Rexford Ventures is investing in ChainLink...

Rexford Ventures is investing in ChainLink. ChainLink logo is on their portfolio page on their website and they just tweeted pic related.
>Our typical deployment is between $500K to $10M in capital during the initial funding phase.

Can anyone find out more info like who is behind this and are they legit?

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I found one UK based company but it was dissolved so I don’t think that’s it. This company was founded in 2018 according to their website. Plus these guys seem to be American if they’re using dollars.

I think this is watchbro's investment firm. I could be totally wrong but that's the reason why I'm following them on Twitter.

Or ct's. One of them...

Sergey literally just talked about taking on the entire securities, trade and finance reconciliation markets and you faggots get excited about some absolute nobody investment firm throwing $10 million into it?
You're all fucking idiots with goldfish attention spans.

you are right son. who the fuck is rexford fucking ventures.

VC groups like this don't buy the tokens you nobs. They invest in the company that launches the tokens so they can make money when sergey is raking in the cash consulting on companies writing smart contracts using his front end and network.

Rexford ventures is owned by some retarded cuck, who got his mum to hire a graphic designer to draw a logo, as he siphoned his 20 dollars a week into shit coins. This piece of shit is not an investment firm, calling it a joke would be to kind. Check the address new dehli

You can’t invest in a company that doesn’t have shares? You buy the tokens

Address? Or are you doing retarded FUD

You are spoiled, this is interesting

Are you really that dumb? Chainlink already has two VCs funding it.

There's a difference between suppositions and presumptions and an actual confirmation from an official twitter.
They're the first of many Or was zeppelin first? Or maybe HCL Technologies. Hm.

This, without the larpers chainlink suddenly looks a lot more like two college buddies who scammed SWIFT and became the default oracle for a framework that may or may not become big (zeppelin). Shitty garage funds like signal capital and rexford (which it looks like they aren't even buying the tokens, like signal is) have so little money as to be irrevelvant.

>a framework that may or may not become big (zeppelin).
also for a smart contract platform that very likely will be replaced as it's already hopelessly outdated by the next gen over the course of the year. I'm not sure why I cared about this before assblaster. The delusion got the best of me I guess.

I don't know.

the bizfolio

You think they browse Veeky Forums?

If you think 10 million dollars is insignificant. Take a look at the top 100 wallets.

They fell for the ark and matrix meme. lmao.

They’re based in Fort Meyers, FL. they have 11-50 employees.

throw in REQ and you got a typical biztardfolio

is that middle one decentraland? They look very similar

Reminds me of that Bateman blockfolio comparison screencap.

Some Veeky Forumstard just called himself "Rexford Ventures" and market-bought 1k Link.

Awwww yissss! Tomorrow linkers heading to the mooon!

I think their Medium posts sound pretty professional actually. I suppose they will write one about ChainLink soon.

Half this board owns more LINK than that stupid webites fund. It looks like some highschook kids website.

looks inevitable this is much better than the edgy faggots who just say "its a fake shill site." That said it looks like they'll write something less good than signal capital looking at their old posts.

What’s with all the FUD over this? This is objectively good news. Biz is acting really bizarre today. Where are my autists who would try to dox these fucks?

it's a poorly put together filled with meme coins that was recently registered and has no names associated with it. I would guess that's why, it's not bad but it's not really a very meaningful endoresement. They look like they put out blog posts about their coins that are very basic summaries of what the projects do.

>Rexford Ventures
Makes me think of an office full of boomers telling each other they will be rich soon

If they bought $10MM link tokens that would be a big deal.