Hey guys I just put some money into REQ but what happens if they burn my tokens?

Hey guys I just put some money into REQ but what happens if they burn my tokens?

They will ask you to print your REQ paper wallet. Then they'll pull out a lighter and that's when you can step in with your hoe called mother.


wtf why would anyone buy tokens that can get burned from your wallet

doesnt make since

i think its over, time to sell pajeet

Are you serious? How can they get away with that? Fuck. Should I sell my 100k before its too late?

where can I return my REQ tokens I don't want them anymore


request a refund sir

This fucking thread... FUDers and samefags.
Sage and hide. Fuck y'all. You can't even give proofs that your tokens will be burnt.

we requested it

can you prove they won't be burnt?

I'm selling this shitcoin. I have family to support. This pajeet scam ruin me.

quick before pajeets burn your coins

YOU are the one who's making a statement. YOU prove it.
>hurr this thing will happen
>uh no? Prove it
>Durr you prove it won't happen!
Fucking retarded.

well that's just like your opinion man

the state of Veeky Forums

you gave a valiant effort

your own thread is gay


What's wrong with you people? Did you sell at 15 Cents?

The chance for your REQ tokens to be burnt is very small (about 2%). You will most likely do fine.

sauce? ive seen its close to 10%, depending on the size of your wallet and the pool it is assigned to

Jesus guys just stop

? people need to know about this. stop trying to scam and get off our board

You just have to accept that those tokens are gone forever and buy more of this scam coin.

You shouldn't keep the coins on your laptop either, the heat from the token burn could damage your CPU.

Exchanges have special liquid nitrogen cooled server rooms to protect your hardware but on short notice you might be able to put your laptop in the freezer if the burn is occuring.

>He hasn't read the whitepaper

lmao they admit that they'll burn your tokens right there enjoy getting scammed

did they say in their last update that they were trying to move to gpu support? i bought 6 amd vega 56 just in case

don't fucking stop the FUD you dumbass do you want to accumulate or not? every little bit helps even if it buys us an extra 10 minutes.

what fud? these are legitimate concerns. serious bizness men are talking here. join if you like but dont label it as fud

my fucking sides

Keep shaking out the weak hands with this FUD guys, you're doing gods work. We don't want those glass hand pajeets getting rich anyway.