Does linkie want?

does linkie want?

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gib pls mummy

The lock is wrong on those. The bottom of the lock is suppose to be flat not round.


Can someone post a Chainlink papercraft again? The thread is no longer archived on /po/


/pol/ ?

Also reminder that if you're not a NEET, but in an industry that could utilize smart contracts, don't be a fag. Yesterday I stood in front of the entire management of my company (with some 15k employees) and shilled the fuck out of smart contracts because they'd quite literally save us tens of millions a year, and of course I namedropped LINK when explaining why no one has been able to utilize smart contracts until now.
Do your part, faggots. Smart contracts will revolutionize just about every industry. We just need to force the fuckers to take the leap.


The lock is wrong on those. The bottom of the lock is suppose to be flat, not round.

Look at this beauty

what are you talking about?

your autisme is even stronger than mine respect

fuck lol


The lock has always been round

I can't wait for this fucking fad to end.

funniest shit i have seen on this board in a while

holy shit been looking for this for a month.

here you go linkies. I paid some pajeet to make this shit so I don't even know how to print it

Has anyone got a high quality vector?

I was originally going to laser etch, but I think I am going to try to screen print directly on to these solid delrin cubes, pic very related

im convinced link owners are a bunch of fucking cult members

so what

Its going to be the wealthiest cult in the world, except Saturn Death Cult. I just realized their symbols are similar, not a coincidence.

Saturn death cult and sabbatean frankists are the only cults i believe exist with any power. Them and the jews.

It won't.

Paint and ink won't stick to Delrin very well. Not saying it can't be done, but that shit is basically teflon.

That's literally the wrong logo. Notice the font. Fuckingg kek, you retard

There’s a reason why I put my money on the cube



Is there an esoteric/occult connection between frogs and cubes?

user that's a fucking insult to Sergey. Up your game son