105k portfolio to 30k

105k portfolio to 30k.

Just fucking kill me.

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What were you holding user?


wow, coincidence?
hear me out before you kms or anything, I went from 30k to 105k during the bull run. gonna cash out if btc goes below 10k


Ripple and xvg

Turned 5k into 105k. Guess i should be happy but fuck.. I missed out on so much.. I already tied the knot.

you still have 30k tho.
any chance you might send it to me before you kys?

I turned 5k in to 250k over the last few months. CanYa and aXpire brought me down to 30k.


top kek

>I turned 5k in to 250k
how did you make your initial boost up to 250k?

Holy kek

Probably icx, neo, xrp

that’s like 75 herman miller aeron chairs

CanYa feel it?

>tfw I got a $1500 portfolio to $20,000 but didnt cashout and now its worth $4k

120k to 80k what coins you holding op?

I got $3.000 to $35.000 and got memed into bagholding back down to $15.000. See you next year anons. We will all make it.

400€ to 1300€ then down to around 600€, oh well, first mistake i made was buying crypto at the end of december and not mid november when I was first introduced to it

I got a 375$ portfolio to 8.5k$. My ATH was 26.5k$.

Fuck you
>I always day trade eth , never hold
>Got greedy because i wanted to sell for 953
>it reaches 952
>then goes down
>it -10% now
How the fuck do you hold and not lose your shit

by not being a greedy bitch faggot nigger with no impulse control

I got out-jewed , lession learned

>Finally went into crypto just before the crash
>Never been positive

Been there, done that. It'll come as easy as it went. Don't sweat it, user. You'll look back on this and laugh. Just make sure to learn from your mistakes.

3k to 320k to 55k


how did you get 320k?

Man I still think aXpire has a chance of getting some nice gains

No way

Pump in 1 hour. Join in now.,

goo dot gl/7ixGXd

500k to 280. Boo.

1.3m to 53k gambleing on shitcoins after the inital pump.

Started with 300$ made shit newbie trades till 100$. Then reached 1k. Held till 12k bitcoin. And cashed out 600$... so not as bad i guess..

fuck man

i started early 2017


>have 5k at the start of dec
>hit 900k around mid jan
>currently on 250k

I’m going sub 100k arnt I?


what did you invest in user?

260k to 150K

Today I realized crypto is dead and I should start applying for jobs.

300k portfolio to 200k
Thanks chainlink. This could be you but you invest in shitcoins instead.

If someone had told me years ago I would kill myself over internet meme coins I would have laughed... But here I am.

I meant 30k at start of dec
Rode xvg till 1 jan to 250k then went into coss,eng,icx,zcl and also hit jackpot with tau ico which hit 8x (I put 25 eth in and only took about 20 eth profit near top...)

How do you go on living?

Buy exrn

Before you do, make a video of you deleting your wallet info so that other people can be miserable too.

You gotta be fuckin kiddin me m8


That car ICO with the BMW partnership right after Modum

Bounced back and forth a few times between 80k to 150k.

The bull run of BTC's value brought me up to 250k.

I exited my position on NEO and XRP a day or two before they skyrocketed. I would've been near 1 mill.

im a hollow shell of my former self, contemplate suicide on a daily basis knowing the lfie i could have lived has passed me by.

>99k portfolio down to 15k
How do you think I feel ?

Assuming you had 1 mill at the end of 2017, thats 300k in taxes. Whats your gameplan? I owe more in taxes than I have right now due to the crash.

This is only if the gains were realized by converting into fiat.

If you didn't cash out into fiat in 2017, you don't owe any taxes on crypto this tax season.

For next year, all coin-to-coin trades are applicable to realizing gains. As a result, we ALL will owe taxes for 2018, as we've all made trades. But we won't have to pay the taxes for this year, until tax season in early 2019.

By then, I'm going to have my SALT loans handle all my taxes.

I loaded up on over 10k SALT to be able to pay for all my taxes.

Smart money is doing that, or straight up moving to Puerto Rico or other tax havens, or even renouncing their citizenship (if they have hundreds of millions of dollars worth of crypto).

Im getting inheritance from my grandmother and a pension my gradnad had from the iron industry, so ill be able to cover it.

What did u hold?

Congrats, I'm happy you don't have to wear the shackles of debt. Good luck in your future.

Do you have a source for only paying taxes on fiat for 2017?