Strategy (High Risk)

Hey guys,
I will be sharing a trading strategy that anybody with a sub $100 portfolio should be doing.
As you probably know, there is no point at all 'hodling' with anything under at least $500, as you will gain way too slow. (However, if you were going to hodl with a low amount of money, put it all in one coin, rather than diversifying.)
On Cryptopia, sort the coins by % increase and watch the percentages. This way you will easily be able to see the coins that are increasing in %, as shown in the pic.
Idealy the volume for the coins you pick would be above 5-10, but it seems to be a slow day on cryptopia at the moment.
Once you select a coin, don't be greedy. As you start, aim for small profits such as 10% until you get more comfortable. This is really short term trading (up to an hour) so a 10% profit is great. Once you get more comfortable you can hold for longer.

thanks fampai

Wait so I just buy it and it goes up 10% in an hour? Thanks just bought 100k

Some days, especially when new coins get added, you can see increases of 2000% plus, noobs fomo in so hard and you can legit make 100% in minutes.
Something to keep an eye on.

I could make a video tutorial of me swing trading on cryptopia if people were interested, just so you can learn UI shortcuts etc

But in this scenario would I not be the noob fomoing in hard by buying something that just went up 30%?

You just need to go through the trade history and see if it looks like the price is gradually increasing. I've seen things go from 2000% to like 5000%.
It's more just riding the pump than fomoing, as long as you dont get greedy.

Are you strictly waiting for 10% rise and not watching charts?

Also at what % loss do you jump out if it goes south

Please do!

This only works if you're trading fuck all. Good luck doubling your lunch money.

This is just a quick example of last time I was doing this a couple of weeks ago.
All of these trades were holding for 5-15 mins.

I'm very interested. Can't manage shit on Cryptopia.

As I said, for anyone with around or sub $100.

Ive done this method, rode the pump on DGD and BCD, made a few hundred in an hour.. I set myself a target amount of dollars I want to hit before I get out, also set myself a dollar amount that I call my low and sell at if the pump is slowing/price dropping dramatically.

>also set myself a dollar amount that I call my low and sell at if the pump is slowing/price dropping dramatically

I do the same.

A little youtube tutorial would be loved or idk, Discord?

yes please

For example, if I entered at 100 and the price is 110
I would have a sell order ready for ~107 and if the price starts falling and I think it will continue I just cut my losses.
I keep bumping up the number, for example if it gets to 120, I will have a sell order ready for 115.
Nothing wrong with a 15% profit

Do you actually need to research the coin or just fomo in if its doing well?

Did this on HXX yesterday, I'm still holding around 500 since it's at an extremely low market cap and has a low circulating supply + master nodes about to be released but Cryptopia is a nice place to make quick money. Feels nice earning half a months wage in a few hours.

No research

Oh and also did this with ADST a month ago. Both were super low market cap shills on Veeky Forums and both were trading on Cryptopia. That seems to be a good indication of an incoming moon.

Thx for sharing. So if I am not wrong, (considering it's a slow day for Cryptopia) I would pick also HC which as 3.01 of volume and 18.18% of growth. Right?

But how are you choosing coins? Isnt the possibilty that it will go straight down also the same as going up when dealing with shitcoins?

In fact he told us it's very high risk and I guess if you have a 10% loss just drop the shit out

that volume is too low, the last trade was 25 mins ago

I'm swing trading on polo.
Should I move to cryptopia?

This is incredibly high risk, don't play around with large sums of money. Be ready to pull out within minutes even if you make 5-10%, if you do this enough it can become profitable but always take profits ASAP with this method.

Makes sense. Cheers

Keep in mind that trading like this will mean that doing your taxes will be a nightmare not even Kafka could've dreamed.

Not sure about other countries, but in Australia there is no tax if your crypto is under 10k.
So this would have no impact.

powr ledger? Thoughts

how stupid are people to tell everyone their trading strategy. it just means people here will break the pattern by emulating it.

>under $500
youre off by a two entire magnitudes there