Anyone watching this shit wtf?

anyone watching this shit wtf?

what happening? why the sudden rise?

I forgot this shitcoin existed. People holding this shit are literally the definition of cuck


EZ 10% gain target for 55 EMA, it was oversold AF in 1 HR and just hit oversold on 4 HR so it bounced.

n-no u

Not selling fag. We're in phase 2, selling now is the bottom

it's getting the same treatment as VEN
did you guys notice how after ven pumps and stagnates ICX follows?

projecting $50 makes me wonder why I even think in dollars

ive noticed ven and icx pump :DD

is it alt season yet

Oh look, it's finally mooning like it's supposed to because THE WHALES are sleeping.
No doubt when the whales and bots realize ICX is mooning, they'll try to contain it again with their jewish tricks.

This omg tell me this hnggggggg let my alties freee from big bad beeteesee

nice cuck anime you got there faggot

D-d-did we get GOOK’d on this coin anons? These bags are getting heavy did I get meme’d into a shit coin?

>ICX holder watching darling the cuck
Why doesn't this surprise me

Soon, alt season starts when everyone realizes how high their BTC stack is getting

kek looks like it was another pump and dump

these guys read like bots

> buy @ 3830
> sell @ 3700 after it recovered from a further dip
> buy BCH
> BCH dips immediately, ICX soars

>sold at a loss
you're doing it wrong

I thought it was going to dip harder and stay there for a good month.

you're retarded. stop trading before you lose more.

Do I stay in BCH tho?

Bull flag forming

looks like they lost the argument over the block size debate.. bitcoin had a chance to change the blocksize.... but BCH did it.........

ooh baby, should be good price in a couple of months

you mean he's doing it right? buy high sell low, that's the official Veeky Forums mantra you faggot

>3880 sats



>10% PnD

Source on this site?

Which is worse, getting GOOKed or getting CHINKed?

Seriously, fuck this coin.

it's bleeding again lmao

i bought the btc dip at 7k
went with 70% of my portolio on icx because it was bledding so i thought a recovery was imminent (54k gwei)
i'm literally losing money even if i bought the fucking dip
fuck this shit

Im fucked op. I don't even watch it anymore. Hope exchange gets hacked so I don't have to worry about this fucking piece of shit. Fuck me.

Same desu

Fucking what the fuck is this? You think this will change shit? Sauce

You think I want to hold this shit nigger? Fuck you cunt.

This is one of the most overhyped shitcoins ever, I can only laugh about retards mumbling about korean eth. YOU FAGGOTS GET REKT FOR A REASON.

Looool at all the FUD, these guys just can't wait to buy in at a bargain. Don't give the bad guys your coins. I read this thread earlier on my homepage and they said it's the perfect hodl. This is why I hate you guys, where is the camaraderie? You just want to steal, cheat and deceive your own friends. I listened and bought high and sold low. Now I barely have money left to spend because of all the times I got dumped on. You guys are like my ex, pure liars. Fuck all of you

guys like you were telling us the same at 10usd per ICX. I asked many times what the value of this coin is and why sombody will pay a premium in a few years from now..never got an answer.
Skipped this shitcoin like every pro investor did.
And we did good user.
Now be happy if it goes back up a little and sell fast. I unironically can't believe people are still clinging to this trainwreck of a coin because of confirmation bias and not being able to tell shtcoins from good coins.

This graph physically hurts me

>being this much of a brainlet
it hurts reading.

Each everytime someone explain to you the utility of the coin you fucking ignores it and post the same shit over and over again. im so sick of your shit

and now i cant even dump my ven because for fuck sake it cant even fucking keep the momentum fuck

looks like coinmarketcal on mobile

nvm, desktop. Just the layout of the website

Thank you user who warned me to stay away from this shit a month ago.

Icx great 2019 but ven is 2018

I like fudding this coin but yeah this is going to be top ten eventually. Korean Eth, the mainnet just got overhyped

buy ICON before you regret it - This is how they send messages to their allies in movies / using superbowl for investing.

ICX on coinone is pretty much confirmed at this point. Even if you think it's a shitcoin its still worth holding.

I just watched the annual summit right now and i am disgusted. Not by the content NOPE... by the people watching. I can't even describe what it feels like reading the chat next to the video stream. (dum dump dump, wanna lay that girl, shitcoin, his shirt to tight, MOON, Samsung Samsung, leave stage, hahha this face) could have done hundreds more.

All those comments hurt, because they are just dumb and unprofessional. I would love to see many of these people dump the coin. People like those won't help a project to grow and develop, and you don't need them anyways. Quick buck no-brainers will fall to others of those kind and will delete each other in projects like bitconnect :)

If you saw the Lisk pump this morning you know what will happen when a big Korean Dapp Platform will be listed on Upbit, Coinone and Bithumb. And it will because it is working and Dapps already started building on it. We just needed this confirmation, that projects are working on it and we have it :) This will be great and i am happy that every fudding Idiot will leave this project. Cheers i hope smart people stay.



It has the same type of potential value as any other platform token like ETH or NEO. There's plenty you can read on the different features it has compared to those. They've already established partnerships with companies that will use the token such as Smilegate. So we know some people will be using it, putting it above many platform tokens already.

I don't see why the market cap couldn't rise to NEO's level at least. I don't think "every pro investor" skipped this coin at all, because that would be stupid considering how much it rose from the ICO.