Do younger women age 16-22 really care about money? It seems like money only becomes important when you're older...

Do younger women age 16-22 really care about money? It seems like money only becomes important when you're older. Maybe around 23-25 area. I have a 280k net worth and I'm 19, so not that rich but way above average for my age but I'm still a KHV and females still don't desire me. Can any older anons tell me if it gets better? What would be the best way to attract HS aged girls with money?

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>What would be the best way to attract HS aged girls with money?

Lift, ok or nice car, dress ok and get a haircut and don't be a cunt.

You are right, they tend to care more about money once they reach mid twenties.

The social status is derived from slightly different factors in school.
You have a ton of money for your age but if the rest of the package is shit girls won't want you. It's really not that difficult.

money counts 30+ before that it looks so work out and get rich on the way and your set for life

>What would be the best way to attract HS aged girls with money?

Offer them money for sex. They don't care if you yourself have money unless it's in the multi millions.

>How to get high-schools girls interested in you
Literally just research their shit-tier culture, find out who the sluts find attractive and parody him while subtly showing off your money and better virtues or some shit

no, they only care about dick at that age. it's the only safe age to date at, it's all downhill from there.

>What would be the best way to attract HS aged girls with money?
Invest in yourself and improve yourself as much as you can. Starting from you wardrobe and ending with cultural capital.

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280k net worth at 19 is pretty fucking good if you're not larping dude. What did you do to get that?

You are wrong. They care about money at any age, they just don't give a shit if you have a few hundred k in the bank.

You don't need money to get high school girls. Make sure you're well groomed and smell nice, confidence is what makes HS girls moist. Conversation and don't be a sperg. A comfy car is best for chicks, they rarely like power/speed. Don't be like that idiot who thought his BMW and slick hair could get him ladies, then shot his friends in the lunchroom when he couldn't (not implying you would shoot up your school, but don't be a try hard like that guy).

do you think women like money becuase of autistically high numbers?
they like what you can buy and how cool you can make yourself.

-keep 500+ in a safe jacket pocket at all times
-don't get mugged
-flex while paying for stuff
-be good in bed (if premature learn tongue tricks)
-she will spread the almighty word about you
-repeat with her friends

Own place, drugs, nice car & throw some nice parties

They don't care about money, they care about status symbols.

Get some trendy fashion, a good hair cut and shit like an iPhone X, an expensive looking watch and a good car etc.

This won't work if you're too ugly though.

Easiest way is to be a manager at some place that hires teenagers. Working with them is horrible, fucking them is the only perk.

t. used to be a manager at a retail store in a rural area

why do you think I mentioned having a car? why do you think I said "care more" as opposed to just "care"

>You don't need money to get high school girls. Make sure you're well groomed and smell nice, confidence is what makes HS girls moist. Conversation and don't be a sperg.
This. At that age they are still very instinctive and have not yet been confronted with too many male strategies. Just seem like a good mating partner, more grown, chill and dominant than most of the boys they are usually with.


Stop making these fucking threads you pathetic faggots.

If I had that type of cash when I was 19 I wouldn't even waste time making girls like me, kek. Just the occasional p&d.
They're disgusted by you because you care too much and you obviously have no clue what to do with the money

Holy shit u prolly look like shit. Also thinking that showing off your 'net worth' and thinking you'll impress anyone just says u are extra virgin.

cuz they dont believe you. buy some fancy shit and toss a few bucks around. just be smart about how u spend your money. buy shit that will still be worth something in 10 years.

>I have a 280k net worth and I'm 19, so not that rich but way above average for my age
Nice humble bragging friend.

They care about status. Money is a sign of status, but status is much more than just having lots of money. There, I solved all your women issues if you're not actually larping.

Dude, so far all these answers are shit. I had so many girls hitting on me in HighSchool and I was a skinny lanky ass white kid with puffy hair and a mole on his nose.

I was too Christian and too much of a bitch to understand the signs, when a girl talks to you she likes you. You are the one that must initiate anything to go further.

Just be cool, be funny, be interesting, dress nice, and make sure you have good hair (very easy at your age) get a haircut, fuckin style it like hitler with an edgy ass vibe and wear a bunch of all black adidas and hard ass Japanese NMDs

Look like a ninja and work out... very important to eat a lot if you’re a skinny bitch like I was.

