Would you

Suck this guys cock for 1.7 bitcoin?

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what ever happend to that guy

>You're listening to Magic 98.3, we'll be back after these words

the honey voice hobo? sure, why not.


I heard he got addicted to crack again and lost is job

nope, hes fine


real life bubbles

he was the president for a while where have you been???

I bet he’s got a salty load

I'll do it for free
>that deep sexy voice

You bet I would!


>when you samefag yourself a lol because you're this desperate for attention
kys faggot

holy shit you should kys immediately

did you just reply LOL to yourself? nigger fag


Holy fucking shit, man. Get a life.

I met him in Columbus like 1,5 year ago he's all good, I had no idea at that time he was known/famous

Is he a bog?

Why are there so many newfags and normies on this board? Disgusting

the one on the left could place a beer on his cheek

Nice recovery there, faggot

This board got so much worse since the end of November.



Are you ok?

cant a faggot have his own thread in peace? hes clearly alone and needs Veeky Forums

Can we stay on topic? Which of you filthy cucks would suck this guys smelly weiner for 1.7btc?

he's lucky he was discovered. the capitalist system can make a buck or 2 off him so now all of the sudden he has value to society again.

Dude, I'd suck it for 0.3 BTC and I'm a white, married straight young male with good IT salary living in EU, dafuq you speaking of these astronomical sums for a quick cock suck?


American Dream is Real boys.
>better fucking Believe it

No, but would suck dick for free if the guy is a qt and capable of longterm relationship.

Lol I thought the same thing

I would but I'll have to sell all my XMR to come up with the 1.7

If it's proven that there are no STD's involved, and I'd prefer if I could drink before and maybe use some lube.

suck his cock with lube? virgin detected

> maybe use some lube
you do realise your own mouth produces good enough lube, right?

And yes I would