Bought back in at $11,600

>bought back in at $11,600

I bought at around 20k, then sold at 10k, bought at 16k, sold at 8k, bought at 10k, sold at 6k, now bought at 11k

Fuck me


Why are you even trying to play the market? Just buy and hold since you clearly suck at it.

Iktfb ;_;
Just hodl.

Nice new maymay but the pic is too small.

>sell at 10k
>cycle complete

his name is ses newfriends

in what cases do we use this glorious new meme, my friend?

What the fuck is wrong with you?

>ill sell and buy back in lower
>price immediately goes up
absolutely fucking JUSTed rn

LOL, bought at 10360 when i woke up sold at 10660 after shower, easy money

gz on 50 bucks after taxes


>plastic bag on head


Would you mind telling us the next time you decide to buy/sell ?

>Bought in at $1k
>Held through the first crash
>Went into alts for the alt-boom
>Finally sold everything when BTC reached $13k and alts stagnated
>Bought back in at $7k after US Senate hearing, just in time for LINK initial mainnet
>Anticipating consolidation between $10-11k for a few months before the summer bullrun begins

I just don't know how you guys do it. Is this why making money in crypto is so easy?

top ded

>falls for a tripcode pump and dump faggot like oracle

learn from me and practice this tip. only way to save urself when btc is crashing is to EMOTIONALLY TRADE. if bitcoin is in a uptrend you have to trade logically


ur doing grat

OP you are fine just hodl. Remember my words, dont sell.


how come its going down