You have 10 seconds to give me ONE good reason why you aren't investing in this man

You have 10 seconds to give me ONE good reason why you aren't investing in this man.


i've tho. fucked and creamed his arse at a strip joint in vegas.

next recession is incoming, will invest once in ~2 years once stocks are a little cheaper

You've been posting this for almost a year now

I did, I bought a flamethrower

No Fuckin' Dividends

I invested heavily into Google and they own 10% of SpaceX so Musk's success will significantly influence my gains.

Dumped my Tesla stock last summer at peak for a nice profit and they still haven't recovered, might buy again if they crash.

ok Veeky Forums
how many of you actually think the tesla car orbiting the earth thing was real? be serious now

cause we have never left the atmosphere

How do I do this
t. newfag

that stupid face

He seems shady as fuck. Everything about his projects seems shady. Shady in an echoing manner.

it's not, it's orbiting the sun

Can you really argue with results though? The man has accomplished amazing things.

and then its going into uranus

I'm already all in on this man

if his low orbit satellite internet thing doesn't make money, he'll literally have no money for spacex and will have to stall tesla R&D

Already bought Link. Link and Tesla are basically one and the same soon.

Government handouts

did HE "accomplish" them, or is he just a front man/puppet dangled in front of our eyes? who owns him? Why does the MSM want us to love him? why should we just swallow the cute story that SpaceX is entirely controlled by Musk himself and is just his own private little company?

i don't like african americans


all us amerifats already have:
he's living off government contracts
the government turned a blind eye to his paypal monopoly
i'm not saying he isn't doing important work but this Iron Man shit is noxious
musk is doing the same thing every other attention merchant does

>fake earnings
>tech bubble

Investing? It is more like donating money for cool toys.


What is his coin?


ugh the Elon Musk circle jerk.

>he made space x which made space travel way cheaper huurrr hurrr
nigga the iss is a waste of money to begin with.

>tesla tesla
nigga he is building faggot ass cars with tax payers money

being in the right place in the right time.

he's a masonic puppet, stupid! u should know


Tesla is overvalued and none of his other companies are publicly listed.

because he has the most punchable face I have ever seen

>iss is a waste of money
So? What's your point you retard?


theres only one man in who you should invest

Because rocket technology for spaceflight has been outdated concept since the 1950s

We already have a secret space program based on mercury anti-gravity technology

>he is the only one whos gonna profit from all the investements in him
>why are you not investing in him
even if ponzi has flashy enough neon sign for US gov to believe in it doesn't make it any less of a ponzi

because space is fake