They only care about money when they're that young when you have enough to buy them literally anything they want.

Yes, you dumb retard faggot.

>They care about status. Money is a sign of status, but status is much more than just having lots of money.

^^^ this. Money itself isn't attractive - an incel lottery winner will remain a total cuck, while a minimum-wage bar tender chad has big social social status and will slay.

Money itself gets women only in the sense that you can buy prostitutes.

ITT: bunch of fucking betas that'll buy girls anything because they want to get laid. Protip: don't buy them shit (unless u want to become her friend lmao), don't undervalue yourself, bitches ain't shit, u shouldnt give a fuck about them and they'll absolutely LOVE YOU if you act this way.

Parents money

What? I'm saying they don't give a fuck about how much money you have unless you have ALOT.

>age 16
This, please. Any chad here that could educate us?

Yes some parents money/car they bought me, but most is from crypto. ETH/NEO/LINK.

Girls that age and highschool age don't care about money because they live at home and because they are calibrated to only want the coolest chad in highschool. They're also stupid and don't know that it takes money to survive. They only care about finding guys who are fun, rebelious chads. They're full of hormones and kept safe because they live at home. They don't want money, they want badasses who know how to have fun, take risks, and get by without having to follow social orders. However, once these girls become women and live on their own, then they'll turn into money loving bitches.

They'll still want fun chads, but the truth is that they will realize they need reliable Link much more. If you don't hodl both abilities though she likely gonna fuck fun chad when you not looking. She will resent that she needs your money.

Simply put, as an adult, work hard, goto the gym, go out to night clubs to get confident, and seek your purpose more than any woman. The girls will come easily.

As a highschooler, lift, make friends, develop good habits, become social, and this is key: value your personal time and you screen the girls. Not the other way round. You're the prize. Your time is precious, you shouldn't waste it with worthless bitches, and they should feel this. I friendzone all chicks and view them like beta nerd friends. Once they realize you don't want them or view them as a female, they will crave your attention and your time.

This is sage advice from a mid thirties bald guy who can't get girls to leave him alone. I literally didn't let a 7/10 girl sleep over tonight because tomorrow morning i want to wake up alone, meditate, read, go to the gym, and work on my business. Soon as she got home she asked when she could cook for me next.

This is what they mean when they say "be yourself" and "don't be desperate". Just means to respect yourself more than a woman you don't even know yet.

This user knows

women over 16 years old have rode the Chad train and can smell a beta from miles away

some of them know that betas can be baited for money, but some have not perfected their skills

I think by 25 most of them have some idea, but some don't really catch on until later so there is at least still some 40+ year old women out there willing to let you use their stretched holes in exchange for financial support

don't you worry

Some care, most of them don't. Girls (and guys too actually) mostly care what their peers think about them though their life. So they typically pick the "coolest" guy they can get at that age.
People really start caring about money more whey they move away from their parents and get a job. How "cool" your BF is not the only one measure of success now. How much does he earns matters a lot too. Because every girl wants to have some nice photos from vacation in some exotic country in her insta, right?
So yeah.. 16-22 is probably a nice age to find someone that loves you as you are. Number of financially motivated girls grows exponentially from there.
Find some interesting hobby, socialize, improve yourself. You won't get a nice GF by sitting on Veeky Forums the whole day.
And you won't get a healthy relationship with money alone.

t. virgo


it's over desu

Do HS aged boys generally have a lot of money?


Do HS aged boys generally attract other HS aged girls.


Money obviously never hurts but generally speaking I would say no younger women do not care about money other than to a point where you can afford to pay her make-up and whatnot.

in the 16-21 age they care more about social status (being cool, having cool friends, having a popular boyfriend, etc) than they do about money, but it doesn't take long before they start to become financially/materialistically motivated.

The biggest problem is social media and how it reinforces material competition. When a girl (and honestly many guys) sees that their friend or rival has achieved financial success, whether that's just new cool gadgets, a new car, a job promotion, expensive vacation travel, a new house, expensive clothes, whatever it may be, they get super jealous and they want to have the same things as their friends/rivals.

At that point most women just start gold digging and shopping around for the wealthiest or most ambitious man they can find who's also reasonably attractive and popular.

