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Petro (PTR)
Smart Contract Address
Ethereum ERC20 Token (First Development Phase)
Token Supply
100,000,000 PETROS (PTR) Max Supply.

How to buy PETRO (PTR)

Send the ammount of ETH to the contribution address

Recieve PTR Currency.
1 PTR = 26USD.

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Fuck off el communisto rato

problem with this- there are elections in april 2018 in Venezuela , and the opposition party have clearly stated that the think petro should be illegal. If they win, expect this to go to 0. pretty huge gamble imo

Shady af, only two orders in the order history on forkdelta, might be a fake contract because the price is def not 26$
Be careful kiddos

With the US government rigging the elections this coins will go to 0 for sure.

Can Americans buy the preico?

Is this thing even open source? What's stopping the venezuelan government from debasing it like they've debased all their other currency?

To whoever set up this scam, good job!

Don’t get scammed new buddies

>If they win,
>opposition party
They no longer hold any real power. Venezuela is under a dictatorship, the """opposition party""" are literally only allowed to """exist""" in order to give Maduro's regime some false sense of democracy.

all dictatorships fail eventually, and with the sorry state venezuela is in now, its only a matter of time

The US government has warned Americans not to buy into this ico at all or face undiscussed consequencss because this goes against sanctions.

Aka if you're American and invest in this shitcoin you're gonna go to jail.

I'm currently reading the white paper, I don't understand this formula. Does my phone just display it bad ?

> 100,000,000 PETROS (PTR) Max Supply.
> 1 PTR = 26USD.
so let me get this straight, they are selling at 2.6 bil mcap
well good luck to them


How to buy #PETRO (#PTR)
Send the amount of ETH to the contribution address
receive petro to you address, u sent from.
#Venezuela's #cryptocurrency

Fuck off Bitconnect carlos

So this coin is basically a way for the Venezuelan government to borrow USD off the back off future oil reserves. When can you exchange the petro for oil? Seems like a shitty reversion contract with no legal rights.

US Gov can fuck off. Is anyone buying this?

According to the white paper, the reference selling price for the ICO and the pre-sale is 60 $

it's displaying it wrong senpai

This is the correct one:
(APP/BOL) = (POO/PETR) x (PETR/BOL) * (1-DV)


The registration app is development app.

Check "" so you can see real server paths and errors.

Ok. I still don't really understand. What does Petro and Bolivar mean in this equation ? 1 petro and 1 bolivar ?

fuck off maduro

Maduro won't lose. The government controls the electoral system.

t. Venezuelan.


hes not lying tho, im venezuelan also

Im gonna buy but if there is a coin that will get destroyed by the US its this

A random shitcoin its pumping because of this, ur blind Veeky Forums or u deserve to be poor?

This is only trading @ Forkdelta, Etherdelta and shit government website.

Venezuelan here, he's not lying

i'm venezuelan too, and i am bored of all the opositors of the government lieing about things like dictatorship and hunger. Of course, our government is not perfect, but it's much better than the neoliberalism than others are trying to impose by making wars on the streets.

By the way, in which country isn't the government controling the voting system? kek


Stop flooding my country Venezuelans.

T. Congolombian

Shut up Yohan, get out of my another chan

Actually dictatorships go down when countries are doing good because of US interception.

Fucking mind-washed idiot

Venezuelan here. This guys is a scammer. He's stealing your coins

By the way, who would buy a fixed-price currency controlled by socialist government? This shit is like buying worthless Bolivares

1 VEF = $0.09
1 VEF = $0.000004

you too

>mind-washed idiot

Says the Amerilard

I'm brazilian and they are flooding the north too
Saw some videos of a shitload of them sleeping at a plazas, I genuinely feel bad for them

is this worth buying?

Hermano, vos estás demente.

Vos si que lo estás, hermano. Ya es hora de que comiencen a decir la verdad.

>socialist backed currency


I am Colombian but everyone knows Maduro will fact, opposition may not even be participating in this elections

>1 PTR = 26USD

kek u must be joking

>By the way, in which country isn't the government controling the voting system? kek

You know what he is talking about, don't be this uncapable of understanding democracy

Argentina here, they are all over the capital but apparently they avoid the other provinces.
I went to a job interview and I was the only non Venezuelan,

Pump in 1 hour. Join in now.,,

goo dot gl/7ixGXd

Colombian here, and they are now begging for money in buses in Bogotá or changing Bolivar bills for very few pesos. Anyway, I think they should be totally welcome here, the government should let them in. We should help them, if we care about ethics.

We could be in the same situation

you got to be kidding me is Maduro behind this? Why the hell would he use an ERC20 token?

Isnt this exactly like Tether when they say that 1 Petro is equal to 1 barrel of oil? the only thing supporting that is the assumption that it is

whats the point of buying it? it will never moon, exactly like Tether, one Petro will always be equal to 1 Barrel. The only thing they can do is print more Petro and claim that they're still equal to 1 barrel, but effectively inflating the purchasing power of all Petros in circulation

It can't moon, it can only crash

Buy buy buy buy

Bolivares is as strong as Petro


If they do get fair elections there's no way the opposition will lose tho

The problem is the whole economic blockade doesn't affect the venezuelan goverment, but the lower to middle class people living there.

