Never forget

1000 EOY




I remember just like it was last week, good times

This meme is pure gold. Saved & moar, pls.



>bagholder cope thread

Top kek
Jews did 7777777, never forget

I hope Sergey is right wing because he's been based as FUCK in every other aspect so far. It's amazing to be on the ground floor of LINK, Sergey didn't need to allow us to invest in this new media paradigm, it would still be successful without such an early ICO and Sergey would top the fucking Forbes list by being able to retain more LINK through to mainnet. Because Sergey is as wise and generous as he is brilliant I think he realized that the economic benefit the masses would realize from being able to participate as venture capitalists was the right thing to do for the world. ~5 years and he will be considered one of the greatest tech visionaries of the 21st century, I wouldn't doubt it if the LINK mainnet outlived Sergey and maybe a few generations of his descendents. Men like Sergey are going to build new mediums that will exist as cornerstones of tech well past our time.

Wow thats a big thumb, why is he making that guy suck it?

You are acting like pic related is a bad thing you fag

it is

Well said marine
>it if the LINK mainnet outlived Sergey and maybe a few generations of his descendents.
However, Sergey and us LINK marines, will live on indefinitely. Even moneyskelly has started donating to rejuvenation biotech research (see SENS.org) and I have this intuition that Sergey is even more farseeing and ambitious.
If my hunch is correct, he'll also be investing in AI and existential risk prevention research, with his billions (or trillions). Sergey and LINK will literally be one of the biggest contributors to a virtuous singularity, and LINK will be there to ensure there is sufficient decentralization, democracy and libertarianism.
Welcome to the future, marines.

1000$ market cap eoy

I was told instant $3 when test main net was released Q1. What happened?

>1000$ market cap eoy

oh man, you don't know wha a market cap is do you?

im not a nigger so i do

>subtle fud
not bad



Can't wait for Sergey to reveal his power level like this.

There's no stopping ChainLink; look at how it, uniquely, is invading other boards:

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>Based in SF
>Retweeted Bernie
>Hires literal cuck

user...it's more important to get rich. Let's not bother with ideological litmus tests.

>Retweeted Bernie
Nothing wrong with that, cuck.


I hate link but this meme is amazing kek


Stinky Linkies have the best memes on Veeky Forums. They have the potential to colonize other boards.

what did i miss

Probably some excerpts from that ChainLink tranny webm.

that guy is hilarious

I admit, I haven't watched that shit. Too bad that I haven't saved it, though. It's splendid postgood propaganda.


the board has reached max autism

By the way, has somebody here the Pink Floyd Dark Side of The Moon LINK cube?

The newest pajeet coin. Because fun, bazinga coin and req have all failed. This will too.

That’s fucked up

ID color fits the poster, I see.

LINKtards are in for so much rektage.
It will be glorious, praise the twisted will of kek.


On /s/ there is already LINK porn


has anyone made a green wojak link?

There's 1 billion LINK tokens. Even assuming 90% of them get locked up in nodes, that's still 100,000,000 LINK in circulation. With 350m in circulation right now, you have .70c per token give or take. So give it roughly ~x3 value for supply, and allow for x10-x20 growth over the next 3 years with adoption (generous), and you still only get $20-$40 per LINK.

All this $100-$1000 dollar stuff is delusion for the next decade, let alone EOY.


user pls

This is high level fud and i just want to be rich :(

Holy KEK

>idolizing a commie is totally cool in my book
>lol let's trade stocks now

Fucking lol my dude.

The problem is that EOY didn't stand for end of the year, it stood for employee for the year.
Rory is getting a $1,000 EOY bonus.

user, you forgot about swift, tesla and apple


inhale... exhale...


Sergey unironically hates us.

Post proof.


No hatred to see here.


Has it been confirmed to be the right one?

This text made me literally buy LINK for the first time.

get out of the waterbath serGAY

It is well known Steve is left wing. He is the biggest hipster and his Twitter is followed by Obama. Considering they both went to NYU, and where they live. Both are probably rich left, like George Soros

Give that chick a Linkie.