JNT added to KuCoin

JNT added to KuCoin

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should i buy now or wait a day or two ?

big news comming in a week or so
do with that as you will

Hmm, source?

It's pretty cheap now tbqh

>added during the crash

Damn they literally kysing themselves

talal himself


His heavy bags.

Wait, everything dumps on cuckoin

Talal Tabbaa, [21.02.18 00:03]
we should be ramping up reddit soon

Talal Tabbaa, [21.02.18 00:03]
things are good man

Talal Tabbaa, [21.02.18 00:03]
exciting times ahead

so first terror attack finally financed by jibrel?


honestly that's not the first time i hear devs talk like that and the news is shit

how the fuck is the news shit when its concerning the partnership with the seed group
jesus fucking christ you people here...

btc was crashing when it hit exchanges on feb 1st too, very coincidental

I didn't even follow it user, i just bought to be honest

come on thats not funny

as i said
jesus fucking christ you people here...

I'm probably here longer then you faggot

ok. dump

sure buddy, whatever you say...

jibrel? more like jibLEL lmao

Pic? Can't find it in telegram.

>i'm superiour
>Veeky Forums is full of shit people
>visits Veeky Forums
just leave buddy

talal messaged me directly
kys motherfucker

Interesting, thanks.

reported you to the fbi you fucking camelterrorist

>tfw picking a fight just to bump the thread

no prob
why are you such an autist

You are probably that guy who invested in the beginning of 2017 but still below his initial investment.

60k in ico.
Should I be comfy, cus I aint that comfy desu.

you could have gotten some good gains by selling at the top and buying later but I would be comfy, it should be a nice 2 year hold

How hard is it going to dump after the news?

from Talal;

Team tokens are 15% and locked for 5 years with a 2 year cliff

At Jibrel, we build first and market later... Short term volatility is not indicative of anything, and we want people who believe in our vision and long term plans to be on board..

Placing marketing banners for 90,000$ a banner is not aligned with our values, which is spending our contributor money wisely and on the platform that will help give traditional assets the transaction properties of crypto..

Why would you type it instead of posting the picture?

I think it's not dumping because redditors are convinced JNT is the stable coin.

it isnt dumping because you would be a fucking moron to dump it.

Pump in 1 hour. Join in now

goo dot gl/7ixGXd

Im trying to make a kucoin account but im not receaving their email.

i can share mine with you

also anyone know why it's like 9 cents more expensive on kucoin?

It's not.

sure thanx