Next x100, the time to accumulate is nearing its end, patent and mainnet are at most 1 month away


I hold a small amount of xby, hope that it moons after patent pending...


Are you going to buy stock in the company too?

stocks are not confirmed yet, we will see how the situation evolves

CCR literally said they had 1,000,000 shares of the company (registered in the Seychelles) that would go to node holders first and then open to everyone else.

I am fucking ready to moon. Went in at 0.02 but invested only 40 $ 'cause I was a poo fag.

he said that, but nothing is released yet and they could backpedal especially after the community backslash

If the dev update today doesn't introduce anything new about the main net I'm out

There's too much circle jerk from the community over this project

I'm going to wait, there's no risk holding, because everyone holding this is completely deluded and won't dump quickly.

It's gonna make you feel defeated seeing that number go down slowly every day

well it didn't, obviously.

that is a lot of effort going on into something that is allegedly an exit scam, they could have exited with millions ages ago

It's been bleeding sats over the last month, and no rebounds after BTC bullruns.

Anyways the dev update contains no new information besides a wallet, so I'm selling the majority of my xby holdings

An exit scam doesn't need to happen immediately, they could be slowly selling. Doesn't mean they are, but they could.

that's what I'm talking about, its trading volume isn't particularly low, they could be selling ~$50k daily, and during the january pump they could have sold several milions, what I mean is that it's hard to believe they wouldn't have sold everything they had yet

Dunno why everyone thinks it's a scam, it plainly isn't. I'm gonna keep holding.

No one is telling you to sell

Issue is it's on C-Cex which means the volume there will be vapor in t-3 days .. exchange is going under.

First time ive seen XBY mentioned here, which seems odd, perfect /biz gamble I reckon. I'm betting big on this one, either gonna be facking mega rich or left with massive bags of shit. Come on patent!

Oh, and unlike everything else shilled on biz, this REALLY has the potential to x100, literally. Once the nodes lock up the supply will be so low ==> moon

Then you must be new, XBY was heavily shilled and debunked on spring last year.

Step 1) Sell XtraBytes.
Step 2) Need more cash? Create new coin, XFUEL.
Step 3) Want even more? Incorporate and sell shares in the company.

I can't wait until they add yet ANOTHER avenue for people to give them money.

Does biz ever get tired of fudding this coin?

Have you ever thought about how the community reacts to any criticism of the project?

meh, it really is 50/50 now

But even if it ends up being an elaborate scam, I'm hoping for one last pump

Wouldn't be that difficult to pretend a patent pending to get one last mighty surge for the team to load off their stacks

I'm not exactly sure what kind of response you're looking for from the community?

"Yeah, OK, the github is private, we're going to sell now."

I mean what exactly are you looking for? An apology? Lol.

if it's pending then it's public so not really

Lol OP, I too am in the same pump and dump group as you. KYS you retard

And so you're going to ignore the progress update? Jesus you give them no credit...

and then it went 1000x after you faggots "debunked" it

Quantos XBY por el nodo?

The progress update only shows the new wallet and website development. The only update on the patent is an audio recording saying "we're working on it, it's going really well!" There is no solid proof of it, but be my guest if you believe in the project. I'm used to dev updates showing proof they're working on their project, not the unnecessary side projects

You can absolutely make money on XBY. Just be aware of the red flag and be ready to sell. I made money on it and got out above 4k Sats.

have fun holding my bags

>Posts update with proof
>Says theres no proof

wew lad

You can test the xcite platform with the new update. They provide the Git. That is definitive proof that the project is real. Xcite is not a side project, it's part of the main xby platform.

But we're not here to convince you just to prevent misinformation from spreading. If you don't like it I advise you to sell. ASAP. Sell now.

Yeah just sell, this project is not for you. Sell it all right now. Get out.

the thing with xcite is that it's done by completely different team who just like people buying the shitcoin believe that borzalom's code is real

You speak as if that's news or something important. It's not. They got developers to work on xcite because the code is real. Do you think developers would want to associate themselves with a scam? They could easily get paid somewhere else so dont give me that excuse.

It's way too elaborate of a project to even remotely be considered a scam. Poorly run? Maybe. Scam? Nope.

XBY is starting to piss me off. Every dev update is fucking worthless and focuses on graphical updates of the Xcite client. We get ZERO information about what the fuck Borzalom is doing with Zoltchain and haven't for a very long time. For all we know he could be fucking hookers and railing coke all day in Hungary. The patents are not coming ANY time soon based on the language they use and they said they won't even release all the code once they come. The community is literally one HUGE fucking circle jerk with no one actually knowing what in the fuck is going on behind the scenes.

