I know a lot of wojaks are getting posted, so I thought I'd share a gem. Looking at the graph you will see the hype has died down, but that just makes this a juicier buy.

For honesty; I bought in ICO, sold most at 375k and rebought my stack around 230.

OriginTail Website: origintrail.io/
Telegram: OriginTrail

What is the project?

OriginTrail is a decentralized protocol for data sharing and data interoperability along any supply chain.

It targets three bottlenecks of current supply chain data solutions:

Scalability and cost issue of blockchain.
Fragmentation of data.
Issue of sensitive data that underpin a stakeholder’s competitive advantage.
They will implement these solutions to these bottlenecks:

Offchain scaling (like Vitalik Buterin recently recommended) via ODN and graph databases.
GS1 Standard = A well-known industry standard for data (other standards for data exchange will be integrated later on).
ZK-Snarks to protect sensitive data.
Hence OriginTrail is all about (offchain) scaling and providing interoperable data sharing between multiple supply chains on the blockchain.

The TRAC tokens are used for nodes and each action (reading, writing, etc) to the blockchain will cost TRAC tokens. Nodes will get rewarded in TRAC as well. Tokens for the team, advisors and preICO are locked for 2 years, receiving a percentage every three months. The whitepaper is really well written, it was a delight to read after so many baseless buzzword whitepapers and I advise you all to read it.

Why should I buy?
38M marketcap
Masternodes announcement in March
Monthly update with partnerships NEXT WEEK. (Check 2nd post)
TRACE alliance announcements soon

Some more links:

Reddit posts that goes more in-depth: reddit.com/r/CryptoCurrency/comments/7sv2d1/truly_undervalued_pt_ii_origintrail_under_the/

Youtube interview: youtube.com/watch?v=FTRVpMYdziA&feature=youtu.be

Other urls found in this thread:


Report coming next week

You can buy on ForkDelta or IDEX.

Small demo (will need to be translated, chrome should do this automatically)


It needs to get on a damn exchange to do anything at all...

I firmly believe new exchanges are coming in march with the masternodes announcements. I think the team is focusing on the tech. The ETH pegged very high, which meant the crowdsale sold out in minutes 2-3 weeks ahead of schedule. I think the market dying + the fact they released so early hurt the project, but it seems to have really bottomed out now.

Fuck off OP.

Consider using Stake United for staking, masternodes, etc. stakeunited.co/ - stakes for you.

Yeah OP I love TRAC but now is the time for accumulation not shilling. Let's get on a not shitty exchange first and have a bit more development shall we.

u fuckheads do it all wrong
yeah, trac fucked up marketng and communitywise

now you should use this wonderful time to grab some cheap bags
instead you little kids freak out because all your 200 dollar lunchmoney is invested and maybe down 20%
now ur freaking out and think bad shilling here will raise the price a bit so mommy won't slap you when she sees what you did with your allowance
you poor people disgust me

down 40% but HODLing for minim 1 year, and still accumulating

This guy gets it. So many fucking kiddies in this game. It's fine, I'll hold your bags you little shits.

Bought 10k at ~290, still holding until march at least.

I would rather have the pasta 2bh

Steak is overrated

delete this

I'm ready for my TRAC masternode


Same here. Even bought extra just to sell when this thing inevitably moons. Life is good.

52k here, do you think is enough?
I wish I had waited a little to buy even cheaper

wonder how much we need for masternodes

Yep 50k should be enough. Really hoping for a tiered node system that starts at 10k but it'd probably start at 20/30k

enough for what?

I'm guessing 10k minimum. Could honestly be anywhere from 10-100k though. Hoping for a tiered system.

Masternode dude. The VeTrain may have left, but the OriginTrain hasn't even finished boarding. I might actually make it with this one. (disclaimer: I have over 75K, and still accumulating)

what satoshi did yall buy at

Dont fall for this bagholder shill . This is a textbook shitcoin.
Literally nobodies from Slovenia.

>inb4 muh wallmart
You can win McDonalds innovation prizes too.

>You can win McDonalds innovation prizes too.

Ok.... and why would this be a bad thing?

Terrible fud post

>Sergey from Chainlink
>OriginTrail is the Chainlink of supply chain
>dubs checked and kekd


Also, wtf is this on their team section?

These bitches giving blowies under the desk or what.

I'm supposed to buy this shitcoin when these sloots already probably have hundreds of thousands?

>random big company tax write off 'awards' are a bull sign to buy

Please user.


Let me repeat again: they are literal nobodies from a slav shithole without a working product and without any big partnerships. Vaporware shitcoin.

>This guy gets it. So many fucking kiddies in this game. It's fine, I'll hold your bags you little shits.

nothing is stopping you from buying you little shitface

no need to tell random people to buy it just so the price goes back up because your bags are feeling heavy right now

Erm...I want the price to fall lower lol. I even told OP to stop shilling.

>Vaporware shitcoin

Just like WTC rite user? Kek

It's funny really. You present biz with the genuine next big thing, one of the most viable ERC-20 tokens in the space, and it gets shat on. Why? Because this board is filled with fucking idiots who enjoy buying high and holding heavy bags of literal shitcoin like UFR and PFR.

At the end of the day, you want the price to rise so you can cash out

Pyramid scheme

>nobody sees this flaming slav turd as the diamond in the rough it is

Stop posting and buy more bags. You deserve them.

>Pyramid scheme

Just like this whole fucking market?!

Doing it right now user. We'll see how things pan out.

can you at least wait until next week to shill this?
I want the price to stick around this level for a bit.

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