Skycoin is gonna explode in 2018

Skycoin is gonna explode in 2018.

>0 Fee transactions
>Transactions confirmed in seconds
>Infinitely scalable
>Coded from scratch in Golang
>6 years of development, originally started as an effort to fix the security vulnerabilities of bitcoin
>New consensus algorithm replacing PoW and PoS
>New UXTO based blockchain structure
>Allows to have a truly decentralized network without miner or stakeholder influence
>Increasing business adoption, companies that don't want to maintain a blockchain of their own or use Ethereum (solarbankers, spaco, MDL, some more starting up)
>Actually secure and private, unlike most shitcoins advertising as such
>Untraceable transactions because of Coinjoin
>Holding Skycoins generates extra income in the form of coinhours
>Massive ecosystem of applications running on Skywire. Including decentralized exchange, social media, file sharing and VPN apps.

>New openflow based networking protocols, lower latency and more secure than tcp/ip
>Will function through a decentralized wireless meshnet that ISPs have no control over
>Encrypted by default
>Bandwidth aggregation is possible, prividing nearly unlimited internet speed(this sounds far fetched but the tech is already there -
>Wireless meshnet that is literally faster than the legacy internet
>Running hardware nodes, providing bandwidth and storage gets you coins
>Coins are spent to get a priority of network resources over others
>Immune to all currently known network based attacks, exploitation and manipulation tactics of ISPs
>No throttling, censorship or service outages
>Plebs will be able to connect through regular wifi
>No learning curve, they won't even know they're using it

It's one of those coins that will actually change the world.

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based sky shill


Most of it they already have working, the code's on github.
Skywire nodes are being shipped, testnet is starting up. Long range antennas are already designed and being built. Just giving you a chance to be one of the early adopters.

Are there smart contracts?

They are banned from reddit cryptocurrency, also lots of post about it being a scam. Devs have 90% of coins. There will be heavy inflation in coinhours

there's an actual programming language designated for blockchain applications, not some shitty script "smart contracts"

this is stupidly massive but nobody knows about it yet

It was completely obscure, then r/cryptocurrency got flooded with posts about it being a scam, several threads reaching first page with tons of upvotes but no arguments rather than "the dev is rude and banned me for this, stay away". It's almost like the competition is nervous and doing organized fud attacks, kinda makes you think huh.

The coin distribution is hardcoded and explained on the site, the devs can't spend those 90%. Those coins are going to skywire providers.

Not sure about the coinhours thing, maybe. Who knows.

Ok , but if a company wants to use skycoin, & skycoin build this company a series of blockchains, how does the company get real world data onto these skycoin bkockchain? Unironically, link? It's supposedly blockchain agnostic so I don't see why not. I like sky my stack is only 600 though. I intend to build a skyminer

Coinhours will be created 1/1 by holding skycoin, 50% burnt if i decide to sell coinhours on exchange, but if i want to hold them there will be heavy inflation. This was what the devs couldnt answer. If we all hold and want to use their product, there will be way to many coinhours. Full inflation


Sure, i think stinky linkies are gonna make it as well. Deluded arkies too, since sky blockchain will need to be linked to other blockchains.

I thought this was a scam

Yes ark is a coin I looked at but then put to one side cause of so many others, & forgot about. Do you hold any? Iif so how much

Supply and demand? If there's a massive amount of coinhours the price will simply drop to reflect that? what's the problem?

Your question is retarded. If a person chooses to hoard coinhours indefinitely, how does that create inflation? He never sells, effectively burning those coinhours. And if he decides to sell, 50% are burnt. Also why are you assuming 0 demand for coinhours?

The number of skycoin is finite and fixed. The number of coin hours per second is finite and fixed too. Then as consumption/users increases the coinhour/resource price will increase relative to demand.

The network resources (storage/bandwidth) is unbounded and can grow exponentially to infinity; so the value of coin hours in terms of bandwidth must always increase as network grows (The amount you can purchase with coin hours will increase in terms of resources).

Hoarding coinhours will not affect the market that much.

that FUD article was so bad because all they had to do was pony up some cash or find someone willing to quickly review the code.

If skywire is a success, do you think sky will just sell access to it through coinhours? As I understand it, you use coinhours to pay for use of the network. They are what the miners are paid, & they forward the packets of data right? So technically, for mass adoption, all normies would have to do is keep buying coinhours to keep using the network. The most logical think would be 1 coinhour = 1 hour use of the network. The price of coinhours can't be too high, cause other wise it will stop mass adoption. But since skyckoin produce coinhours, there the price will rise.
It's the same thing that assblaster said. Coins should be see as fungible permissions to use a network, not as something like fiat coins. Because sky's network is the internet, skycoin is actually probably one of the most potentially valuable coins in crypto - IF they can pull of their ambition.

But if none of us sells, there will be way to many coinhours, and we will never need to pay our internet.


Wait. Aren't miners paid in skycoin? But yeah if they do pull it off it will be very valuable

I'd wait a while, Cuntopia charges an entire sky for a withdrawal

That ended in December though, withdrawal fee for SKY in cucktopia is zero, but cucktopia is in no state to be trusted at the moment.

No they are paid in coin hours. Watch some of the videos with synth. You can then trade coinhours for skycoin of anything else that's on the dex. At least that's what I'm assuming. I think the amount of skycoinhours is going to be big, I had 1000 skycoin for a while & I generated 100k coinhours in no time. But that's not a bad thing. Cause anyone can run a node, & the more people that do the better, & getting coinhours for that is another incentive.the cheaper the coinhours, the more normies will use it. Imagine if skywire is 10 or 50x (I have no idea what it will actually be) the fastest internet provider or cell data provider, & if coinhours were so cheap that it was 10x or 50xtimes cheaper to use skywire. It would be mass adoption & the government couldnt do anything. It's potentially truly revolutionary & I guess also dangerous because if that.


I don't get it man, is this trolling? Do you pretend to be an idiot?

2 pics on this whole thread
step up your game paid shills

I don't have many skycoin related pics, but here's one on why you should stop watching porn.

You're welcome

Anybody else get the feeling that all of this skycoin fud is just to keep people away from the miners during the testnet reward period?

seems like it, they even had to prepare an official response for it -

No actual arguments were made for fud, just an attack relying on confusion about it