Is this guy larping?

is this guy larping?


>having a bookshelf in the garage
what do you think huh?



no, he is in his garage.

You do know he inherited like millions right?


hollywood hills

Those books must stink.

Anyone falling for his scams deserves to lose money.

book of the day

real estate training


If you were fucking rich as fuck would you bother with the shit he does?, because I know I would be enjoying it instead of showing off on the interwebs

>bookshelf in garage

the sadness in his faggy eyes

sup guys todays book of the day is this crazy good book right here called genealogy of morals, so its basically a book that is telling about whats good and whats bad and yeah, how to tell if something is bad hehe i read it in 15mins yesterday, check it out peace, also just bought this new lambo


also this faggot deserves to be killed by fucking cartel and have his heart cut out while still alive

There's like 20 "for dummies" books visible in this picture.

Always thought he was a faggot but decided to give him a try when he was on Impact Nation so decided to atleast listen a bit.

At face value he sounds legit, because he can keep talking non stop he sounds like he has lots of 'experience' and stories.
Once you dig a little deeper you realize all his stories are designed to make him look good and ALWAYS advocate some kind of attractive short-cut to the good life if ONLY you would listen to his advice.
Eventually he talks you into buying his discounted courses for $500.

Absolute repulsive lying scam artist

>reads a book a day
Yeah he's a larping faggot user.


>makes normies think they can get an attractive short-cut in life.

hey guys book of the day is holocaust fact or fiction, really interesting stuff about the genocide industry so i recommend you check that out also picked up a new ferrari today. peace guys

he sits in a chair, its literally his office


Besides the fact that 90% of rich people show off on social media?

What's wrong with that? It's good to learn the basics of something before trying to understand it at an advanced level.

>I can't belive I'm still a virgin

>just keep these books in my garage
>oh and here’s my new lamborghini
>also I’m acting like this is a phone video but it’s really me with a camera on a grip pretending to be a phone so the video seems more personal
>buy my book and you’ll be like me

I love those books, taught myself calculus in like a month and got an A on the clep exam


apparently his net worth is like 4-5 million, so yeah, he's embarrassingly small time

Because they don't belong on a bookshelf with your other shit. "Here's metaphysics by Kant, right next to 'How to Install a Light Bulb for Dummies'."

That's photoshopped

If you watch the H3H3 channel on YouTube, that guy visits Tai at his "mansion", which turns out to be a rental. Go past his lambos which are all on lease contracts. if he has to go somewhere he rides his lambo on a truck and then sends the truck away with the lambo, because otherwise he gets too many miles. :,) this guy is pathetic and owns nothing. even for a larper he is absolute shit.

>if he has to go somewhere he rides his lambo on a truck and then sends the truck away with the lambo, because otherwise he gets too many miles
kek kek kek kek kek kek kek kek kek kek
absolute kekery

you have to go back.

Little piece of shit sociopath.