ICO thread

Post upcoming ICOs that are very good. I'll start.

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i bought WindingTree (LIF) and it says the tokens are frozen for another 6 hours...

what does that mean? never bought an ico before. already got my tokens, tho.



is there an ICO which respects my freedom?

Origami Network
> working product
> low cap



Sure, lets point out where the gold is, fucking brainlets.

Why not just put the capital in to chainlink? Origami will be using chainlink as its Oracle provider.

I'm looking at one in a couple of weeks. Seems very promising, but I don't want to shill it on Veeky Forums.

give me a ref code user, i'm registering now.

get ori network ? r=AD3993
Enjoy user

Because there's so much more than that in this project


too late man, sry


well I tried

i heard something called shitfart or sharter is pretty good.

I'm going to do you a huge favor faggots, and post a non-scam non-shitcoin ICO here (unlike the other dumpsters posted above and in all the other similar threads nowadays on biz), because some of you are actually ok.

Yes, I know I'm probably sending pajeet herds towards it, I just feel generous today.

i will second this, desu
hopefully we can participate without pooling though

You better get a pool user, and a damn good one at that, because this thing isn't making it to the crowdsale ...

fuaaark, being outside the US at least an advantage?
Will look into it more



Something that the industry needs and there’s a private sale happening soon before the main ICO begins in March.

This one is going to destroy the pajeet scams.

Endor and Boldpure are both 10/10 projects


I’m a fan of blue Jew nose as well

A narcissist and desu-typer invest in this?

>He doesn't know about the wordfilters

good luck :^D

absolute goldmine

HEXX -> better than an ICO

Unironically, this looks exactly like a pajeet scam as of now. All the team members have new linkedin profiles, telegram is muted and they look to raise some ridiculously low amount in the presale.
Not sure about the DD yahoo is doing before posting about a project.
Staying on the sidelines for now, too many red flags without even digging deep.

AdHive, Morpheus Network

what if it turns out to be a fucking pajeet scam
i would die