Grow up

Grow up.
Speak the truth.
Clean your room.
Go into the unknown and conquer it.
Sort yourself out.

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go fuck yourself kermit cunt


>says leftists are trapped by ideology
>believes in god

convincing argument, good sir

He says ideology is bad because it's basically a corruption and butchering of religion.

become a fuckin lobster

Peterson is a Zionist plant.

But the real truth is we live in a demiurge duality matrix. Break free from good vs evil user.

dude i'm going to find you, kill you, and report you to cftc if you dont stop spamming this shit

But d-don't talk about the jews goyim, theyre where they are cuz of their high iq!

me cunt think 4 miself
me get ma edukating from yootoob vidos
me be redpiled yay

>people with disabilities are like that because they don't clean their room haha am i right guys (roughly speaking)
literal brainlets love jordan



Gwow ap.
Conqwew it.


-Grizzlord Grizzerson

ok internet dad

>Le' intellectual who uses big words meme
I dont deny his scientific shit but if you listen closely all of his personal "metaphysical" concepts could be worded much simpler. When he speaks you can see him pausing to pick words probably to make it more "accurate" which to me at least just comes off as being somewhat pretentious.

>hey kid wanna SS?

In all seriousness is her hand placement normal?

I'm not even autistic but if a girl had one arm around me and the other hand that low id definitely think she was trying to fuck.

this. so much this. also, archons

You are too dumb to actually listen to his perspectives on religion then.

Or she's framing her tits better for the photo user.

He actually does that, he believes in being very precise in is speech (he has stated that multiple times), so he says exactly what he means and minimize misinterpretation, so a dialogue can be more productive. Its not a bad thing at all.

where else is she gonna put it on the boys nipples? also


Fixing your life is not that much different from cleaning your room tho.

God is like a metaphor for Peterson. Don't take him so literally.


no one wants to hear the truth.

This guy is such a fag. He misinterprits Jung and Nietzsche and then dumbs it down for people too stupid to read books.
Self help manuals are not real books.

Reminder to conquer the dragon.

fellow gnostic bros

Plus he is a big Jung fan and quotes him ad nauseaum. Especially his most mystical ramblings.

At least that gives purpose, opposed to believing that everything is meaningless (being a fuck up nihilist).

Everything is meaningless.

>"everything is meaningless"
>being such a cuck you cannot even give meaning to things and have to have a skydaddy do it for you


yeah my room is dirty

yeah i actually really admire that about him

Peterson is a pressure release valve. Ignore at all costs.

true nihilists are optimistic, stoic, ambitious and have grit.

Those typical "nihilists" are merely scratching the surface and gives up immediately when the hard questions come


This guy always seems like a sad boi loser, can't take him seriously. You shouldn't need someone to tell you to have a firm handshake if you had a halfway decent father.

>if you had a halfway decent father
so like 10% of the population
>tfw dad was really passive and almost didnt raise me


Where did this goofball even come from. He seems to have popped up recently. Dudes a total dork.

They're just things Jordan Peterson says often. It's mocking his book.

>Doing productive things is preferable to the inverse
Genius philosophy leftists cannot touch such academic & rhetorical heights where would we be without such novel thought and BASED Jordan Peterson

Jordan Peterson is an atheist you mong. He just doesn't want to be associated with atheists, but it appears you can't discern that.

"I need to be outside of the system to observe the system"

>Genius philosophy leftists cannot touch such academic & rhetorical heights where would we be without such novel thought and BASED Jordan Peterson
you're the ones who decided to oppose common sense
don't complain when it's weaponized against you

Jordan Peterson is the best meme to hit the internet since Leeroy Jenkins.

I hate how people only listen to his recent stuff and judge him by it, his psychology lectures are the best thing about him. If you really wanna understand him then you should watch his class lectures.

I actually never seen any of his lectures, just some Rogaine and Jewh3 podcasts + channel 4 interview.
Do you guys recommend something because I really dont wanna watch 500+ videos.

