So when LINK doesn't make us all rich how empty is this board gonna be after all the suicide?

So when LINK doesn't make us all rich how empty is this board gonna be after all the suicide?

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people are actually invested in LINK long term?

don't tell me you actually bought some

>during a gold rush, invest in shovels

I am going to jump on some rope and gun stocks.


>actually buying link

Can you imagine being so stupid that you put all your money in a fucking memecoin and losing it all in a once-in-a-lifetime bubble?


sell now I guess, RIP user

There's 1 billion LINK tokens. Even assuming 90% of them get locked up in nodes, that's still 100,000,000 LINK in circulation. With 350m in circulation right now, you have .70c per token give or take. So give it roughly ~x3 value for supply, and allow for x10-x20 growth over the next 3 years with adoption (generous), and you still only get $20-$40 per LINK.

All this $100-$1000 dollar stuff is delusion for the next decade, let alone EOY.

90% of Veeky Forums holds linkies so it'll go back to old Veeky Forums. When no one made money ever

nice copy pasta fud
1000 eoy easy

Ignore the faggot fudders, link is a good hold

Medium to high risk with the potential for insane gains

Theres some Veeky Forums pranks/baits used to make newfags los all their money. I call it ironical shilling. The oldfags can see the difference but newfags cant. Veeky Forums has done this with digibyte, trx, bazingacoin and a bunch of other coins where a lot of absolute newbies got super burned and now they are doing this same thing with chainlink.
Dont buy, not to mention other projects are building their own decentralized oracles such as oraclize, RCN and mobius. The 'first move advantage' is quickly losing value in the cryptospace where everything goes so fast.
Check the RCN github, you gonna shit bricks. I already sold my 140k stack, I dont see this going any higher anytime soon.


Basically this, Sir.

I don’t know if Veeky Forums will ever be able to top the fallout from link. The tripgfagging, the copypastas, the memes. I think most people are in the joke (pre July people) but, this shit is going to ruin a lot of people. I almost kind of feel bad for actual Link holders, they believe they are going to be millionaires but, they fell for a meme.

Blog post #5345

Cool story. Stay poor.

still accumulating, eh?

how about we put forth an argument on why link is good or bad, rather than shitposting?

do you guys think if LINK had bi weekly updates like REQ it would be more valuable?

LINK just never, ever sustains a pump. It will probably dump back to 40cents now. No one outside of biz gives a solitary fuck about LINK.

Also reminder that if you're not a NEET, but in an industry that could utilize smart contracts, don't be a fag. Yesterday I stood in front of the entire management of my company (with some 15k employees) and shilled the fuck out of smart contracts because they'd quite literally save us tens of millions a year, and of course I namedropped LINK when explaining why no one has been able to utilize smart contracts until now.
Do your part, faggots. Smart contracts will revolutionize just about every industry. We just need to force the fuckers to take the leap.

I think it would but I also think you linkies are going to be on radio silence with no updates for a couple more months.

You know what they say about polishing turds...


Lel I can't believe people keep falling for this shitcoin

To the moon with a bullet!

>mfw he believed biz
>muh decentralized oracles
>muh assblasted and shercuck

Companies will shadowfork LINK to avoid having to buy NEET bags. Hope your stack is still worth enough to buy some rope.

What you didnt know is that Sergey indeed isnt getting the ballroom.. he is getting the cheteau. A grand palace with a throne room to match his rotund figure, there will be thousands upon thousands of chairs for an audience hungry to hear master Sergeys words. Rory will swoop in while the roaring crowds chant for their king to appear, leaving big macs on the throne to tempt sergey into a faster response. Shortly after, loud and thunderous footsteps like tjose of a gods begin to draw closer as one radiantly cosmic end of sergeys gut breaches the room. Slowly but surely sergeys form begins to take shape, like the titanic crossing the atlantic. Sergey will spot the big mac, and promptly sit on it, absorbing it with his hyperevolved skin that allows direct big mac absorbance to the digestive system. Sergey looks up, sweat dripping from his face after the long and dangerous trek from the makeup room to the throne room. He utters but a single word, "smart contracts". The entire room faints as their souls are torn from their bodies in a glorious light. Sergey transcends mortality and his gargantuan soul leaves for his big cube in the sky.


