1 year

>be me
>boss have a repair shop + cyber café
>he closea the store for always spending more than he makes
>3 months later have the idea of re-opening the store
>be an unemployed guy with no money
>decide to post my business idea/plan on Veeky Forums
>some anons start sending me emails asking basic things about how i could make it work and to prove that i am not a "nigerian prince" who would run away with their money
>an american user called "A" decides to invest in my idea
>i open the store in 21th february 2017
Today the store is 1 year old and i own it to Veeky Forums.

Thanks for everything Veeky Forums and Mr: "A". Thanks for trusting this brazilian guy.

Pic related: In the middle of a reforming.

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I remember u, not sure if most are still here tho. Good job and best of luck in the future Argentinian bro or whatever the fuck u were

show yourself, MrA

Thanks bro :3
I am Brazilian.

Ignore the damaged chair, i'll be replacing it later on.

Wait, so you posted on Veeky Forums that you need money and some random user gave it to you?
Are you paying him back or something? Odd that he would trust you.

also since you're brazillian please watch this video and tell me what you think of it
turn on the brazil subtitles

Has anyone died played Starcraft at your café yet? Do you guys have Boba?

Who the fuck still frequents cyber cafés nowadays? I know they are big in some Asian countries like Korea, but pretty much everyone has a PC where I live and I still see some of these around.

We agreed in paying him back in 1 year +20% of the profits.
I can watch it later, but we have a lot of nordic, slavs and americans here, Brazil is a good country if you don't go to Nordeste or Rio de Janigger. The south region compared to the north is like comparing Europe to Africa.
We don't have this games, people here like FPS, like Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, Halo, Unreal 2004, GTA vice city and San andreas. We have LoL, but no one plays it here.

My store is in a low level neighborhood, so people don't have computers at home nor printer and they break their phones a lot, so i can make money on smartphones repair.

people in lower class neighbourhoods of countries like Brazil and Philippines

One day, this process will be made even more accessible through smart contracts / crypto lending plantforms

>so you posted on Veeky Forums that you need money and some random user gave it to you?
>We agreed in paying him back in 1 year +20% of the profits
Wow, faith in humanity fucking restored


I'm Brazilian and, from what I've seen, even people living in fucking favelas have computers with internet connection. But I guess the region I live in is an exception.

based, Veeky Forums is the best board

you and this A user are the ultimate bizbros

poor people. my city is too expensive for me to rent a private room close to uni so I must roomshare with minorities.
If I owned anything with value it would get stolen

Yes which is why linkies will be rich

They might have computers, but do they have printers?
I make some money by printing files from usb drives. (Pen drive ayyyy)

I was thinking more along the lines of lending platforms, stupid linkie.

Ripio Credit Network seems very applicable here, especially as they are based in South America

Congrats dude. Huge respect for user A.

should have just put the money in ethereum retard

heartwarming op


For sure.


I hope all the best for you!