I don't get it why you dislike the man. Based as fuck IMO.

His philosophy isn't about "working hard" "cleaning your room" or any of that crap.

The central tenet to his philosophy is that archetypes have a transcendent value and that value is more real than anything. Thus, we should align ourselves with these archetypes. This contrasts what actually exists in reality. If you can even call "meaning" a thing that exists in this world, then "meaning" is just an Abstraction and is no more real or less real than anything else. The total amount of information that makes up the universe at all points in time is a block of information. "Meaning" (if it even exists) is just a smaller percentage of that information, and no more real than any other way you can divide that information. One can even be more meaningful than the other, but they will both have the save level of "real" and "truth". This directly contradicts his notion of the archetypes being more real than anything else.

It's just circular logic. The archetypes arise out of human activity, not the other way around.

>says leftists are trapped by ideology
>literally is a cultural babylonian who worships Marduk and sometimes Christian fundamentalist

kermit is a funny guy

He yelled at some people who wanted him to use their preferred pronouns.

The alt-right is so desperate for any sort of intellectual credibility that they latched onto him like flies on shit and the rest is history.

fight the bloody postmodernism bucko

What the hell are you blabbering on about ridiculousone?

>wanted the law to force him to use their preferred pronouns.

fixed that for you

What the fuck does this have to do with Business or Finance you /pol/ runoff faggots?

>and that value is more real than anything.
i don't think he ever said that the transcendent value of archetypes is more real than anything. How can anything be more real than anything else? It's real or it's not and reality isn't some shaded value.
The 'clean up your room' thing comes partly from Piaget, who explains human life from the neuronal level, to the way you sit stand eat breathe and walk, all the way up as a series of nested functions until you get to the most inclusive one which is being a good person in the world.
Little boys need to arrange things on a scale of superiority when you can't. If your brain functions badly, you can't walk or concieve of things as efficiently or in line with reality as well as a mentally healthy person.
So someone who lives in cluttered filth should really hold back on the extreme solutions to the world's problems when they can't keep themselves clean or get a job they can stand. Because those functions are in a smaller nested box than fixing the world.

Not a fan. He uses his reasonable psychology stuff to lure vulnerable young men into his far-right ideology.

It's bait.

>The central tenet to his philosophy is that archetypes have a transcendent value and that value is more real than anything

That's Jung, not Peterson

Peterson is a Jung fanboy tho

this is based jordan kermitson
he triggers the libshit

>Clean your room.
lol why would my room be notably dirty in the first place? Why would you assume my room is dirty? Who is this faggot?

if meaning didn't exist, even in the most basic of ways, you literally wouldn't feel the need to type all that out and use words.

Nah, you shouldn't clean your room and think you did something. You should be focusing on actually achieving things. Jordan Peterson "worked" very hard every day all day until he was 55 and what did he accomplish? And when he said he wasn't going to use those pronouns, what did he accomplish? A whole lot more than he ever did "working hard". The key is to work as smart as you can, and do the least amount of work possible. Don't even say he had to work that hard for all those years and he couldn't have possibly made more money than that at a younger age, say 35.

Focus on output, not input.

So are most post-Jung psychologists. Should we just forget Jung and replace him with who is currently profiting the most from his ideas?

Peterson is a nobody youtuber giving out a dumbed down explanation of Jungs ideas. He is an e-celeb. Nothing more, nothing less.

Also business and finance.

Don't need to watch that video to tell its a dumbed down version of Mcluthan and or Baudrillard. I can tell by the title.

>you literally wouldn't feel the need

So if a serial killer feels the need to kill someone, then that death is meaningful?

This is what you define as meaning? Simply wanting something and feeling like it's the right thing, in your own flawed mind?

>Peterson is a nobody youtuber giving out a dumbed down explanation of Jungs ideas

He himself said that Jung is fucking hard to read, and I found his dumbified Jung stuff very enlightening. His great just for that, and there are many other things to praise.