>oracles such as oraclize, RCN and mobius.
which one of these has a finished product?

what is organic growth


>Comparing LINK to digibyte, trx, bazingacoin


C'mon, don't spoil the fun.

Why bother with decentralised oracles when the API data they draw from is centralised?

>it can never sustain a pump!
>it's a pump and dump shitcoin!

pretty dead desu sempai famalam trade bot

Because you generally can trust the data sources

tamperproof end-to-end


>got hammered last night while shitposting and woke up to find that i put 100% of my eth into link

tough break m8

>t. Indian PM

I don’t see much organic growth, it’s been an organic dump for a month now.

Those 2 statements don’t contradict each other brainlet but I don’t think it’s a shitcoin, just a coin nobody gives a shit about!

were you in the shirt thread

yeah i was lmao

this one




Day 1 linker, losing morale as the market tanks but I know link is actually doing better comparatively than it was in the huge bullrun. How long will the JUSTing last?

Close your eyes, try to clear any thoughts you are having
Take long, slow, deep breathes and put all your focus and attention onto your breathing
iiiiiiiinnnn.................... ooooooooooooouuuut

good. Do this for a few minutes, then -
VISUALIZE yourself becoming rich through your LINK investment
ANTICIPATE the things you will buy with your new found abundance of wealth
IMAGINE as though it is all happening now in the present moment, for the present moment is all that truly exists
FEEL the way you will FEEL when that moment comes and you make it!

Now open your eyes, look in a mirror, and recite these affirmations (use/add your own that is relevant to the reality you want to create once you make it)
It's important to do this when you wake up and before you go to bed, but do it as often as possible. Also hold the image and idea of us making it and LINK being worth $1,000 or more in your mind as you fall to sleep.

I love you all

Gotta be the one selling shovels.

I doubt any of you niggers here would actually kill urselves, I most definitely will though on the other hand

>bazinga coin
Literally nobody took this shit seriously, except you

>mfw sold all my Link at $0.86
>bagholders and stupid linkies laugh at me
>"kek user you must hodl le link imao"
WHO IS LAUGHING NOW YOU FUCKING FAT WEEBS? My stack will be even bigger when I rebuy at the bottom. Will sell again at the next pump. Its so fucking easy to press cash out of this shitcoin with Veeky Forums retards who pump it for every lifesign

The only difference between neo/ans and link is that biz has more traction now. You may time the market well, bet you will never have the calm confidence of those who wait. You hide behind laughter while simultaneously feeling the overpowering nerves of uncertainty as you daytrade. I wish you the best

Its a one trick pony for me and worked well for the second time now. I started with back with 900 Link and I sold 4000 which I bought for $0,33. I just check Veeky Forums and wait till stinky linkies freak out for a 'moon'. Easy money

>worked for the second time now
judging by your constitution, i could eat your link stack with price manipulation and biz posting in less than a week, but i won't. I dont care about that anymore. There was a time for that bullshit, but it's over now. I hold, while you play a game that you are new too.

Adrenaline & testosterone hit new (successful) traders hard and that's how we get posts like . It's the circle of life. Eventually the trill burns out and trading feels like a waste of precious irrecoverable sanity, so we just chill.

Scam coin is scam

Literally this is true, but I think there will be one more ironic twist. I think that LINK will actually succeed and be the final death of Veeky Forums, just like how Trump killed /pol/. Everyone on /pol/ from 2015 and before was memeing Trump ironically, I remember the first threads, then the dumb redditors came and took it as genuine (I mean Veeky Forums obvs preferred him over Hillary) and then he actually won and was the first blow to Veeky Forums. If LINK succeeds Veeky Forums will unironically die forever as we will be perpetually swarmed by normies looking for the next big tip.

Screencap this.