From the tone of their last audio update a few days ago, Borz and CCR might be rubbing each others' backs in a bubblebath right now

The bromance is strong

Shitposting aside, it's true we definitely need some updates on substantial stuff, those pseudo-updates will only go so far until people start getting desperate

There is no pleasing people, people complain of not enough communication so they do regular updates and 777. Now the updates arent enough?
The regular updates are great. Development is being done, work is getting done, patent is coming. You just have no patience. Just sell if you cant take the heat.

More on the circle jerk: The XBY team is constantly taking advantage of the fact that most of the community doesn't understand the difference between Xcite and Zoltchain. People, even in this fucking thread, think that updates to Xcite are relevant in any way to the progression of the actual project (STATIC nodes, VITALs, etc.).

and no one aside from borz (and maybe ccr) has seen said "magic code". not even the 3 other devs supposedly working on the chain.

I thought Danny was working on it too, or had at least seen some of it?

>Posts update with proof of a project that is only relevant if the main net exists
>Main net is coming!!! Believe me!

All I ask is for actual proof of them working on the patent not just a voice recording of a promise. Take some god damn pictures or something.

Xcite means nothing without the main net. Which there is nothing more than promises that it exists

Most people know that xcite is separate from the Zoltchain. Xcite is a planned feature of the final product. It's relevant and the fact that you are downplaying it just shows how toxic the xby community has become.

What can we expect, the community fuds their own reddit. Pathetic.

Just sell

I bet you're one of the faggots fudding the reddit. Do us all a favor and sell. Xby is not for you. Xcite is a planned feature. Devs wouldn't be working on it if they didn't see the code. Period. Payment is no excuse.

The code is real. But please just sell already. I dont blame you for having weak hands. Not everyone has the balls to hold.

>Asking for pictures

Crypto is not for you. SELL ASAP. Seriously. Sell sell sell. Drive the price down so whales like me can buy it up. I dont even have to fud XBY, the community does it for me lmao. I've already stocked up on an extra $100k through this cycle. I fucking love XBY, it brings out the worst in the crypto community. People cant fucking hold their coins and think critically lmao.

Sell baby sell sell sell!!!

>Xcite is a planned feature. Devs wouldn't be working on it if they didn't see the code.
This is what I'm talking about. Normies don't understand difference between frontend and backend. Updates like the one today look fine to people like this guy.

Kek, you say I'm a normie, you're a dumbo. We all know xcite is not the back end, and we know the Zoltchain brings the main net online...this is nothing new. But you don't understand product development and that it needs all pieces in order to function. You're just a pathetic fudder.

Xcite being the main focus of the update instead of zoltchain is like dressing up for a date before messaging anyone on tinder.

You're way too emotionally invested in this project, attacking me isn't a logical argument. Normally crypto projects can stand behind their tech against fud, XBY has no tech to stand behind

>emotionally invested

You make it so obvious. Just sell already. You can't habdle it and get way too emotional so you complain on here about how you need more proof. This shit doesn't faze me. Because I don't get emotionally invested into the money I invest. Lol.

>Normies dont understand the difference

All you need to do is google that hard buddy. The update is perfectly sufficient; work is being done. Please sell so I can accumulate.

>Xcite being the main focus of the update instead of zoltchain is like dressing up for a date before messaging anyone on tinder.
No, its like assembling pieces of the car. You are looking for the engine, its not ready yet, so they are showing you something else. It's sufficient enough for investors like me that want to see that work is being done. You're obsessed with the engine. Well you cant see it right now. If you dont like it, sell.

I need to complain on here because on discord I would just be banned. You can't raise a valid point without being attacked just like you're doing now

Anyone else just annoyed at the 500 notifications we get a day from XBY?

Valid point? These are not valid points. Its the same old complaints, thats the problem. And you are getting the same answers. It's been like this for months. People expect a different answer, you're not going to get it and you just piss off the rest of the Discord.

People complain "I get the same response from XBY, they are like a cult" and yet they dont realize that they are the ones like a cult, because they are focused on one singular thing; the Zoltchain. And its the same old complaints over and over and over and over and over.

You have your answer. Deal with it, or leave. The end.

How am I not making valid points? I might be asking the same questions as everyone else but that doesn't make them invalid. If you run a business and many customers complain about the same thing, you're going to fix it and not tell everyone who complains to fuck off

It's not a business. You're not a customer. You're an investor - the facts have been laid out for you. If you don't like it, then don't invest. There are no more answers for you....nothing else can be said.

Do you think Elon musk designed the Tesla engine or the car first?

Why do you assume that it's not built yet?

I'm not saying I'm a customer, but I sure am an investor. Normally investors are shown the ground breaking idea is in the works through believable proof, not a verbal promise

I haven't seen anything that shows it exists, why do you think it has been built?

