Femanon here :) Just getting started with crypto. Should I buy this? I heard people talking about it on this board

Femanon here :) Just getting started with crypto. Should I buy this? I heard people talking about it on this board.

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sage this shit larp

Why is your vagina relevant? And no buy Mobius instead, better team by far

Post tits or gtfo

Its a scam and a shitcoin used to scare normies away from real good use cases and partnerships like Tron

When everyone is talking about something it’s the worst time to buy.

Now that you learned something, being a grill you should know the rules, even on a blue board.

Bobs or GTFO

>femanon here :)
You cant start with this and expect your bait to be succesful mate

Oh hi femanon! :) You seem nice so I will help you with whatever you need. Chainlink is just an inside joke and no one unironically owns it. You should buy a coin called bitconnect. Prediction is that will be $ 100 eoy (end of year in case you don't know what that means haha)

If you need any more help, be free to ask. I will be here for a long time :)

Thanks :) I'll check it out. I think my bf watched a video on it a few days ago so I'll ask him.

whiteknighting faggot shh im still accumulating

yes, i'm a girl :)

yes, i trade crypto :)


White night wanker. Next you will be telling her about confido and ODN. Cuck.

Be careful with the responses in this thread. It has become a meme to larp (pretend) you have expertise and insider knowledge.

I know the developer of chainlink personally and he told me it's overvalued. He thinks the product will succeed over time, but he says to put your money in more promising projects for the near term.

:-) hello i am also a girl
what do you guys think about bitcoin cash?

chainlink is a scam coin, the only people making profit out of it are the top players in pump&dump groups.

buy tron, verge or bitconnect instead

>I'm a girl btw

will be replaced by BTCP

>BitConnect Promoters Targeted in Class Action Suits, Twice in One Week

if you hate money you shouldn't

There can only BE one