You like the rare claims idea, soo

You liked the idea behind and already played quite a few times.

We did some math and concluded there is a even better algo to follow.

Presenting Candy Claims:

60% price up on a sale

6% price down every hour without sale

Just went online! Be the first to claim faggots

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Before anyone complains, yes bacon is candy. What else would it be?

Started spreading the link everywhere else. Expect price spikes!

Wait unicorns are more than emerald on Rare Claims? Someone needs to correct that until the majority of the players wakes up ;)

Mmmm. strawberry ice cream

and bacon is on the rise!

Fuck off advertising faggot. sage'd



>missed another ponzi again
fuck why am i this unlucky

oh you havent missed. Just wait until prices drop again ;)

i have like $50 worth of eth, if it drops that low nobody will ever buy it again, so i missed this one

there is always a next one ;)


Brainlette from last night.

I actually regretted not playing Chicken a little longer with the person buying me out last night. I'll be sure to get into this one - though I think the prices are all a bit too similar? At least, for the current volume

yes i did. I added a few more (will show up in the next minutes) with more random prices to get a better spread.

Only 18 tokens then :)

But actually not planning on adding more, those 6 extra will IMO make a difference tho.

with that sugar amount ketchup is candy too for sure!

Oh, you added new ones?
Dunno about having so many tokens, I feel like the best aspect of the previous one was having so little to work with. We'll need a lot more volume to keep things rolling, but the new stuff is really cheap right now anyway since it's ground floor anyway so getting in now is pretty safe.

Pretty sure 6 more is still able to work. I also spent some cash in ads and plan to spent even more over the next days to keep the volume high.

I also dont want to have to many. Lets see.

Dont forget with those 6% it still takes a long while until you dont make win anymore :)

How the fuck did cracker moon from like 14 cents to $100 in 30 minutes. It was the cheapest item there. Stop buying it, it's overpriced as fuck; it isn't even a fucking candy.

Didn't get to buy as many as I'd like caus I went cheapo with the gas and didn't get the pay day from someone immediately buying me out yet. Could have made a quick $100 from $5. Regret.