Is this guy a fraud?

I literally bought in because his fucking dataset said 13.8k by the end of February
Is this charlatan even worth listening to?

Is it the end of feb yet?

>Is this charlatan even worth listening to?
yes. not to make financial decisions, but for entertainment sure.

yes its worth listening to in order to know what tens or hundred thousandish people are going to bet on

I personally don't trust bald people

No way its going back up, this is now a bear market towards 4k,
Tether up, sweetie

sure listen to the guy who bought in yesterday

There is no "dataset" idiot. There's no proof of such thing. The guy is a phony.

This guy types like a fag and his shit's all retarded

his data sets said gold and silver would BOTH be about $4000 right now jan-feb 2018

his data sets have been predicting this rush on gold/silver "to where everyone would stop selling at any price" for at least 5 years.

hes been predicting hyperinflation for at least 10 years

Reminds me of a friend of mine who idolises faggots like Mike Maloney and Peter Schiff and think hes way smarter than the rest of the world because he thinks fiat will collapse and gold is gonna surge

Heres a hidden gem for you biz lurkers, If you see this. Look up Debitum ICO. it's the only competitor to Populous, if it hit populous cp it would be 112X from ICO price, Cliff rated it 10 in Nov. Some of you are ok and it will hit it's cap anyway

He was off about February because the eclipse of Mercury offset his warlock powers and the ((aliens)) used their xrays on him to keep btc down. But his tinfoil hat is working again im told, so get set for a year of great predictions!! Just bought 100k ebooks

you joke but you don't know for sure if that's not true

>he believes in a psychic


Started listening to this old guy and I started making money. Don't care if he's crazy as shit

>Peter Schiff
Perma-bear for 8 years.
Dow dropped 1k points

>Not being able to make your own calls
>blaming others for loosing a trade you yourself made
really makes you think

He's literally a crazy lunatic. Lmao at all his followers once we end up at $2-3k.

>guy says literally that aliens are responsible for BTC's price rise

>He doesn't know SETI was bitching because they couldn't get hold of video cards due to miners just like /v/

>fallow brain
cant even grow hair
retard needs to euthanized

He predicts by reading trends in web crawling.
He predicted Trump
He predicted the recent rise of cryptos (2017)
He will not be right every fucking time.
Also he predicted people vomiting from bitcoin lows when he predicted that 13.8K literally in same reports and vids he has made.
Maybe you should also look at the bad news he predicts and not just the good ones?

Here is my prediction
BTC will fall to about 5K
and not rise again for 6 to 18 months
Here is what you should do
Sell at least half your crypto
wait until BTC hits 5.4K OR 20K before buying back in.
Short to mid term the future of BTC is muddy
Long term it is bright
Hedge for bad results in that short to mid term.

>Sigh it's so hard being in a world where literally everyone is dumber than you
>Reddit the Movie

Debt bubble is real, idiots. Just wait to see what will happen when the bond bubble bursts.

when did cliff high first get into crypto? what was his first bitcoin prediction and what was the value of the bitcoin at that time?

Lol this. Plebbitors watch this film while drinking Pinot Grigio and laughing at the dumb people whilst not realising that in real life plebbitors ARE the idiots in idiocracy.

Maloney is pretty good. Even if he is 100 percent wrong, he can make a graph tell any story he wants