Would you fuck over your fellow man, society and your country for money?

Would you fuck over your fellow man, society and your country for money?

Asking for a friend.

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Yeah, of course.

At this current state of hyper-degeneration there is not much left to fuck over.

I mean, why would you do that?

depends how much

(((they))) already have

Yeah but how about you?

Nope not intentionally

sure. I live in canada, would love to see this place burn to the ground desu

I am very traditional conservative and find it despicable what's happening to the world today. Unfortunately the youth of the world only listens to (((their))) propaganda so almost every youth is a liberal and they only contribute to destroying society.

At this point I'm not sure how to fight back. All of this degenerate behavior is so normalized I feel like they've ready won

Depends on the amount.



Wouldn't murder or financially ruin people for profit.

who would do such a thing

Not pasta but some user wrote this about link & it seems relevant to your q op

>Chainlink is the key to mass-automation of a bunch of processes, obviously. There is no limit to what you can do with it. It's infrastructure. When people say that most legal and managerial tasks will be automated in 10 years, this is certainly a major part of what is going to enable that shift.
>In fact, it's probably even greater than just the next step in automation. It's probably the next step in the development of capitalism itself. Think about what capitalism is based upon for a second:
>1. Private ownership
>2. Contract enforcement
>Do I need to elaborate on point 2 or can you imagine that part for yourself?

That's right, every single link holder is about to fuck over huge swaths of mankind for money


Life is a big lottery. I have lost the gene and environment card, therefor I have two options:

-Becoming a low beta cuck goy that wageslaves all his life away to life in a shoecartoon

-Becoming immoral and take what I deserve as much as you. You think you have earned your success because you were born with a high iq, good looks and a driven personality? Then I have earned the success of taking your success, your money, your wife because I was born into this hell that created this anti-social personality.

So yeah. I could get money for murdering every single person in this thread without fearing a persecution you would suffer so much that hell would be a relief.
I would kill parents in front of their children or children in front of their parents.

If I could, I would take every single thing from you, even things like your dignity. I would leave you with nothing but a constant suicide thought train that sooner or later will run over you, just to get some money.

>fellow country men of spics and filthy niggers
>((((society)))) of degenerate sluts and beta numales crying for their own extinction
>(((((((United States of America)))))))
I wouldn't give it a second thought of course i would fuck over this entire thing to get rich

Elaborate on Point 2. One example of Link making an obvious industry clearing of turds

Without even blinking... seriously.

i do it for free. all my friends are commies and my country a socialist shithole.

waiting for someone to put a wojak on this

this what you get for letting pajeets in your country

>your fellow man

Which ones and in what capacity?


Which society and in what capacity?

>your country

Which portions and in what capacity?

I don't give a rat's ass about the shitty united States where I live, giving power to all the wrong people.

But my home country of Poland I would die for. I'm very nationalistic (I'd be called racist in the US for being proud of my white country's history). As soon as I make 2 mil in crypto I cashing out and moving to Poland with my 9/10 qt traditional gf I started dating when she was a 17yo virgin.

Fuck the US.

Okay there, Fred. LISTENE ERE BUB! Here's what ya gotta do. *squats down, scratches my ginger receding hairline, Boiston accent intensifying*

You get a social insurance number of a person who either moved out of the country, is dead, or is missing. You create new ID's in some small town, after you get the birth certificate copy. Use your photo on the ID's, but his/her name and data.

Then you go up North for the summer to work at a lumber mill. Or you go crab fishing in the winter, doesn't matter. So long as the job is seasonal, they typically don't follow up on addresses, let alone on social insurance numbers.

You work for the season, and then you stop. The more of a sob-story the better. You claim unemployment benefits or welfare - typically in the most socialist province or state you can get.

You sign on a reasonable number of dependents, but you put a P.O, Box as your mailing address.

You pay a homeless man a part of the welfare check to cash it into a bank. Make sure he uses different ATMs and branches. The homeless man will agree, because he can either screw you out of one check and profit once, or cooperate with you and continually profit.

You funnel that cash money through any means you see fit - typically set up some phoney e-business selling faggoty soaps.

Boom, you have now scammed the welfare system that was originally taking money from you.

>But that's immoral
After enough non-productive free-riders, and belligerent abusive migrants take advantage of the system, morality is no longer a question
>But you're just contributing to the problem
Good, the faster the welfare state collapses - the better. I funnel any money I get from scams into white schools, orphanages, communities, and alt right organizations.

Even Ayn Rand took medicare at the end of her life. She justified it as taking back money that was unjustly stolen from her.

Love from, Canada

>Even Ayn Rand took medicare at the end of her life. She justified it as taking back money that was unjustly stolen from her.

she was a barking mad ubercunt.

We're all barking mad at this point, bucko. Let this failed experiment burn, profit from the ashes, and rebuild society as it used to be 75yrs ago. Ride the madness, faggot. You have nothing better to do.

Sergey will explain here

they have already won user, but I feel that everyone is starting to get sick of their insane ways and are secretly changing. we still have a chance at a good society.

And I'm a lawyer...

Thanks though... I gotta check this out.

not really. im a "libtard" in terms of basicly chances for everyone, basic health & medicine etc etc, but im also sick of how far some people take it and how fake it is. Especially america and germany seem to get so cucked because theyre taking it too far
Why not a balance?

Just get as big a stack of link as you can & run a node, you'll probably make more money than you are on now

I wouldn't.

My fellow man, society and country all suck balls, if anything i can't wait for the chance


Our countries laws are the result of many people saying yes to this question. One more won't change very much.

Although I'd rather be just the top 10% without doing any of those things, which I will be one day.