Linkies what do you think of my wallpaper?

linkies what do you think of my wallpaper?

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Where can I get it, also check em

i haven't posted it anywhere

just finished making it

give it to the people user

its 35 mb can't post it here

Pls post without top bar. I'm obsessed with link.

Best i can do atm

Can someone please post the biz 777777 cube?

if only there was some sort of way to upload images that are too large for Veeky Forums

Can you remove the folders from view?

Google drive it
That odn box is sexy

I want this as my shower tile

Nope. Sorry. Need OP to deliver a resized image. Deliver OP. Don't be a faggot this time, please.

>my oc made it to someone's wallpaper
Unironically my biggest accomplishment yet.

Psst you're missing the most important cube

already uploading to wetransfer. 1minute plz
also uploading psd so you can add it yourself.

>most important cube

To replace plebeian heineken or armani


Love you.

uploading is taking a while. how many links did you guys make? i made 34

>made 34
I thought I had a problem with Link shitposting

How do you make them?

not having deutsch link

Some great contributions there. I made like 15 but collected over 400

Brad Williams!

make an aston martin one
does somebody saved the audi Link?


By hand or with this dope generator

Can you make an easy jet & Emirates airlines please

photoshop. once i did 4, i was able to create like 1 in 3 minutes.
- just search for preferably high resolution png files of the logo's this way you don't have a background.
- if you cant find 2 versions of the logo or the logo doesn't exists of a phrase and a logo you have to type somethink yourself like swift-link.
-you need to rotate the logo 30 degrees but also skew it 30 degrees for the one on top
-same for the side one but i don't know the degrees for that

Also chaturbate

Thanks user


we(dot)tl/W0TuRt5Exu high resolution wallpaper

eth & link Address: 0xe939FFBe5D52e60395018322d50B5310DD9A91a9


I really like the Ikea one, can someone post it in full?


Could you make one of just the Fiji link? Right now my wallpaper is just this but all chainlink

Damn. That font. That color.
Everything about it just screams BUY.
Also a little shady.

Idiotic as a wallpaper. would make a fantastic poster.

you probatly have it but here for you

Also you can post big pictures on /hr/


Bert Kreischer!


Hi Kev



I made like 8

Wicked gay no life fuckin losers on this board

lol wtf man


wtf hahahahaha





all we need now is a pepe q-bert


no stinker here, its still bretty kul



Is there a Adolf Hitler Link yet?


thanks dude

Thank you!
If anyone lays acid here, please please make some link blotter

i made these 37


kekd hard


boutta drop some qual cubes up in this thread

Please make one from the pattern of sergeys shirt !!


Interesting idea.


use this

>we(dot)tl/W0TuRt5Exu high resolution wallpaper

does the link work guys? for me it doesn't




This one too

Does someone have the Opie and Anthony Link?

I can't believe anyone could be this retarded, but did you replace "(dot)" with "."?

my fav


It is a truly big shit, but good to see many creations of mine (20% of all that) in other people's desktop.

damn i want this too now

if you look a bit further you see that i am OP and posted the link. it didn't work in safari but tried it in chrome and it worked so no problemo.

porsche link pls

i like this one

Sorry op, doing god's work keep it up

Clean zip. Thanks OP.


Dammit I need to learn photoshop. I love how you fags color blend the cube borders...teach me senpai!



made some yesterday