Shill a crypto you like but the market hasn't really been kind to it yet, or it pumped and has been dumped...

Shill a crypto you like but the market hasn't really been kind to it yet, or it pumped and has been dumped... but doesn't deserve the junkyard.

buy devery while on sale every body here





Nimfa. Currently below ico price. Grab on fork delta.

Definitely FUN

nano and sub

All in fun and then dump before first casino release

I think all marijuana coins have a legitimate use as a legal bargaining chip between marijuana growth, dispensary and supply chains in states where weed is legal but it's still illegal at a federal level. Potcoin is the most well-known, so it's likely going to be the one used.

watch the recent CEO interview and realize what you should be doing in Q2


came here to post this, but BCPT has done zero marketing and shows now interested in doing any marketing so it is never going to rebound hard

interesting viewpoint, but why not just buy weed shares instead? Whats the point of a weed coin?


Look into AMB

I'm strapped in

JNT, it's just bouncing sideways.

LOL. More like doesn't deserve the top 50


If they can deliver it will be one of the bst 3rd gen blockchains out there. It consists out of modules and can be extended anytime. It supports sidechains that can be used by companies for their own purposes.


I like ONION but it got shilled to death by pajeets in their quest to qualify for an airdrop, which hurt it's reputation.

This, definitely ADA.



Why faggots, no one wants this and no one is signing on to make a killer dAPP on it.

EOS has already killed it by getting all of the people interested in this kind of platform involved.

>what's the point of a weed coin?
At this moment, if you live in the growing number of states with legal marijuana... 2 businesses that are involved in a legal product in their state have to deal in cash with each other and cannot put their money in a bank account legally because it's illegal at a federal level. In other words, even though what they're doing is legal, Uncle Sam considers it the same as them selling black tar heroin (Schedule 1 drug). And since the Attorney General in the US says he's not going to loosen restrictions at the federal level, this may continue for at least 7 more years.

every single weedcoin is a scam. They serve no purpose that bitcoin can't. No grower is going to accept some obscure shitcoin for their months of work.

So use any other crypto.


Enjincoin. I'm a gamer and can't wait to see where this coin will be in a couple years time when tons of games have integrated it. They just announced a partnership with PC Gamer and NRG eSports. I don't think the coin has gotten the exposure that it deserves.

DNA. At the cross section of 2 fields venture capital likes to throw money at (genomics and blockchain). About to release functioning product this week. Partnerships within genomics industry with more rumored. Recent increasing trickle of media coverage and interviews. Marketing mostly focused on genomics industry with virtually no marketing in crypto space. Added to Kucoin just in time to be dumped hard during the crash and still hasn't recovered. Currently undergoing another "mini-dump".


TKY is below crowdsale at the moment. Promising future as well. Im loaded up on both man and tky bit want more


Decred. Brilliant devs, very innovative. New roadmap this month.


Simple Token (OST). Already has a bunch of startups planning on using it, provides a system for easily creating new tokens that run on sidechains. They partnered with Upsplash recently, a popular photography site.

I think as soon as alts start moving up again it will do well, but it fell from $1.50 at the peak to $0.25.

You need to hope on etc before the normies do. I already have 1000ETC saved up.



JNT clearly.

I was about to say "no one ever mentions it" but you posted a minute before me. Way underappreciated coin.

Qlink, I jumped ship on the way down last month, but I still think this is a good coin.


It had an all-time high of $.52, I personally bought in at $.34 so I'm still bleeding hard. I know it'll be worth it once I can run my nodes next month but the lack of volume due to EtherDelta being down makes this coin both a good buy and a slightly challenging hold for those who bought high.

Factom. I don't even own any but boy do I feel bad for holders

EVX – Everex
LBC – Library Credits
HMQ – Humaniq
AMP - Synereo

I bought "the dip" at $70. Down 66%.

agree ADB is by far the most under radar project.