Seriously why does this entire board keep discussing a token that has never mooned? You would’ve done better holding anything else. $2 will never come stinkies

You might be right, but the reason will be because of what link is going to do to the world. Some other user write this

>Chainlink is the key to mass-automation of a bunch of processes, obviously. There is no limit to what you can do with it. It's infrastructure. When people say that most legal and managerial tasks will be automated in 10 years, this is certainly a major part of what is going to enable that shift.
>In fact, it's probably even greater than just the next step in automation. It's probably the next step in the development of capitalism itself. Think about what capitalism is based upon for a second:
>1. Private ownership
>2. Contract enforcement
>Do I need to elaborate on point 2 or can you imagine that part for yourself?

If link is successful slot of people's lives will be destroyed. Imagine being a lawyer now, & in 5 years, you're skills are totally redundant. This is link the decline of the working class, but for the middle classes. What are all the people going to do? May be they'll retrain , who knows. But this will be a world wide thing.

>whale larping
>le hodl Link meme
Cool story buddy. I will remember you when I dump my link the third time on you. Pls keep shilling Link so I can make more money.

>buy high sell low - the post
Well well well, look who it is.

I honestly don'y have a backup plan if link does not make me rich. I really don't know what I am going to do.


>Tfw my job will never be automated


>In last year of law school
>learning coding on the side so that I'll be the only lawyer able to verify that smart contracts are accurate.
>gonna make it no matter what

Qsp already do that. Sorry user, at least you've got the coding.

This is for you desu

QsP would make sure that certain coins don't have vulnerabilities or bug before they go public

But wait wait until day to day businesses and industry want to utilize smart contracts they're still gonna want someone to look over the parameters of the contract

well said
hey faggot! check our shades of green and tell me how the fuck 4k link is anything.

May be you're right. Its a good question, I guess the execution of the contract is what smart contracts improve, the terms must still be decided, so you're right. I'd still think about running a chain link mode on the side if I were you though, just to be on the safe side.

Nobody knows the time of the price singularity.
But when it happens, everyone will know.
All across the world, voices will echo "..what's wrong? Is everything ok?"
A few vehicular accidents will occur seemingly for no reason.
Several pilots, delivery drivers, and one pajeet who forgot to close a submarine hatch will all last be seen yelling at their phones.
Binance will crash. Everyone scrambling to buy LINKs will see 404.
Etherdelta will become so overwhelmed with traffic it will slow to a halt. It will become unusable.
The only orders that will happen will be buy orders that have already been placed.
LINK will reach unimaginably high prices within minutes.
Every noLINKer's eyes will watch. The tiny LINK cube on coinmarketcap will be reflected in their eyes.
However, the ones who knew...the ones who had heard, but didn't listen...
their cubes will be distorted by tears.
As these tears fall onto rapidly moving fingers that are refreshing binance or etherdelta multiple times,
Haunting music rings in their ears infinitely.
The harrowing noise of the bells causes the noLINKer's soul to shiver...and scream.
Biz will be filled with LINK memes. All threads will be titled "You had your chance."
Monitors will be smashed. Laptops broken in half. Weddings, family reunions, graduation ceremonies, and other social events across the world will be plagued by the audible cries of noLINKers who knew the path but didn't take it.
Their hopelessness crushes them inside, but they keep having to wageslave, and forcing a smile on their face every day to avoid ever being asked "what's wrong?" again will eat away at their sanity.
This soon becomes a worldwide phenomenon, and noLINKer syndrome will be added to DSM-V and heavily studied.
Most normies will continue enjoying their playpens.
But the ones who knew...
they will become uncomfortably intimate with despair....
For they know they missed the opportunity of a lifetime, and another precious path to freedom has disappeared forever.

whats your thought of the PoC, seeming that were on a nazi gay porn image board im going to go out on a limb and say you dont like it

>I'll be the only lawyer able to verify that smart contracts are accurate

>tfw sergey's SXSW talk is literally "getting rid of lawyers"

There's so many up and coming oracles with bigger teams, Linkies aren't gonna make it

Alright lads, signup, don't lose the Kucoin v2 in terms of dividends:

>Veeky Forums holds 90% of linkies

Don’t listen to this user, if you are good there will be some very profitable niches in the future dealing with the interfaces between smart contracts and the rest of the legal system, and all kinds of interesting litigation when shit goes wrong