the other party an 'insect hive mind'

good bait

>You mean the westernized Asians that act like Jewish princesses?

i laughed at this comment LOL. it is true. most asian american women are pretty entitled because they read online that they are the most desired in online dating apps like tinder.. which is a horseload of bullshit. our job is to not put these asian pussies on a pedestal. treat them like you would with any girl. we as men are far more superior and dominant... if they hit you with that please daddyyy shit tell them to fuck off and make you a sandwich

maybe it would be easier on everyone if you yourself stuck to reddit.

real world might hurt your eyes. wouldnt want that.

The Witcher 3 probably makes up for half of Poland's gdp lol
It's one of those meme countries like Belgium that should be repartioned again

Your kids will look like you or your kids will look like chink weaklings? Hmm, tough decision..


I have a westernized Japanese woman. Marrying her. Phat ass too and in shape and really chill. Feel lucky desu

We beat your ass in ww2 so he’s being salty. But poles received the shit end of the stick in history so much that we are kind of jaded about it. We lack a certain level of national positive outlook. Therefore on a national level we don’t try and improve ourselves as much as day Germans do.

Imagine you were this mad that you had no argument at all.