Because of the scope of the project, it's grown immensely since I've invested, there are rumors of people having seen the code, and the fact that other developers are working on it with a working testnet. Too elaborate to be a scam, too big, many chances to cheat people out of their money, but it never happened. Only logical conclusion is that it's the real deal, it's just that Borzalom is probably really eccentric and wants things done a specific way. Very smart people tend to be eccentric and weird. Also the fact that we got those numbers in the testnet... pretty good.

If you cant see it that way then this is not for you.

>Normally investors are shown the ground breaking idea is in the works through believable proof

This is crypto...have you ever participated in an ICO? It's ALL verbal promises.

I don't understand your attitude. If you're not happy with the secrecy then you don't need to invest in xby. They've made it plainly clear that it's closed sourced because it's patentable and they don't want anyone to steal it. This makes perfect sense.

If anything, all the secrecy and FUD will make the FOMO even better when the patent is pending and we get to see the code for Zoltchain. I expect it will moon quite a bit.

>there are rumors of people having seen the code
This is what I'm talking about, no one wants to step forward and say they know it works

This is not an ICO, and when an ICO never delivers decent updates it is considered untrustworthy

>This is what I'm talking about, no one wants to step forward and say they know it works
Because they are going to patent it...might have signed an NDA...

there is no pleasing you. No matter what we say, you are going to find fault with it because you want to see the Zoltchain code. You have 3 options

1) Suck it up and deal with it and have strong hands

2) Sell

3) If you are not invested, dont invest

Those are your options. There is nothing else we can say and your whining is not going to change anything.

I'm not buying your bags

>>Too elaborate to be a scam, too big, many chances to cheat people out of their money, but it never happened. Only logical conclusion is that it's the real deal, it's just that Borzalom is probably really eccentric and wants things done a specific way. Very smart people tend to be eccentric and weird. Also the fact that we got those numbers in the testnet... pretty good.

If you cant see it that way then this is not for you.

The above ladies and gentlemen is a perfect example of mental gymnastics, the poster must perform in order to validate within their minds that there is no possible way they could have made the wrong decision.

Notice they end it out with if you cannot see then you cannot have sentence.

lol daviddude XBY's resident troll fudder

the only one doing mental gymnastics is you in every xby thread

but you help bump these threads so who am I to complain? XBY's threads always manage 60, 70+ replies because of your faggotry. Its free advertisement.

I would be pleased if they showed something of their work, a simple picture inside the lawyers office would go a long way. Instead I'm left with words

1.There is no code, watch ccr and borz come back after months and say ok we wrote all the paperwork up now borz has time to get coding all of it. Another delay.

2. No one has seen code, if people had seen code an nda does not mean they cannot publically state "i have seen the code" Further more xby would not have any contracts concerning nda.

3. xfuel usage is not transparent, and yet again in the latest update they did not address it transparently. Delaying transparency for a future stand alone update. Team members have made personal purchases and then used "company" xfuel to cover costs.

4. xby was meant to have a wallet similar to xcite last year, ccr refused to use dev funds to pay for it. So the devs now are working for free or working for xfuel? Xfuel can only be sold p2p and you can see that no one is buying. Just wait for this new group of devs to get fed up like your pump and dump marketing team (yankeeruinx & enki) at not getting paid for their work.

5. Another website update, now under the guise of "consistent brand image"

6. no holders have still not received a single payment

7. the system is centralized, it runs off one node owned by borz

8. xby was mineable using x14 algorithm, ccr was mining taking fees you supposedly thought were going to dev fund.

9. Dev fund not addressed

10. Team not willing to list on any exchange that requires kyc.

11. Tried to make it look like they were partnering up with bounty0x, got called out on Reddit by bounty0x dev they weren't.

12. unwilling to answer any questions asked. Here's a test, prepare some questions and join the discord. Ask them and much people belittle and berate until a mod steps in bans and sways to an off topic comment that the drones latch onto.

13. Borz said xby had a backdoor in the recent audio release, this is not decentralization

14. all the signs of a cult, just read through xbleviers comments that are filled with language to make any xdoubter look like they are missing out.

daviddudes 14 point list of bullshit and lies. sell sell sell!!!! panic panic panic

moar FUDers vs cultists internet arguments please

I've got a foot on each side but this is entertaining AF, moaaar

also who's this daviddudes guy, have never seen him fudding in the discord, is he getting instabanned each time he shows up or?

nah he just spams on every xby thread he sees on biz. He's a mentally deranged autist

oh right didn't see that was his name on here, well yeah he seems to be quite sour about xby

>price is down from 5700 sats to 1500 sats
>dollar price is down from 80 cents to 17 cents
>people actually think someone will pump these bags and make them rich
>the community is completely blind sided and wont listen to anyone who doubts their "patent"

sure thing pajeet

every altcoin has tanked

dedpull here, I am banning all of the faggots in this thread who have spread anything I could even vaguely call fud

This. This guys got it. XBY is a shitshow with no one but CCR and borz knowing what's going on.