Why do you attach value-judgements to the concepts of meaning?

>He himself said that Jung is fucking hard to read
So did Jung. That's why Jung's last book he finished just 10 days before he died at the age of 86 was a simple introduction to his work.

>rages against postmodernism
>basically all of his arguments stem from postmodernism

the man is a self-contradicting idiot

but if the jung stuff is peterson's own dumbed down take, is it really jung's stuff?

Jungs idea of getting in touch with the Anima. The female part of the male psyche is in need of adapting to the 21st centure.
The best way to harness your female psyche is to project an image of your idealised female form and imagine you must live your life as best you can to live up to her ideals.
This is mai Waifu for an example ^_^

This is exactly what Jung meant I just dumbed it down for you please donate to my Patreon as thanks. Also clean your room you messy boy!

He didn't just "achieve" his fame by refusing to speak those pronouns. The work he put in was over the past 30 years. Without it he wouldn't talk or act the way he does today.

If he'd set himself a goal to make as much money as possible off pop-psychology, I'd argue he'd be a completely different person. It's not a typical route to success. It's more of the product of decades of earnest work which would have gone unnoticed, had it not been for this episode with bill C-16...

Although he did have a bit of local fame from his appearances on local TV. Also he was apparently very popular among students already before any of this broke out.

The most grotesque type of “intellectual” is Jordan Peterson, hero of the far right, a man who worships Abrahamism and the super rich.

Jordan Peterson is the poster boy pseudo-expert for right wing Dunning-Krugers – because he has nothing better to do with his time than rant against left wingers and try to find specious arguments to defend conservative values and beliefs.


Someone post this on r9k

>The most grotesque type of “intellectual” is Jordan Peterson, hero of the far right, a man who worships Abrahamism and the super rich.

I suspect that if you had any valid criticisms, you wouldn't sound so threatened by him. I've heard people have honest disagreements with him and they don't call him things like "grotesque" or associate him with the far right (which is total bullshit).

Part of his "phenomenon" is the call back to civilised disagreement, instead of name-calling and/or complete dismissal due to failure to comply with the established dogma.

Grug clean cave.

Belief in God isnt an ideology.

what makes a guy vulnerable?

Peterson deserves his fame. Rogan deserves his fame. People that hate on them cant stand the idea that someone does something they think is right and is hugely successfull with it. Is rogan the smartest man on earth? No. Did he stick to a, back then, weird format against all odds? Yes. Did peterson chose to work as a clinical psychologist and earn shitloads in private practice? Nope. He went to teach.

His ranting is the result of the absolute shitshow that a minor part of the left pulled - that part got trump elected by the way. The left has its heroes, the right has its heroes, peterson never set out to be any hero for anybody, he did what he thought was right and some people agree with him. Buhuu

>hero of the far rigth


Youre an idiot if you think he is speaking about god

One is proud to worship when he cannot be an idol.

Rogan is a badass. Those who mock them are weak of character.

Peterson is a scamster. Sorry.

>being an atheist
>deliberately trapping yourself in a self imposed mental retardation
>unironically thinks theism is an ideology

I am convinced the only reason you haven't offed your worthless ass off is because you simply don't know how.

>I am convinced the only reason you haven't offed your worthless ass off is because you simply don't know how.

Neither of you is worthless for being wrong or having a disagreement. Stop that shit.

>Jordan Peterson is the poster boy pseudo-expert for right wing Dunning-Krugers

What does that say about all the morons who can't even hold an argument against him then? I don't even care for the dude, but to claim he is a fraud without any evidence to backup your point is in fact an example of the dunning-kruger effect in practice.

t. messy room

Peterson has no original ideas. He sells morons a dumbed down version of Jung and Nietzsche.
I like Jung and Nietzsche and can read their original works instead of a e-celebs interpretation of them. I then think anyone who chooses to follow the dumbed down version is dumb.

*an e-celeb