Nano android wallet

Nano android wallet

Just got a beta access thought people would want to take a look. Fudders and shills included to know what's up with it. Especially after Garry tan tweeted about it.

Gonna show a couple pics

It includes conversion to btc value and fiat currency of your choice

Deposited some Nano and it was literally instant

I didn't have to wait for it to sync or anything like that it worked right away I'm not sure how they do that


And the receiving tab

Sweet i got use it already!

it's a sexy wallet punjesh, but your currency's dead

>double spending
>hacks and 50 millions XRB taken
>CEO is hiding from Interpol in Italy
just buy more user

Eh I bought around 7 and 12 sold some at 33 and then 22 as it dips. I'll buy back in when the fudders go away. I'm not worried about any exchange drama long term. Still very cool to see shit like this it's very Noob friendly. Good for adoption whatever currency it could be

It was 17 millions there's no double spending and it has nothing to do with the stolen Nanos.

Nanos got stolen in October and pumped the fuck up afterwards anyway. We just didn't know.

Bitgrail verified balances client side of JavaScript what did you expect.

The Fud about double spends is some exchanges implemented nodes as if they were blockchain based not dag. Basically they thought they could automate the node to retry failed transactions until they work. Sometimes that lead to all of those (rarely more than 2) executing. The exchange would then deposit twice. A double spend per say is when you can create money out of thin air with a currency by spending twice what you have. Nothing to do with this. The exchanges that did this mistake didn't lose a significant amount like this, paid out from their own fees revenue and changes the integration of resending failed tx.

It was just dumb honestly. The currency itself has no bug.

What matters is it cannot happen ever again because exchanges now know they can't have the node resend without rechecking the balance.

You literally see I only own like 4 Nanos I have no bags. I'll definitely buy back in when the Fud fog clears out and people understand how retarded this drama is and has nothing to do with Nanos code

There was double spending.
What you talking about?
Go educate yourself

I love how there's 1 nigglet desperately trying to fud NANO just like the OMG fud nigglet. Literally within 2 days of that nigglet spamming false information Veeky Forums went up 20%. Please keep spamming a made up double-spending claim with no evidence, and not realizing that ETH and BTC have each had larger hacks before mooning :D!

Pic related.


How do you get the K/s meter in the status bar?

holy fuck rekt

I'm using a oneplus 3t on oxygenOS. Parameters. Status bar, show network speed. It shows the used speed not maximum potential speed

I did buy more, I’m going to be rich.

I'm gonna kms if this shit takes off since I lost all mine from that italian fuck

Some idiot who lost a lot of money. Anons should be asked to give their backstory on how they lost a ton of money buying high and selling low so we can get where there fud is coming from. See you faggots from the moon I went all in NANO 6500 screen cap this

He will refund 20% soon and 50% of bitgrails profits will refund the rest over time. If anyone keeps trading there idk.. Sorry about your loss mate but really it shouldn't affect what you trade now

p kl


Holy shit that's funny. The typical Veeky Forums fudder right there