You're never going to attract the right people by telling them how much money you have. Bragging about wealth is something poor fags do to try to impress people. People who are actually wealthy know that talking about their wealth just attracts thieves and users. The kind of girl/woman you are looking for is someone that gets you. You want a companion. Talk about your money and you'll just end up with a whore that will take your money.

And high school just sucks for some people. I hated it and almost didn't graduate. Now I run my own business and have great wife. I wasn't good with women early in life but eventually they find you if you take care of your body and mind. In the words of our Lord and Savior Teeka, "Let the game come to you."

This . Chad here mid 30’s.
Confirm .
It’s a confidence game .

The money thing is a meme.

Have a good attitude, tell passable to decent jokes, and dont be too much of a bitch.

In my experience, even mid 20s women will date or fuck you as long as you're not overtly impoverished. They really respond to humor and courage.

I stopped getting laid in HS when I came to this very realization. I was being a parody of some jew designed public character, himself a parody of masculinity.

Money doesn't directly matter to women of any age. Unless you're worth 10mm+ the amount you have is irrelevant. I make 150k yearly but going around telling people that has never remotely attracted a woman of any age. It's what money brings to the table that matters. Confidence, style, social status, etc, and that shit does matter to women of any age. You should never tell a woman how much you make. It should be obvious to her already.

Maybe there is a light at the end of the tunnel

she fine who dat

27 y old chad here
my life from 16 to 25 was just my ICO chad phase... nothing more than a whitepaper and a not-yet-functioning product

>Talk about your money and you'll just end up with a whore that will take your money.

As a recently rich guy, I want this. A subtle whore that thinks she can have my money.

I'm not looking for companionship yet. I have too much to undertake and build. Later in my life I will take your advice to heart but right now, I just want to fuck someone who wants me to fuck them.


Women start caring about a man's money around age 27.

By 30 they are all gold diggers (to varying degrees)

Well you're right that it's autistic to just talk about your wealth/money, but women definitely care about it. You shouldn't outright tell them or brag, but they can tell when a guy is reasonably well off (or generous with his money) based on his lifestyle and what he spends on the women.

It's just the classic question of whether "X is better than Y"

>attractive is better than unattractive
>wealthy is better than poor
>strength is better than weakness
>intelligence is better than stupidity
>ambition is better than apathy

etc. women want "the best deal they can get", they want the wealthiest, strongest, smartest, most ambitious, funniest, most handsome man they can find. Obviously most women won't find a man with top marks in each category, but they'll certainly try their best.

Being flashy with your money (when you can afford to be) is definitely a benefit when it comes to attracting women, and it applies to nearly every woman (since wealthy is better than poor)

Agreed. Though depending on your slant you can replace the gym with skateboarding. Gets you in killer shape and a traditional deck gets more intrigue, especially if you can ollie.

Money thing is a meme for vapid cunts and dickheads who have NOTHING else going for them except their money. Both types of people are worthless pieces of shit and both deserve each other.

Confidence, sense of humor and financial independence. Keep your real money situation to yourself and use it to make life easy for you and your woman. Don't reveal your true power level, not ever, and establish from the very beginning that you wear the pants. Woman just want to FEEL safe, secure and provided for. It's up to you to find the right girl where "being secure" is being able to raise a family and not pissing money away for appearance sake.

For everything else, there are whores. If you want a whore, buy one and use one.

Not true. I know guys in their 20s who have "sugar mommas" in their 30s. Feminism means we can be trophies too because some women value their ability to contribute over keeping a home

girls are women, they are emotional. Give them good and bad emotions, calibrate, be persistent and LEAD - they won't just fall into your lap and start sucking your cock. assume the burden, you have to move things forward. Also research shit tests, pass those by being non reactive or blow things out of proportion with humour. Bragging is a turn off in most situations - research honest signals. If this text is confusing, look up RSD and learn from the best

This guy knows.

Women are a snowball effect. It all keeps building momentum, until you will be getting numbers left and right.

The hardest part is getting the first date, getting comfortable talking to women. keeping the momentum going after that is exponentially easier.

so unironically true but youd have to be good looking, betas cant pull this off

What you are describing is very rare.

I live in America and have almost never seen what you are saying.

The saddest thing is once you finally get a good woman at home as wife/GF, this is when the THOTS come out in heat. They will pursue you like vultures to roadkill.

