Are you doing your part?

Today I presented my startup company (medical device) to the largest Angel Fund in the world. I finished early, and someone before me had presented a pitch for rewards points for a debit card. (Essentially an API for connecting debit cards to rewards systems) Since his entire project could be easily implemented with ChainLink, I decided to tell everyone about the technology after my presentation.
I have to say, people were very impressed, and I know I made the debit card presenter feel very silly that he had never heard of hyperledger, smart contracts, and ChainLink.
I am not larping, I have no reason to. I even told everyone that I have made a sizable investment in the tech (10k stinker).

All I have to say was this tech was received EXTREMELY WELL. People absolutely love this shit.
Its very easy to let colleagues, family, friends know about ChainLink--but it is unfortunately wasted on many people.
If you have connections to VC firms, Angel Funds, Private Equity etc..tell them about ChainLink.
We all need to do our part if we are going to make this coin moon.
Thanks, thats all. (im the other user along with the OP that gave 100 LINK to the winner of the shirt contest, pic related)

Chainlink $100 EOY

Proud of you fellow link marine

I wish I had 10k link...

t. 1k

Is this already a meme on Veeky Forumsggots?

The way you write sounds like you have no idea what you're talking about.

>makes autists feel smart
>muh smart contracts have industrial viability
>normies still seeing stars from XRP and ETH runup


damn, I want to stick my head into this

Iktf bro, we're gonna make it though. Just need to wait a little bit longer

i dont. im a fucking mechanical engineer. can someone PLEASE do an easy writeup that I can just read next time?
honestly thank you for pointing that out, that could have gone a lot more smoothly. either way the point was taken well.

>Veeky Forumsraeli takes an insult as constructive criticism
holy shit what is going on here lads


A rise in quality, m8.

Also reminder that if you're not a NEET, but in an industry that could utilize smart contracts, don't be a fag. Yesterday I stood in front of the entire management of my company (with some 15k employees) and shilled the fuck out of smart contracts because they'd quite literally save us tens of millions a year, and of course I namedropped LINK when explaining why no one has been able to utilize smart contracts until now.
Do your part, faggots. Smart contracts will revolutionize just about every industry. We just need to force the fuckers to take the leap.

>Angel Fund
not even once

Can someone share sauce on this? I have the gif but I'm sure posting it will result in a ban. Looking for the warosu link.

>all my efforts to accumulate more have failed

Can't you post it on /hc/?

Posting in a fat boy bread.

what is this?

>Angel fund
retard alert

>Sergey is sitting in the board room of Exxon Mobil
>Ready to sign a contract which lets Exxon operate a node, and utilize LINK for smart contracts relating to the sale of oil
>Sergey twitches slightly to the side to pick up the pen
>He's ready to sign. This is it
>One of the two lower buttons on his shirt shoots out at Mach-4 speeds and hits the chairman of the board in the eye
>It shoots straight through his skull and ricochets through the room for what seems like an eternity
>After 40 seconds the button stops
>Sergey looks around, and there's blood everywhere
>His button killed nearly half the board of directors
>He quickly signs the contract and runs the fuck out of there
>Always prepared. Always sneakers

A pic from a notorious webm where a tranny blows a dude for Linkies, I guess. I haven't seen it, I was just in the thread where it was posted for the first time.

what are the pants Sergey is wearing called?

dude i definetly want to see that lol. post it in /b/ or something with the title chainlink

sergay needs to wash his shirt, look at how yellow it is


I hope somebody will do this.

Someone post it in hc of gif pleaaasse

This, pls.

we are all waiting now

not sure what is retarded about a company controlling billions of dollars and investing in 20 new companies a month.

can u guys explain?


>Be Sergey Nazarov, CEO of a revolutionary startup company
>want to change the world with smart contracts
>need to be as professional as possible to appeal to big CEOs and companies
>hear about a huge event in March, SXSW
>docusign CEO is there, probably a bunch of other companies and wealthy investors
>semi-professional event so no suits, just take your favorite shirt and pants and act as professional as possible
>arrive at the conference
>about to enter the speaking room
>see literal hordes of autistic neets wearing the exactly same outfit as you
>some of them even holding chainlink cubes and screeching at you shit about big macs

You get a bunch of rich fuckwits on your board of directors telling you how you should run your business without any real understanding of your business.

Is that why the bought the shirts ?is it for this up coming event.

Don't post it in /b/ you fucks do you want to accumulate or not