Anyone get in? still havent got a damn email

Lmao 2 devs just left a week ago

got the email but those fuckers want your id so nope



in DEEP!

The fuckers wanted my ID for air_fucking_drop.
I dont want to even know which immgrant nigger would use my ID as his in some ghetto to buy beer and stuff, LOL

They’ve actually added two new devs. Nice try though

Also find it funny how everyone want to dissuade people from participating in the airdrop in order to increase their stack. Bullish As fuck

In Telegram you can read that all KYC have been send a week ago. You should contact them..

still waiting on my drop, got the kyc last week

shitchain lol

Airdrop takes place mid march

do i have to remain in their telegram? is cringe af

Not yet
I just got the BoldPure email though after a week lol

Same thoughts about this Telegram channel.. Its creepy - i will stay there until the airdrop happens.

Got mine. Hoping more people bail due to KYC so we get more. Anyone got any big expectations on this?

The Martian does.

I do like the fact that Perdue are on board. Normies will buy in.

havent got my kyc and i messged the admin of the telegram. was told to just wait at this point. also have any of you got any updates on the lawsuit that the ceo was involved in? the admin just say they are going to contact the

>The Martian
Don't follow that reference. I agree, looking forward to it. Getting antsy though, since they're under a lot of pressure to keep quiet for the most part.

30 eth in presale

Did the KYC a week ago. What are the chances that the airdrop I get is anything above $1? I heard that it'll get divided between all participants and that it isn't a fixed amount, so I'm kinda thinking that I might have wasted my time.

like 37k people in that telegram divided by 2million coins. originally they said 250 mil those faggots

So about 50 coins per person? Eh, with a total supply of 500 million that sounds decent enough, I guess. But I guess I was right in thinking that those coins won't be worth more than $1.