The US goverment is planning to take Maduro down and install a puppet goverment. They have military troops in Panamá ready and a couple of submarines in Venezuela's coasts, but Big Daddy Russia is protecting baby Maduro because of the oil wells (Gotta mention US's only reason to install a puppet goverment is because the uranium reserves and oil wells).

Opposition in Venezuela is a joke. People know you will end dead next to the road if you oppose Maduro. He has thugs that do the dirty job for them and a proof of that is all those college students dead.

>fair elections
That's a fun joke. Now pick one motherfucker

Thanks, now i'm going to buy a lot of petrocoins.

the real helpful face of south american shitniggers

The only country that truly helped Venezuelans atm is Perú

I never put a dime into cryptocurrency. I never mined either, as I was not interested in the days you could mine with your desktop's CPU, and now you need custom ASICs.

I did get 6000 free XML/Stellar though. Those are now $360 of XLM, $269 of BTC, $208 of ETH. Plus $1850 of cash I withdrew.

I am not putting any cash back into cryptocurrencies. I am definitely buying AT LEAST $200 worth of Petro when it hits the market though. I am not going through the signup forms etc., but when it hits the crypto exchanges I will be buying it.

There is not a full economic blockade commie, Citgo is still Venezuelan and receiving oil and revenue, there are blockades to proved narcos and human rights violators

Enjoy your caja clap, bolsa

One important thing about this.

The Venezuelan government declared it will accept petros as payment for taxes, fees etc.

It is like a government selling bonds.

What other cryptocoin has a government backing it? In a country where the government owns massive amounts of oil wealth?

A lot of cryptocoins are backed by nothing. The Petro is the first cryptocoin with some real worth. For any Venezuelan who has to pay taxes, it is as real as currency.

I wonder if Petro will still be around if Venezuela ever recovers, or if it would be ditched by an incumbent government.

Imagine buying this literal commie dictatorship shitcoin, and then like 10 years down the line when Venezuela is getting its shit back together, its still in use but see an astronomical pump, as soon as sanctions are lifted.

Sadly I don't think that's would be the case, and I'm pretty sure this is just a scam to take money from foreigners, but it's almost worth the risk of accumulating some through back channels and trying to get away with it, as a US citizen.

Kek the commies shilling this coin are the most funny thing I have seen here, how much are they paying you? Papi maduro is this afraid that his Ponzi scheme won’t work that has to put public workers to shill his stupid scam?. Also guys remember that a barrel of oil is worth 0 while is underground, and that is the “promise” of this coin as all Venezuelans barrels of oil are taken strictly to pay debts and to the us to get little revenue, so the “promise” that this coins are worth a barrel of oil is completely false, without also taking into account that Venezuelan oil industry is in its worst position since its foundation. Seriously the Venezuelan government will exit scam on you and good luck on trying to see your money ever again. I will still laugh at your pink wojaks though.

Careful with Gustavo petro Colombian bro... careful

Read the fucking post, its already listed on some exchanges and u can buy sending eth to the contribution address.

enough kiddie talk. real issue. why tf does the logo look like pic related

and why is the name only one letter away from "penor"

does anyone have link to exchange?

what the actual fuck, this coin is government backed by the country with the biggest oil reserve? what the actual fuck, this is like Saudi arabia or uae. what the fuck. tell me why i shouldn't go all in on this?

Yes attach my money to their currency that's in free fall and in oil that's also in free fall.

Nice try, el goblino.

There's no way U.S. citizens will be able to legally own this for very long. Might as well be Iran coin or North Korea coin to ZOG shysters.

because the price for one penor is fixed to a fiat equivalent, like tether

one the price goes higher because of demand, they just print more to keep the price down with no mechanism in place to keep the price from falling except the believe that the government is holding promises and keeps oil reserves equal to every coin (which is obviously utter bullshit because its not even intended to be redeemable "in oil". the only thing that makes practical sense is to redeem it in dollars, which they factually cant)

>Country can't even organize a regular currency
>Wants to put a lot of their money into an arena where Big U.S. firms and financial institutions could easily fuck with them
>26 dollars per coin

Oh wew, lads.

Ya te ví, Maduro. Ahora fuera de mi tablón.

stay the fuck away.

>we will see a government exit scam in our lifetime
the best timeline

Fuck off South American pajeet

I trust socialists much more than capitalist pigs.

Where to buy?

No one from the US is allowed to invest in Petro because of UN Sanctions on Venezuela. It's a one way ticket to federal pound you in the ass prison.

Fuck off Uribe

"Backed by petrol"

>you: Ok, goverment, give me my money/petrol
>corrupt goverment: Lol, no

I can see it going places

How are foreigners supposed to register with this? a passport? bribe a citizen from Venezuela with 100$ for their ID?


Fuck off maduro your shit goverment will fall, not even petro or the chinese will save it

does anyone know?

Glad crypto is going mainstream, this particular project needs to fail though. It's anti-american and has a "product" behind it. A product they have no power to control the price of (OPEC jews)

also kek

Try 5 dollas

Bitconnect meets marxism

For anyone not paying attention, this is what shilling looks like

me bough much
yo like petro buy much trus me

This owns

because venezuela will not exist in 12 months

A callar muerto de hambre y que le follen a podemos cabron que nos traeis vuestra basura socialista a España.

Cautionary tale
>sancor, a milk company trusted maduro
>they sent 100 million worth (Estimated) of milk products
>Maduri has not paid the milk yet
>sabor is reasonably butthurt

based maduro, just bought 100k.