Just looked at their website. Shit looks retarded.

AT&T contracts, huge this year

I think it looks pretty neat...

One of the few genuine coins around - growing business, actual product (android app next week), rumoured partnerships afoot, data exchange launching soon. Needs more hype.


Good long term coin.

I've already voted... I agree with everything you said, surprised it's not getting any hype here at all. It's ambitions are for the relatively short term as well in relation to other crypto projects. Only real(ish) problem is the massive supply...

>poor countries can sell cheap data to rich countries
only problem is that there is zero coverage in EU kek, literally useless coin since niggers wont buy data from chinks and vice versa

Bought some just because next weeks news and the chart was literally telling me this is the bottom.

Was a good buy.

here comes that dent shill again

Fuck this coin, vote Elastos

niggers can't buy anything. Why would anyone ever account for the buttborns?

You thoughts on partners. I fail to believe AT&T and co will accept to sell their datas for crypto coin. Goes against their interest + they are already making a killing on data.

FOMO me pls.

There's no extra charge for data roaming in the EU now, doesn't that make Dent kind of redundant in Europe?

Live in Mexico and spend a lot of time in thailand/phillipines for hookers. All of these poor fucks buy their shit data plans for week long or less periods. Also bank account top ups are done outside 7-11 at little kiosk things and everything is bought on phones. This shit is gonna be game changing for these markets.

White people will continue to buy our phones and data on contract, because we are not filthy street shitting sand niggers , spics, and jungle gooks.

Sleeping giant

>looks at the others on the list

DENT is going to be added to Binance fellas!

Sounds good. Looking to get some DENT.

Nice to see Selfkey, Elastos, and Zilliqa.

Dent (DENT)
Elastos (ELA)
Medicalchain (MTN)
Particl (PART)
Revain (R)
SelfKey (KEY)
Siacoin (SC)
SmartCash (SMART)
WePower (WPR)
Zilliqa (ZIL)

Good buy buy sirs

WPR is actually winning the competition at the moment. May want to look into it as well.

People buy it because its one of the "cheapest coin" s in the top 100. brainlets will never stop being brainlets

Visited the website and saw the app in the app store. Looks like a coin only retards would invest in.

AT&T gets a cut on data transactions, essentially making money on money