But you can't fuck them if you want to be loyal to your woman. : (

>Being flashy with your money (when you can afford to be) is definitely a benefit
I can see your point but there are good ways and bad ways to be flashy. Which way is best is really up to what kind of people you want to hang around. If you want whores just show cash and act like cocky fucker. You'll get whores. It's cheaper just to buy them outright with the added bonus of not having to deal with their BS the next day.

I have 4k and a bombshell girlfriend making a lot more than I do, it's not that simple user you need to have that special something

There was a richfag user on here who was 32 and was married to a 16 year old he met through church. Might want to try summoning him.

Is this post a subtle shill for both FUN and LINK

Lucky guy.

I'd summon him, but my prayers don't work.

also holy shit this post is why i come to Veeky Forums and Veeky Forums - wise advice.

Need to show obviously that you are rich with expensive clothes, watches etc to get them interested. They need to believe that you will spend money on them if they put out, which they won't do if you don't treat yourself by wasting money.

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>I friendzone all chicks and view them like beta nerd friends.
Be careful with this shit. I did this in highschool and it works but you have to remember to actually take the ones you want out of the friendzone or you will kys.

I'm 24 trying to marry a qt virgin 17 year old kissless virgin should I tell her I have 300 eth?

no they don't. They only fuck guys that make their vagoos tingle.
Money only matters after they're used up and miserable.

Gtfo here you pedophile get someone your own age. Desperate niggas going for some girls baka


Nah, just get married and have children.

Find a girl who's around 14 court her and ask her father for permission if you're not too old and are man enough.

In my experience women tend to cling on to their youth long after it's over. They won't care about money until they wake up one day and can no longer fool themselves, which can happen anytime from 27-42

>tfw only attract jailbait

There's a creepy video of OP's pic.

>tries to impress women

So you're evaluating them above you?

look up RSD Julien and torrent his programs PIMP and SHIFT


anyone who responds negatively to this clearly hasnt taken a look

>Find a girl who's around 14 court her and ask her father for permission

Age of consent is 18 and doesn't mean everything but sex is allowed even though some cunts interpret it that way.

>chat up girl from eastern european shithole over the internet
>talk normally to her and accidentally show off my money a bit
>girl wants to escape shithole and sees a chance
>get her shipped to my door
>fuck her, hook her up on weed and remove her passport
>pump and dump and drug her for months til I get tired
>sell her to my friend vlad
>get a new cunt

If youre 20-35 youre in the peak of manlyness.
Im 24

You should be able to attract 14 year olds and up

T. Had a 14 year old and 16 year old wanting to sex me

However still was vrigin at that point but i lost my virginity due to my car to a 9/10

If youre wealthy you have to show it. A car helps most.
It does nothing if your money just laros in your bank.

RSD Julien TLDR: You can get away acting rapey if she's drunk / on mdma

RSD Tyler: Just go out and fail till you get used to it and you feel comfortable around people - then go for the drunk / tipsy ones

women 30 they value 50/50 looks and money
grannies >40 probably like a good character, humor etc. too

Just go to SEA and fuck all the teenagers you want. Nobody cares.

I promise you will get tired of how stupid they are eventually, and you will realize that marginally tighter teenage poon isnt worth the struggle of dealing with the immature female brain attached to it.

Graduate to educated asian spinners, and enjoy the size and cuteness of teenage woman, with the trained mind of a college "educated" adult.


>I'm rich why don't 16 year olds want to fuck me
Because you're a sperg.

>seriously thinking you need 6 figures to get a 16-22 year old girl

this is why you're all virgins.

Woman aren't literally attracted to the money itself, they are attracted to the alpha/dominant qualities that typically coincide with being a guy. But if you have the alpha qualities without the money (think broke, care-free ripped surfer dude) you're gonna have women and if you are a weak nerd who got lucky on crypto you'll still have nothing until you improve yourself.

The only exception is if you go to some third world country and find a girl who will literally marry you for money to survive, but you'll get divorced shortly.

>he believes there is such a thing as a "mature" woman
Spotted the virgin.

I'm 16, 32k on my blockfolio and I feel the same than OP

Yes, there are mature women. Female maturity simply looks different than male maturity.

Women stop maturing after 13-16 y.o.

Get a testosterone injection. Take note of how you feel.

This is what females are attracted to.

Quads of good advice