Daily reminder that bitcoin is tulip mania 2.0

daily reminder that bitcoin is tulip mania 2.0

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Except it's a revolutionary technology, while tulip has no intrinsic value. Nice try pajeet. You'll never make it

tulip mania never happened brainlet

Their time will come.

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You say daily but I really don't see you that often. Is it because I'm not just on Veeky Forums when you make your threads?

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Can you explain the similarities? Tulips can be easily reproduced, causing a major increase in supply. Can bitcoin be reproduced?

Sticking to the tulips analogy, we can reproduce infinite amount of tulip kinds, but within a certain sort of tulip can we have fixed numbers of its bulbs

you can grow more tulips
you can't grow more bitcoins

You can easily fork Bitcoin yourself.
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This is how it all ends...

tulips rot away. bitcoin doesn't.
bitcoin's more like the art market and its million dollar paintings. not a lot of utility, except for the wealthy to easily trade as an asset

Its still not a fair comparison to bitcoin which has a finite amount.

the forks don't have the acceptance and price discovery history of bitcoin. forks are treated as shitcoins

Yes you can, and everyone will tell you to go fork yourself with that fork.


Bitcoin finite supply is a fake artificial limit that can be easily fixed by software upgrade.

Gold finite supply is real physical limit.

What makes a person save images like this and post them on an anonymous image board?

so kids on steam value skins and crate drops on steam matter how stupid it is. people buy stuff on p2w iOS games. bitcoin is trying to be the equivalent for the wealthy.

Everlasting thirst for productive discussion, I suppose.

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>Trying to derail and forumslide
>muh moralist opinons
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You'll never make it - now fuck off.

Not sure where to ask, but how do i find my walet's public address?

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post the private key and we'll look into it

They will not divide us

How do i get the private key?

Theoretically, why would they increase the supply of bitcoin knowing it woild lower the value? Its not like some random farmer going to plant tulips on his property.

I don't know why I'm falling for this.

Don't post your private key nowhere ever.

I am following a tutorial to find out my private key so i can put it into another wallet but the tutorial says that i need the public key to generate the private key
and i don't know how to get either of them

if you don't have your seed phrase, or any of your keys your coins are lost FOREVER

I have a wallet.dat file but it's several years old, i managed to find it on an old back up add so i want to see how many coins are there using a fast wallet because the one i downloaded will take like 20 years to download the block chains

Why is this /r9k/ tier trigger bait bullshit still here?

Just sharing while discussing the retarded comparison of tulip mania to bitcoin.

you have to use that, (the core client) because that's the only one the wallet.dat is 100% compatible with. then you unlock it with your password, hope you remember it

I have no password set, it already loaded the .dat file, but it is taking super long to download the block chain, is there any way to get the private key without downloading the whole chain?

you don't know jack shit about biology or about how tulips are propagated. go home.

then it's not bitcoin idiot

too advanced for me you'll have to look around to see if you could do a wallet dump or download a bunch of wallet clients like electrum to see if you can import it in. good luck

gold finite supply can be fixed by mining more gold, show me evidence that bitcoin supply is going to be increased - you cant

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